Friday, July 29, 2016

Fantasy Team-Up: Hawkman and Moon Knight


Haven't done this one in awhile, but here's another edition of Fantasy Team-Up, where I pair together two individuals or teams that haven't ever teamed up before, but probably should.

My dream pairing for today is Hawkman and Moon Knight, two individual super heroes who at first might seem like they'd have anything in common, until you really stop and think about their histories. Then it all makes sense.

Let's look at their main similarities for a second shall we?

-They both worship known Egyptian deities: Hawkman in a sense with Horus, Moon Knight with Khonshu.

-They both have had past lives and rebirths/reincarnations.

-They have both had multiple personalities.

-They're both well-seasoned fighters with multiple lifetimes' worth of combat experience and weapons training between them.

-Both were past members of major franchise teams for their respective companies: Hawkman for the JLA; Moon Knight for the Avengers.

-Both have a relaxed policy on killing. They prefer not to head that way if necessary, but also don't have any qualms about doing it.

-They both are capable of having superhuman strength depending on certain factors: For hawkman, it's his Nth metal harness; for Moon Knight, it's the phases of the moon and Khonshu.

There's many more, but you get the general idea.

So, in my scenario, Moon Knight and Hawkman team-up for fight one of Hawkman's oldest enemies, Hath-Set.

Set has a past with Moon Knight as well due his interactions in the far past with the Moon God Khonshu.
Let's say Set killed a former disciple of Khonshu's back in the day. Khonshu finally wants vengeance and uses Marc to do to carry that vengeance out for him. He also runs into Carter. They have the obligatory fight before realizing they're there to fight the same guy,


Honestly, if you know the character's histories very well, getting them to team up should requite no real effort to dream up why they would team up in the first place.

That's me for this week.
Have a good and safe weekend people....

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Hulk Smash or Pass 2

Happy Hump Day people!

Haven't played this game in awhile, but who's up for a round of Hulk Smash or Pass?

I thought so........

Ha ha, poor Hulk:(
Don't feel too bad big guy; we've all fallen for a trap like that at least once;)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dream Waves: West Coast Avengers

Lots of big news on the action figure front, as even more waves are rolling out, especially during next year when we'll see a Guardians of the Galaxy waves (with Darkhawk no less) featuring most of the original cast (in time for the movie) as well as a 2nd X-Men wave that finally gives us the Jim Lee-era Cyclops, Polaris, and Dazzler, albeit the Disco version.

Still, I'm more than amped even though my wallet's sure as hell not.

So with that in mind, here's my dream list for one of my favorite childhood teams, the West Coast Avengers.

Say what you want, but it was a brilliant idea to have two teams of Avengers to read about. Or to see who switched over to which team.

Well in the spirit of that, here's my pitch for two waves' worth of WCA Marvel Legends figures....

-West Coast Avengers Wave 1:

1). Classic US Agent

Yes he already has a figure, but he needs an update to a much more accurate bulkier body. So do it Hasbro!!!!

2). Classic Wonder Man

Like US Agent, Wonder Man technically already has a classic look figure, and has an upcoming recent looking figure about to be released soon. Still I want an updated classic-looking Wonder Man to come with glasses, an alternative head with slick back hair and one with curls.

3). Red Jumpsuit Hank Pym

Sure it's not one his better-looking outfits, but its is very much an appropriate look for that era.
I'm sure the sculptors can do something to make it pop.

4). Classic Tigra

We were rumored to get an a better Tigra figure than we initially got in the upcoming 3rd Captain America wave, but not yet. We definitely need a much-improved Tigra figure that looks hot as fuck. Definitely could use an alt head and hands too.

5). Classic Mockingbird
I know, I know, we just got a Mockingbird figure finally. And I'm pleased about that, but it's the more modern look, not classic Mockingbird. Let's see a classic Mockingbird figure ok Hasbro?

6). GA Human Torch

Here's a character that has yet to have his very own figure anywhere, the golden age Human Torch. Time to resolve this strange and criminal error, and give him one.

7). Graviton

This would be a first for this guy too, and the the team's first major villain.

BAF: Ultron

Hey, why not Ultron? The closest Ultron's got to having a figure of his classic look is the really good, but poorly articulated Marvel Select figure. Let's see a nice BAF Ultron in his classic look.

-West Coast Avengers Wave 2:

1). The Living Lighting

Here's a very much unloved WCA member with no figure of his very own. Let's rectify that.
Hell throw in a Lighting form version too while you're at it Hasbro.

Could look a lot like this.....

2). The Hangman

Here's a pretty cool villain who's never had his own figure, and if you buy him, could help you start building your very own villainous Night Shift team.

3). Gypsy Moth

And here's another member of said Night Shift, Gypsy Moth.
So that'd be two members in the same wave. Can't beat that deal.

4). Classic Quicksilver

I think we're about due for a new, updated classic Quicksilver figure, and now that that new Namor figure's just come out, they can re-use the new head, just repaint the hair white.

5). Firebird

Here's another member without a single figure, and while her time with the team was too brief, she's still deserving of a figure regardless.

6). Brother(S) Grimm

7). Alkehma

Ultron created this "War Toy" as yet another weapon against the Avengers. This would be her first figure ever if made.

BAF: Clint Barton Goliath

I choose to go with this one because hey, it's a classic look for Clint, and he did use it again in late 90's in a guest spot in AWC. Plus you'd be getting this classic Avengers figure out of the way.
Plus, it'd really help role-play the Operation Galactic Storm storyline....

Might look a little something like this....

Well that's my list of possible  figures for a WCA-themed wave.
What would yours be?

"Closing time. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here."

Well..... I kinda always knew this day would come, and it sure has. It's been a hell of a ride, but it's time to for it end. Ti...