Monday, March 31, 2014

Just Wrecked

What it is people?

Man, drinking's fun!
Did it all last weekend, and even did a surprise session of it after a Grindhorse meeting yesterday.

Buddy of mine named Hippie Mike swang by, and before I knew it, we were on an unofficial bar crawl......on a Sunday......In the South.

Lawdy mama!

Onto today's skit. It's the last one for the month, and features a little duo no one else put me has managed to put together; Juggernaut and Wrecker. Hey it just works, and it's fun to see them riff off each other.


(How awkward for them right?)

The End.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

TGIT.....and other things.


So very quick one today since I'm working on the official 4 pages of the first issue of Kansas.
I'm currently Lettering and fine-tuning the first page now.

Don't worry I'll show you guys pics when I'm done.

So I was at the comic store yesterday, and found these beauties:

This one has:  Red Lanterns#29(Damn you for grabbing my attention for the 2nd month in a row!) New Avengers#15, Sandman Overture#2(FINALLY), Superior Spider-Man#30, and Silver Surfer#1

-Supergirl as the new Red Lantern has gotten my attention. Don't know why, but she just looks cute as shit in that outfit. And a mask too!

-New Avengers continues to build, with a view of another world failing from stopping the incursion from the Builders and Map-Makers. Good stuff by Hickman, although I'm enjoying his Manhattan Project series more.

-Finally after almost 4 months, I have the 2nd issue of Sandman Overture in my hands, and it was pretty good. Not worth the wait, but the art sure is fucking beautiful. Nice to see the other iterations of Dream as well, both past, present, and future.

-I only grabbed Superior Spider-Man because this is the one where Peter officially comes back, and dons old faithful. It really is a sweet and sad moment where Doc Ock finally acknowledges who's the TRUE Superior Spider-Man.

-Had to check out the first issue of Slott's new Silver Surfer series. Not bad so far, with an interesting hook and cliffhanger to close out the issue with.

This one has: Starlight#1, Uncanny Avengers#19, Bad-Ass#1(already have the other 2 issues so far)
and Harley Quinn#'s 2-4.

-I'll let you know how it goes, but this is Mark Millar's homage to Flash Gordon basically. The art at least is fucking awesome.

-I'm a sucker for Rick Reminder's Planet X arc and the previous one that just ended. Don't know why, but the art and story have sold me thus far. Who knew the Wasp and Havok would become an item, much less married on this future world?  Good, solid stuff, with an ending I know that'll blow minds and act as a giant reset button for those already dead. I think.

-Bad-Ass is basically Deadpool, minus the multiple talking caption boxes, healing factor, cancer, and hideous face. Otherwise just about the same thing, although he doesn't technically have powers that you can tell. Yet.
Very funny and inappropriate, like Deadpool.

-Haven't red em, but it's Harley, and I've heard good things so far about the series. Some say it's DC's answer to Deadpool, and I can kinda' see it.

That's my swag from my LCS this week.

You guys be good, wear condoms, and have a good weekend;)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Remember These?

Happy Hump Day bitches!

So I was Google searching  for toy pics from the 80'x, and look what I found......

                               Police Academy figures from the very short-lived Police Academy cartoon.


I only actually owned Hightower myself. Trust me, he was quite the oddity in my figure collection back then.
I don't even wanna' know what's going on here. What happens in Police Academy, should stay in Police Academy.

Monday, March 24, 2014

"Out of the depths......HE ARRIVED!"

What it is and what it do people?

have a good/decent weekend?
The weather was very pleasant by me, so no complaints there.

Wanna' see today's skit? Of course you do, and why wouldn't you unless you're a fucking crazy person;)

On with the show......

The End

Yeah, I honestly don't what what the fuck this one was about. Unrequited love and poor hygiene?;)


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Friday, March 21, 2014

My Top 5 Least Favorite DC Crossover Events


So yesterday I gave you guys my Top 5 list of the least favorite Marvel Crossover events.
Today its DC's time to pay the piper.

5). Genesis(1997)

Basically this was John Byrne deciding that the source of all super powers in the universe was caused by the fallout of the Old World blowing up.

Apparently some energy force called the Godwave is what led to super-powered beings, hero and villain alike, to be created. Not to mention birthing the New Gods as well. Totally unnecessary ret-con that has been ignored by DC ever since. I guess I can see maybe Byrne was trying to make the DC universe more beholdened to Jack Kirby, like the Marvel U is. But Jack didn't create DC.

Stupid Byrne.

4). Final Night(1996)

Final Night was all about what happens when the Sun-Eater eats the DCU's sun. The heroes were powerless to stop the Earth from dying, which sounds like bullshit to me. You're telling after Superman and the JLA spent years saving the world and others worlds as well, they couldn't rig up something to fix this?

Nope, instead it all came down to one unlikely savior; Hal Jordan, a.k.a. Parallax.  It looked like this was DC's way of putting Hal on the shelf for awhile after horribly destroying his character and fan base with his heel turn following the aftermath of Emerald Twilight two years earlier.

This was Hal's redemption and face turn, and he goes out like the hero he always was by using his life energies and powers to re-ignite the sun.

Sure Johns brought back Hal, but he did it in a hooky-ass manner, even for comics.
I give Ron Marz a shitload of credit for writing Hal like he did, trying to justify being a villain. That's better than the cope-out load of shit about being possessed by alien.

3). Infinite Crisis(2005)

Welcome to the official start of the hack side of Geoff Johns. All the unnecessary grimification/maturation of the DCU started here. Oh Identity Crisis definitely got the ball rolling, but it picked up steam in a big way with this one. Starting off with the unforgivable crime of killing off the real Blue Beetle, Ted Kord, to revealing that Batman had secretly become the very embodiment of George Wells novel 1984. Not to mention turning Superboy Prime into a raging, killing machine.

Yeah, no thanks.

2. Brightest Day(2010)

All this weekly did was bring back 12 various heroes and villains you see in the pic above.

Oh, then it killed 4 of them again, while Deadman tried to get his swerve on with Dove.
And something about Swamp Thing returning to the DCU proper. Yeah, fucking waste.
Nice action figures though.

1). War of the Light/Rise of the Third Army/Wrath of the First Lantern(2011-13)

                                                            Remember when this was actually exciting to think about?
                                                                                What the hell happened!?

Surprise, surprise! Another Johns production makes the list. You know how most DC events never ever really have a satisfying ending? How they only really just continue on straight to the next big event?

 Yeah that.

Well that annoying trend arguably got started and perfected here with Johns during his GL run. Everything from Blackest Night on(Maybe even earlier with the SCW) never officially ended. It just rushed on into the next big storyline without so much as a breather.
That may be you guy's cup of tea, but it damn sure isn't mine.
Plus it all further occurred as an excuse to keep Hal out in space way longer than he should've. It's like Johns was so into writing his big sci-fi space drama, that he forgot Hal's a human from Earth. And yet other than the first two arcs of his run, we didn't get see anymore of Hal's earthbound rogues gallery. Fuck that!

Anyhoo, all that rapid fire event stuff hits its prime here with all three of these lackluster "events". The only good or decent thing was seeing Simon Baz(not a bad character there in all honesty) the revealing of Volthoom from the Crime Syndikate, the Guardians FINALLY get their comeuppance, and the whole things stayed amongst the GL family of titles.

The War of Light was really the Guardians and the Corps infighting. Plus sneaky dick moves by the Guardians......

......Which leads to the Rise of the Third Army. This was the Guardians staging a coming out party as the evil blue dicks we all knew they were. I guess it was Johns' excuse to have the GLC fight the Borg from ST:TNG.


The Wraith of the First Lantern was basically how the Valthoom started out and got jobbed out to the guardians. He gets jobbed out again to Mogo(well, Mogo is badass)

Then Sinestro kills all the Guardians except Ganthet.

I don't know why, but it just seems to me that Johns was really pushing the patience of his readers. Almost like he was daring them to stop reading. Idk.

As always, feel free to tell me what makes your list as far as bad DC crossover events in the comments section.

Have a good weekend people,
Peace and Chicken Grease;)

"Closing time. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here."

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