Thursday, May 31, 2012


Hey Peeps!

Well here we are, my 175th post, and the last one of the month. And what a month it's been hasn't it?
I was going to do some special skit to commemorate this happy occasion, and said to myself "Fuck it, I'll save the good stuff for my 200th post." Ha, ha. No, You know I only give you guys the best(well most of the time).

So without further ado-do, here's some short-shots:

Sinestros: "Red rover, red rover, let that Asshole, glory-hound Hal Jordan come over!"

Hals: "What the hell did you guys just call us? An asshole? We're not taking that from some pink, big-headed dick with a Hitler mustache. It's on like donkey-kong motha-trucka!"

Both: "Grrrrrr!"

Omega will love this next one.....

Bronze Tiger: "Everybody want to go Kung-Fu fighting..."

Iron Fist: "Hyah haw!"

Bronze Tiger: "Those guys were fast as lighting!"

Iron Fist: "Hyah haw!"

Both: "Oh oh oh hooooooooo!"

Iron Fist: "What? It was the 70's."

And finally, because you knew it was coming.....

Roy: "Hey Ollie, wanna' do me a solid and help me tie up? C'mon broski, I don't wanna' break my pussy finger."

Ollie: "Goddammit Roy! Again!?"

Ha ha! That's me, and I'm outta' here!


Omega Agent1 said...

Another hit man. I guess WAR will be the next record BT and IF do together, while their kicking the shit out obscure heroes they don't like.

Congrats on 175 !!!

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah, that's actually a good suggestion there Omega. Although maybe either Luke Cage joins in or it's just Luke Cage and Iron Fist on that one. Not sure, but I just might do that.

As for kicking ass, dude you have no idea how scared/in check they keep the other figures on my self.

Thanks for the props man, appreciate it.

Dan said...

Leslie Neilson, now there is a funny and much missed man! Cheers on the milestone mate. This is one of my favourite spots on the net. 12 pounds of funny in a 5 pound bag and yeah thanks fer all the effort you put in!

Dale Bagwell said...

Awwww. Dan you're making me blush. Perhaps buttering me up for another personal appearence maybe?

Don't worry man, I got you covered for monday's skit.

And thanks for the appreciation. I'm just trying to entertain all of us.

As for leslie neislon, idk why, but for some reason, I got a weird thought to use his picture for something. I think it worked out alright.

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