Friday, September 21, 2018

Dream Waves: Planetary


Haven't done one of these in good while either, an edition of Dream Waves, where I blog about a dream wave of figures I'd love to see made.

Now this one's going to be a little different in that I'll be applying the same strategies and sensibilities I'd normally apply to the Marvel Legends line. In fact that's  exactly how I'll be setting this one up.....except this time I'm talking about a DC/Wildstorm property instead of the usual Marvel one.

Blame Googum for it, since he brought up Warren Ellis and John Cassidy's Planetary to me last week.

I thought about it, and here's how I'd design a couple waves of Planetary figures if given the chance.
And yes Virginia, there will be some derivatives of Marvel and DC characters, as well as old pulp heroes from the 30's. I'll just be trying my best to keep those to a minimum.

Also, yes, I'm aware that back in the late 90's to early 00's DC did put out a couple Planetary figures through their DC Direct line back in the day. But they only put out the main 3 characters of Elijah Snow, Jakita Wagner, and Drummer.

There's a whole slew of characters that never got made from the series.

Well today I'll rectify that and present my ideal Planetary line of figures.
Let's do this.....

Planetary Wave 1:

1). Elijah Snow

2). The Drummer

3). Jakita Wagner

4). Dr. Randal Dowling 

5). Kim Suskind 

6). William Leather 

7). Lord Blackstock

BAF: Jacob Greene

Planetary Wave 2:

1). Doc Axel Bronze 

 2). Ambrose Chase 

3).  The Dark Millionaire 

4). The Dead Ranger

5). John Stone 

6). Jim Wilder

7). Hark

BAF: ?

Honestly I'm not sure who or what to use as a second build-a-figure.

Their version of the Hulk from the Planetary Preview? Any of the Godzilla-inspired monsters?
The Dead version of their Galactus? I have no idea.

Anyways that's what I would do if I could plan out and create an action figure sub-line from the Planetary series.

What you guys think?

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Just Talking About Toys.....

While I've slowed down a bit in my collecting of Marvel Legends figures, choosing these days to cherry-pick what I want, rather than go all-in  on waves for the sake of completing BAF's, that doesn't mean I'm not still constantly thinking about them and the waves I've yet to see in stores near me, and all of the future waves yet to come, both this year and next.

So far I've yet to see any of the recent Spider-Man Venom BAF wave figures (Although I'm betting some of them are at Gamestop) in stores by me.

The same goes for the other Spider-Man Wave, The Lizard BAF wave.

I only have that Gwenpool figure because I bought her off, otherwise I'd still be waiting for her and her fellow wave-mates to show up.

And then there's yet ANOTHER Spider-Man wave out (You'd think 2018 was the year of the Spider over at Hasbro the way things have been going lately) with a Spider-Bot BAF wave.
We finally get a Cloak and Dagger ML figure (I can finally cross them off my wish-list now) , as well as a new Elektra, Shadowland DD, House of M Spider-Man, and a new, definitive, classic Doc Ock.

Then there's the other major subject for ML waves, the X-Men and their respective BAF waves that have come out recently, such as the Apocalypse BAF Wave, which gives us new versions of the older ones made back during the days of Toy Biz, with Tiger strip Wolverine, Jim Lee's redesigns of Sabertooth and Psylocke, a punk-haired Storm, recent red and black Magneto, a re-issued Gladiator figure, and for the first time ever, Multiple Man in his Peter David 90's-era costume. I fully expect most people to buy multiple Maddrox figures in order to faithfully recreate his gimmick.
Oh and we got a brand new Apocalypse BAF, which is a definite improvement over the last one from 2005.

Then there's the Deadpool Sauron BAF Wave:

Again I was forced to have to online just to buy the Deadpool/Madcap figure I just got since I know it'll be a good long while (probably by Christmas) before I see any of these figures in stores. 

Major props to the sculptors who created that Sauron figure because they damn sure knocked it out of the park with this one. Look at how faithful to the comic version he turned out:

 All these beautiful waves that I have yet to see in stores near me. That dear friends is why I'm forced to do must of my shopping online. Might not always be the cheapest option, but at least I'm guaranteed for the most part to get the figures I want sooner than having to being at the mercy of my region's beyond-shitty distribution schedule.

And I haven't even mentioned the exclusives yet, such as the Walgreens' exclusive Silver Surfer and Thing figures that have yet to show up here.

Now while I already have figures of both these guys, these newer versions really are THE definitive versions of those guys.....for now at least. All in all, despite the hate they unfairly accrued on the publishing and video game end, as far as figures go, the FF have been pretty well-represented, thanks to all of those Walgreens' exclusives figures.

Sadly, the Thing will be the last of the FF-themed figures. That's right, no new Dr. Doom, or even potential new figures that should've already been made that make sense now more than ever such as the Molecule Man, the Puppet Master (ok, that one might be a hard sell unless you're a die-hard FF fan) the Psycho Man, a new Super Skrull, Mole Man, or the Wizard.

Nope instead the X-Men will be the new subject for the chain, with the first exclusive being a re-issue of Magik, who first showed up in the 2015 Dr.Strange Eye of Agamotto SDCC Exclusive Box-set.

I have no idea who'll follow her, but hopefully we'll get a good mix of original and new remakes of popular X-Men characters.

Personally I'd like to see characters that either don't fit into certain BAF-themed waves or deserve their own separate exclusive figure they might not have gotten normally or deserve a remake.

My picks would be characters like Mimic (the original who could and should be a BAF himself to get the full effect) a new and improved Banshee figure, Destiny (To go with the upcoming 2019 release of a new Mystique figure) X-Cutioner, MaverickCannonball, Sunspot, Strong Guy( even though he'd also be better served to be made as an official BAF) and Wolfsbane.

Or something like that.

As for what's coming up next year, here's a small sneak peak:

The future looks bright indeed. 

What's that saying?

                                                                  Oh yeah. Dead on. 

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

So, Who Would Win?: Sasquatch VS. The Demon

Haven't done of these in awhile, but I figured why not bring back an old feature for the hell of it this week.

For this edition of So, Who Would Win? I'm pitting Marvel Comics' Sasquatch against DC Comics and Jack Kirby's Etrigan the Demon.

This week's participants were purely chosen at random as I figured it'd be a fun and interesting match-up between the two who are both magical in nature (well Sasquatch is somewhat magical in nature his Sasquatch body is based of a mystical beast named Tanaraq)

Anyhoo let's look at each guy's stats and see how they compare.

Brilliant scientific mind
Ability to transform his body into a massive, orange-furred form
While transformed:
  • Superhuman strength, endurance, durability, and stamina
  • Regenerative healing factor
  • Sharp claws and teeth
  • Ability to leap vast distances

-The Demon:
Superhuman physical attributes
Extrasensory powers
Regenerative healing factor
Expert in maleficium
Can project flames of mystical hellfire

Based off the stats, this fight's going to be a very looooooong one considering the fact that they both have considerable super-strength and healing factors that'll negate to a certain extent any damage incurred during the fight.




The Demon

Who wins and why?

Personally I see this fight going the distance, but also coming down to Etrigan's myriad amount of demonic abilities. I think that and his unpredictable nature gives the edge in this fight. I could be wrong though, but that's how I see it. 

What do you guys think?

Oh and the single Marvel Legends figure I ordered this month was the new X-Men Sauron BAF Wave Deadpool in his makeshift X-Men costume figure that comes a Madcap head.

Here's some images of what he looks like courtesy of the Marvel Legends review site Marvelous

What's a cool idea they presented here that I'm going to use myself for now is, is using the Batroc the Leaper body to place the Madcap head on since it really is the closest figure to match the color of his costume.

Love the sculpting they did on that Madcap face. It's so evil in its expressiveness.

Dream Waves: Planetary

TGIF!!!!! Haven't done one of these in good while either, an edition of Dream Waves , where I blog about a dream wave of figures I&#...