Friday, February 07, 2014

What The Fuck Were They Thinking?: Paste Pot Pete


So for today's edition of WTFWTT, I picked this guy:

yep, The Trapster, a.k.a. Paste Pot Pete.

Yeah, don't ask me what the hell Stan and Co. were thinking when they came up with this guy's name. Maybe the middle name's a clue;)

I mean seriously, look at this guy.
 He looks like a demented art school dropout/teacher.
He'd be a perfect villain for Spider-Man if that show the Electric Company was still on.

First appearing in Strange Tales#104( Jan '64), Ol' Petey's origins, according to is this:

"Peter Petruski was working as a research chemist in New York City when he invented an extremely adhesive "multi-polymer" liquid. Creating a paste-gun and calling himself Paste-Pot Pete, he decided to use his invention to commit crimes. Each time he was defeated by the Human Torch-- from his initial attempt at stealing a top-secret army missile"

Yep, that was and is his big ticket to fame: Developing really strong glue paste. Uh Petey Pete....they already have that. It's called Gorilla Glue. Sticks to anything. No, really, it does.

Yeah, it's called a Mort-uary! HA!

Seriously, look at this guy. He looks like he should be fighting Gingivitis and tooth decay, not superheroes.

After getting his ass handed to him by the Human Torch and The Thing on two separate occasions, Pete changed his name to the Trapster in the hopes of probably not being laughed at too much and because he specialized in making traps. Didn't work apparently, nor has various stints with the evil opposite of the FF, The Frightful Four.

Even then all he got for his troubles were a knuckle sandwich from the Thing and an all-paid, expense free(well taxpayers pay for his stay) trip to the big house.

Personally, I think the guy should quit the villain racket and go legit. Either patent and sell his paste formula, or work for a corporation or firm that could use his trap-building expertise. Much like he did during Jeph Loeb/Carlos Pacheo's FF run, when he worked the Gideon Corporation.

Either that or work for the feds. God knows they'd love to have a freak like that on the payroll.

Jesus! Something else for Karl to get a hard-on for;)

Ok, so I got a new phone, and that;s all set, but I'm still feeling like I should take a week off or something. 
I don't know what it is, other than creative burnout, laziness, and the fact that maintaining this blog at this moment, feels like a chore. It shouldn't. Something you love to do should never feel like a chore or obligation.

So, with that in mind, I'm taking a week's siesta. When I come back, the race to Post#500 goes into full swing since it's really only a week's worth of material away.

Don't worry, I'll be back. So don't cry for me Argentina. The truth is I've never really liked you much as a country despite knowing next to jack squat about you. LOL!

Have a damn good weekend kids. And for the love of Paste Pot Pete, if you get drunk, don't walk home from the bar. You'll only lose your phone, hobble around like a decrepit old man, and then wonder why the universe is shitting on you.

Be safe, and always wear a rubber(unless you're super awesome at the pull-out method. Then go for it;)


The King of Thessaly said...

How dare you, sir! HOW DARE YOU! I will NOT stand idly by and let you trash talk Paste-Pot-Pete!!! He is a treasure. -A NATIONAL TREASURE!

That's a founding Frightful Four member, right there. When I was a super-little kid I thought they were the coolest thing EVER. -They were the first introduction to the concept of an evil version of a superhero team. From the old-old Fantastic Four cartoon (yes, THAT one...)

It's also always funny when they make fun of him, or his name, in modern-age comics. I have some Spider-Mans from the late 90's that had me in stitches... Plus he eventually had THIS look: -which is wicked! ...but, man- that original look he had: YIKES!

This is always a fun post you do. Sorry you had a rough couple of days- go ahead a take that time off man... Like you said: It should never seem like a chore. -That's why I stopped making videos for awhile...
I thought of an idea for a guest-post... I just have to make it.

karl said...

FFS don't piss on Paste Pot Pete, I am a massive FF fan and a great Frightful Four fan to boot. I love him [not in that way, Dale].
We are always and forever going on about him on our FF forum, forever slagging off the Frightfuls and wishing they were a decent fighting force.
The Trapster was a much more scary name - hes sold his services to many organisations as a villain-for-hire but can never strike out on his own, such is his wont. He aint no loser, no siree, and the only one of the original Frightfuls who the Wizard didn't need to use his I.D. machine on to influence his mind. But then, the sneaky rumour was a few years ago was that Trapster had a secret gay crush on the Wizard so always stood by him when the others betrayed him [that explains the sticky glue gun he always uses!]
Trapsters great...hes like the Marvel equivalent of DCs Rogues Gallery like Mirror Master or Captain Cold. Shit on his own, great in a group [like I am in sex].
On our forum we once did a great post about one issue of FF where the Frightfuls appeared and re-wrote it as porn, never been so scandalised!

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i don't know shit up him but at least i've heard of that character. back to the TV shows. now unlike the CW, FX knows how to make shows that actually feel like their not the same rather we're talking about The SHIELD, Nip Tuck, Rescue Me or like your favorite Sons of Anarchy. the CW can lick my sweaty ball sack with their GLEE version of vampire and superhero shows. SHIELD over all isn't much better so far but if it was on FX i'm sure it would have been.

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: National treasure......good one King.

C'mon man, this is fucking Paste Pot Pete we're talking about. He even changed his name back to PPP after years of being the Trapster, then changed it back. The hell?

To me he could've really been something, and I guess still can if the right writer revamps him. Loathe as I am to mention him right now, but I wonder if someone like a Geoff Johns could do wonders for him like he did the Rogues. Of course his new origin would probably involve the Murder/Rape element Johns loves to throw in there, you know, for "pathos". Whatever.

Don't worry though, as you're not alone in the PPP love. Apparently PPP has had many a custom figure made in his likeness, so there's always that.

I appreciate the support. Yeah, just not feeling it right now. Need to go recharge for a bit. God I wish I could afford to go to Cancun or Maui right now.....

@Karl: I've got to read that Frightful Four porn thing now. Thanks sickos!

So you have a bit of a man-crush on ol' PPP too huh? Hey different strokes and all......'cause the dominate hand and arm do get tired after awhile;)

Didn't know Petey might be a sausage-smuggler, but that maybe explain sticking by the Wizard for so long, even after the Wizard betrayed him in an effort yo use his own son to replace Trappy.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo: I'm sure it would. Hell if it were on a network like Showtime or HBO, I'd really imagine the production value and storylines would be that much better. But alas they're not.

Arrow on FX? That'd be nice.

karl said...

That Frightful porno sure was fun, Dale. It was part of our caption competition but was extended to the entire issue, which was 94, the FF travelled to Agatha Harkness's scary old house for a gang-bang only to find the Frightfuls there already.
If you recall the issue itself, [post pictures if you can] Reed and Sue were stuck in their bedroom by the Trapsters er paste as he spunked all over their door before he could go inside, so sue had to improvise by using her hairbrush.
Ben and Bedroom shared a bedroom [cue Thing jokes and Flamer jokes] then the Wizard, Sandman and Trapster encounter Agatha,,,once they see her pussy at the top of the stairs it gets larger and larger....the Sandman gets so hard with he can barely move, the Trapster tries to cover it in his own paste and the Wizard is so scared of her giant pussy he flies away screaming!
So basically, the entire plot of the now-classic issue 94, pure filth.

Dan W said...

I'm with King and Karl - when I was a kid the Frightful Four were the bomb! I thought Sandman was better there in that cartoon than he was in Spider-Man! He's just that retro kind of cool dude where it reminds you of a different world where glue was so hip and new that it made a cool weapon.

Kirby and Lee loved that stuff (not glue though that might explain the Black Racer ;) I still remember Zemo's Mask being stuck to his face with 'Adhesive X' and that was all it took for him to want to kill Cap.

When Loeb and Pacheco took over the Fantastic four, they did an awesome job tweaking ol' Pastepot for a new generation but yeah it never carried on.

One of my favourite artists has just done a 'dream' frightful four piece - and while it doesn't feature Pete or Medusa, it shows what a great tag the name is.

Enjoy ya week off bud and look forward to your 500th.

karl said...

We are always attempting on our forum to create a new improved Frightful Four as over the years they've become increasingly useless and easy to beat.
They really haven't changed their operation over the years and have looked increasingly lame so we often post hypothetical lists of who our "dream team" would be.
The Wizard would have to be a must as he developed the group as a direct counterpart to the FF.
The recent Superior Carnage did a good job featuring them.
That'd make a good post Dale. ..who would WE want kn our

The King of Thessaly said...

National. TREASURE.

googum said...

I like to think Stan or Jack had some kind of paste-related mishap the day they came up with him...

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: I just believe you broke the internet, or at the very least, this the comments' section with that fucked up scenario you guys created. Agatha Harkness' pussy? Really?

Dude, shew was born old, like Benjamin Button. Just w/o the age reversal part.


Create your own Frightful Four you say?
Done and done. You'll see that one soon then Karl ol' son. Don't worry; I'll give you half-credit:)

@Dan: I'll have to take your word for it, as I never watched any FF-centric episodes of the old 60's FF cartoon. To Youtube I must go.

@Googum: Right? That shit happened all the time. This explains the Living Eraser, Paste Pot Pete, The Thing's early gruff but lovable personality(I think he was definitely based off Jack, while Reed was basically Stan) and a whole host of countless creations during that period.

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: No sir, Hugh Hefner is a national treasure. Paste Pot Pete is not.

The King of Thessaly said...

I think you have me confused with Karl... even I'm not THAT fucked up.

But Dan and I are making a hot new comic with Agatha Harkness summoning Foggy Nelson, Aunt May, Willy Lumpkin and sexy Anna Watson as a new super-team. Aunt Petunia will also be there- but in a Wilson from Home Improvement capacity.

Paste Pot Pete for President!!!

karl said...

Hey King I"ll kick yo ass!

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: Fuck a duck, you're correct sir. Sorry for the mis-credit.

Sorry Karl.

Damn this shit's getting intense up in hur!

The King of Thessaly said...

Hahaha- bring it Karl! I'm THE KING- put your crown on the ground.

Dale- intense? You should see Shlomo and I arguing about cartoons all over the internet... arguing about cartoons... like men!

Paste Pot Pete is dead, LONG LIVE PASTE POT PETE!

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: With Shlomo involved I believe it, although what particular cartoons you guys would argue over.

Here's a cartoon topic for debate this week:

BraveStar; innocent buddy cop cartoon or free and underhanded commercial for acceptable bestiality.


The King of Thessaly said...

BraveStarr was fucking awesome! Eyes of the hawk, ears of the wolf, strength of the bear, speed of the puma! -I had his lunchbox!!! And a TV-tray. Remember those? And hey- it's not bestiality if it's an alien with a human-female form. Captain Kirk taught us that! -Or James Cameron... whatever. I like to think Wonder Over Yonder is an alternate reality BraveStarr.

Oh, he was just saying that all Marvel cartoons suck and are super dumbed-down for little kids. To which I said: Ummm- Spider-Man Unlimited, X-Men: Evolution, Wolverine and the X-Men, Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, The Spectacular Spider-Man, Black Panther, The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes... All which have great animation, overarching plots, wonderful character development, and fantastic voice-acting.
Not to mention even Ultimate Spider-Man has stuff like Deadpool killing dudes and saying he's "un-alive-ing" them, a "Check out my giant-sized Man-Thing!" joke, and an episode featuring Peter Porker: The Spectacular Spider-Ham! I mean- come on!

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: Shlomo's got to learn to form an opinion right?, ha ha.

No, all those cartoons you mentioned are not dumbed-down. Hey the Spider-Man and X-men cartoons were pretty heavy back in the day. people got killed or worse, and while they're weren't using 20 dollar words, it wasn't all kids stuff either.

The recent Avengers: EMH was indeed not dumbed-down. The animation was top notch, and damn did they use a shitload of storyline, both classic and current. Put that up with what DC's done lately, and it's no comparison. Marvel treats their animated series with much more respect than Warner Bros has recently, so that's that.

Peter Porker? Oh god does that take me back. How is there not a Peter Porker figure or plush toy? You know they should've made a BLAMF lil' Nightcrawler doll too.

Ah Bravestar. I had the action figure myself. He came out during a weird period, since He-Man, GI Joe, Transformers, JEM, all that good stuff was out then, so I didn't always watch it. But yeah, he was good for the time, especially since he was technically a native-american lead. Very progressive stuff for the time.

The King of Thessaly said...

Hahaha- yeah, the guy has no opinions on anything whatsoever! *cough* (We kid! We joke!! Is funny!!!)
I just can't help myself- I want to spread the love of comics everywhere... and I hate to see something trashed. -Especially for preconceived notions or misconceptions... Also- I may like to debate... just a little bit.
90's Marvel cartoons though... ick. I mean, I watched them back then, but my brothers and I were always complaining about and making fun of them. Spider-Man, X-Men? -They had a few problems.
Now- a truly heavy cartoon from back then was ExoSquad! My gods, was that show ahead of its time.

Avengers: EMH almost had too much going on. A "shitload of storyline" is right! It was almost muddled at times... I still liked it fine- but I think Young Justice did a better job with that kind of story-telling.

Peter Porker! Hell yeah- why has there never been a figure? Ha! -Dude, I used to want a BAMF doll so bad! I even thought about making one when we had to do a sewing project in HS art-class one year... But I was not allowed to- we were forced to make giant plush vegetables for props in some play or some such bullshit. I made a damn carrot instead of a BAMF!

I never had any of the BraveStarr figures... Yup, Native-American badass. Also- Space Western. The single best combination of genres ever!

karl said...

Forgot to say that one of the moderators on our FF forum is actually called Paste-Pot Pete[!]. He did mention once that at college he was called 'The Decorator' because he could cover a woman face completely in spunk. A man after my own cock, er heart. Still, he needs to try harder if you ask me.

As for this post about the famed FF villain...

Im a gonna tell him whats been goin' on here and he'll come round and paste da shit outa youse!

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: No kidding huh? A home-ec Bamf doll? Gotta' see.

I have no idea why there's never been a Peter Porker doll/action figure. I guess lack of demand and in what format he'd be in. 3 and 3 quarters? 6 inch?

I'm sure somewhere, someone's customized one though.

@Karl: Well he doesn't know where I live, so that's not happening. He can keep his "decorating" to himself the bastard. Does supply the m and m's for eyes though, or does he use frozen hard spunk? Figured I'd ask to see just how serious of a cake, uh I mean face decorator he is.

How the hell did we get on that topic again? You cray cray fucks, I swear;)

The King of Thessaly said...

How ya feeling, man? Rejuvenated yet??? I have a guest spot I can get to you this upcoming week...

Dan W said...

Paste Pot Pete has had his revenge and Dale is stuck somewhere with wifi just out of reach!!

Dale Bagwell said...

@King: I can not wait good sir. Just tell where and when.

@Dan: The way it's taking forever to upload these skit pics, I think he's doing something alright. Probably jizzed/glued my wi-fi connection and cunked it the hell up.

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