Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Ain't I a Creepa?"

What up people?
I take it from the empty comments section that you guys didn't care so much for yesterday's post. Well, they can't all be winners you know. Maybe you'll like today's post instead, in another edition of Tales from the Top Shelf: "Ain't I a Creepa?"

Creeper: "I'mmmmmmm just a prom night dumpster baby! A one night drunken mistaaaaaaake!"

Blue Beetle: "Yeah uh, that's disgusting."

Creeper: "Hey, I take requests. Got any? How 'bout this little diddy? These are people who have died, died.
These are people who have died, died. Hey Beetle, you've died too right?"

Blue Beetle: "Yeah, don't remind me. Really, don't."

Creeper: "Hey dying's no biggie. I've done it lots of times. And since you've died too, I guess that makes us members of the Dead Poets Society don't it?"

Blue Beetle: "Yeah, I don't think so Creeper. Not to mention what a depressing, yet oddly uplifting movie it was."

Creeper: "I liked Awakings better myself. It's no One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, but it was Robert Deniro's finest work, you know? Since all he did throughout the whole movie was sit there drooling like he had a mean case of the syphilis. Ha ha, now that's acting!"

Blue Beetle: "You're despicable! I can't believe the only skit I'll probably be in this entire year, and it's this one. God really does hate me."

Creeper: "Ain't I just a Creepa?"

The End.


googum said...

Awesome. See, while I liked the old Ditko ones, where the Creeper was just an act; I really like the ones where the Creeper seems like he's just flying. Like whatever makes him green makes ecstacy seem like a poke in the eye.

That's why he's never with a superhero team long: probably fails the urine test every time. Him and Hourman...

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha. Yeah I'd imagine a piss test would be a nightmare scenario for those two.

That reminds of the time Kevin Smith made Batman high, and as the forever controloholic that he is, tried to unstone himself. Classic.

I think Creeper is my new muse/mouthpiece when it comes to saying inappropriate stuff. He just seems to give that impression/energy off you know?

Omega Agent1 said...

Dale I think he's your man.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah Me too. He just looks/sounds like the type of character that would enjoy annoying other super-heroes with his sick sense of humor, kind of like he used to do in Giffen's early JL/JLI stories.

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