Thursday, February 28, 2019

There, Fixed It: Spider-Cide Solution


Wrapping up

-week with one last crazy, alterated Spider-Man cover.

Check it out:

Original source:

Goddamn, just look at the level of disgust on Peter Parker's face as he flails about.
Not fear or surprise, disgust.
The only one who seems to show any concern is his boss J. Jonah Jameson. How fucked up is that?

On a side note, I gotta' point how the design of Prowler's costume by Jazzy John Romita really shouldn't work. I mean look at it:

Sure, with the right artist, it looks decent enough, but the chest design makes no sense whatsoever, and overall he winds up looking like Spawn's grandfather or something.

And then recently his look was given a "modern" redesign as part of  the Marvel NOW initiative which makes him look really generic- looking to me. 

I get losing the claws, but maybe they should've kept the cape and streamlined it a bit. I don't know, but something. Maybe keep the claws, but streamline and clean them up a bit.
 Let's just say I'm glad Hasbro decided to go with his classic look when they decided to release his very own Marvel Legends figure.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

There, Fixed It: Morbius, Vampire Pimp

It's wednesday and it's another day for another edition of

where I add my own caption on an existing cover, therefore "Fixing It."

This week is all about altering Spider-Man comic book covers and that's what I did today with this one:

Here's  in the famous original cover:

Having not been alive yet at the time, my only exposure to this famous storyline was the issues of Marvel Tales that reprinted them with some sweet-ass, spooky covers:

This one was drawn by the famous European artist Moebius

And the sequel was drawn by the late, great Marshall Rogers:

                                And what the hell, how about I throw in this little quick gag:

I still love that classic parody video Starburst used, making a Lionel Richie head bust out of starburst candies.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

There, Fixed It: Hulk-Spanish

Well, looks like it's another themed week this week, since it looks like I don't have anything else better to blog about, ha ha.

No actually I've been having fun taking the piss out of old comic book covers and inserting my own cute captions in there.

Hey, it's a (non) living!

I'm even debuting a brand new banner of make this official:

Nice, right?

On to the cover I "fixed".....

It's from a Spanish reprint of The Amazing Spider-Man #119:

So here's the original:

There, Fixed It:

In case you didn't feel like going to Google Translate to find out what "Pide usted aun mas? means, it means "Asks you even more? Or probably more like "Could you even ask for more?"

You're welcome amigo. 

Monday, February 25, 2019

There, Fixed It: Spider-Rape?

Here's the original panel:

There, fixed it:

For the love of God Duane, just be cool man, just be cool!

Also SPOILERS!!!!!!!

Peter Parker dies in Into the Spider-Verse.
I just found out about it myself. And by the Kingpin too. Damn.....

Friday, February 22, 2019

Top 10: My Favorite Cobra Action Figures


Oh well, what the hell, right?

Continuing on from yesterday's post about my all-time Top 10 favorite GI Joe figures, I guess it's only fair that I give the devils their due and blog about my Top 10 Cobra action figures.

Let's get to it shall we, and again in particular order.....

1). Night Creeper

2). Crimson Guardsman Immortal

3). S.A.W. Viper 

4). B.A.T. 

5). Big Boa

6). Serpentor

7). Destro Version 3

8). Raptor

9). Tomax/Xamot

10). Zartan

And here's 5 more, because why?

1). Alley Viper

2). Croc Master

3). Cobra Commander Version 3/ Version 4 (Tie)

4). Viper soldier 

5). Cobra Commander Version 5

There we go. So that's my list for my top Cobra action figures of all-time.
What was yours and do you have any of them still today?

Have a good weekend everybody......

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Top 10: My Favorite G.I. Joe Action Figures


Ah G.I. Joe. Who hasn't had a love affair with the "A Real American Hero" franchise in one form or another, be it during its' initial inception during the 1960's, or it's mega-revival in the 80's that spawned official merchandise from action figures to cartoons and an animated movie to comic books and everything in between.

Well yours truly was no exception, and during the 80's and early 90's I was into all of the above about G.I. Joe, in particular the small 3 and 3/4 inch figures that were rolled out in mass.

I didn't own every Joe or Cobra figure or any of the affiliated vehicles under the sun, but I'd like to think I had a pretty damn decent collection built up over the years they were produced. And man did I love the hell out them! Like many kids my own age, I had my fair share of imaginary missions and battles played out in my room and outside. Thankfully I didn't have access to firecrackers or M-80's or else I'd have REALLY had some explosive wars being fought. Probably would've gotten hurt and lost a finger or two, but like Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman once famously said "War is hell!"

That being said everyone had their particular Joe and Cobra figures they loved to play with more than others, and I of course was no exception. So with that being said I'm going to do the best I can to narrow the list down to a personal Top 10.

Here we go in no particular order:

1). Psyche-Out

2). Wet Suit

3). Lifeline 

4). Outback

5). Dee-Jay

6). Chuckles

7). Quick Kick

8). Shipwreck

9). Storm Shadow

10). Snake Eyes

Oh what the hell, here's 5 more honorable mentions:

1). Blizzard

2). Eco Warrior Flint 

3). Spearhead

4). Scoop

5). Rock and Roll

 So that's my list. What's yours? Who were your preferred Joes to play with over others?

I'll think tomorrow if I'm up for it, I'll highlight my Top 10 favorite Cobra figures.
Why not right?

"Closing time. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here."

Well..... I kinda always knew this day would come, and it sure has. It's been a hell of a ride, but it's time to for it end. Ti...