Monday, February 18, 2019

Punishing bugs with the greatest of ease

Just found this mock ad in the 1992 edition of Marvel Swimsuit Illustrated and it's pretty amusing if I do say so myself.

Makes you wonder doesn't it, if Frank treats bugs/pests like he does the criminals he kills. Does he stake out there hideouts and write entire little war journals about them? Does he set up elaborate death-traps to torture and maim them before killing them, or does he go straight for the kill because he's got REAL scum to kill?

Makes you wonder doesn't it? What's Frank's prefered method of killing bugs?

Thursday, February 14, 2019

So, Who Would Win?: Moon Knight VS. Nightwing


Season's Beatings! Wait that's not right.
Ok so it may be Valentine's Day, but today there won't be any love lost here today as I wrap up Moon Knight week and pit the manic ex-merc against the very first Robin, Dick Grayson, aka, Nightwing, in this week's edition of....

You gotta' admit, this particular match up sounds like all sorts of awesome considering you've got the guy who most ignorant noobs and non-comic lay people would call Marvel's Batman fighting against the real Batman's ex #1 sidekick who grew up to be his own man. The possibilities are endless considering the amount of damage done and length of the fight.

Let's check out their respective stats and see how they stack up against each other, shall we?

-Moon Knight:

  • Expert detective
  • Proficient in martial arts and armed combat
  • Increased strength, endurance, and agility depending on the lunar cycle



Looking at the stats, they're pretty evenly matched up at least as far as skills go.
I'm not sure if Marc would have any super or enhanced strength like he used to have in this fight, so we'll leave it out, but that doesn't mean his MPD won't factor in though. 
I feel he won't kill Nightwing since he's not a villain, but depending on his mood and what personality is in control, I'm not sure that he wouldn't seriously fuck up and injure him either.

Either way, this one, will truly be one HELL of a fight.....


Moon Knight



Who wins and why?

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Dream Waves: Moon Knight

Yeah it's pretty much officially unofficially Moon Knight week around here isn't it?
Fuck it, why fight it.

So, continuing on with the Moon Knight theme I figured I'd put my thinking hat on and imagine how I'd like a Moon Knight sub-line of Marvel Legends figures to look like and who I'd include in it in  this week's edition of

Let's get to it shall we?

Wave 1:

1). Classic Moon Knight

2). Mr. Knight

3). Bushman

4). Midnight (Jeff Wilde)

Personally, I had three heads for this figure; the full skull-capped one, the one with the half mask w/hair, and the third being an unmasked, battle-damaged head.

5). Scarlet Moonlight

6). Black Spectre 

7). Shadow Knight (Randal Spector)

BAF: Werewolf By Night

 Honestly Jack's the only figure I can think of that would be BAF material, considering how everyone else enemy or ally, would be regular-sized.

 And that's what I think a Moon Knight wave would/should look like.
Did I miss anyone? I know I didn't include supporting characters like Marlene or Frenchy, because honestly, who's going to want action figures of them outside of a few hardcore MK fans. There's just wouldn't be enough interested buyers in them, so I intentionally left them out.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Going full on Moon Knight Core!

Following with the Moon Knight theme from yesterday, I figured I'd showcase a FB page that's dedicated to the Fist of Knonshu, with tons of posts and pics guaranteed to make any true MK fan smile.

If you get on Facebook and go here: be preapred for some of the most random and hilarious MK posts and skits available, with a wide assortment of topics ranging from how the MU super hero community deals with Moon Knight's obsession with cutting off and wearing the faces of his enemies, to Dracula owing him money. That's right, the administrator created an ongoing joke about Dracula, lord of the vampires, owing Moon Knight money. Enough that Drac constantly ducks out from paying Spector back, and no we don't get a backstory how this happened, but it's still a redonkulous concept enough to be entertaining.

Do yourself a favor, whether you're a fan of Moon Knight's or not, and check this page out.

Here's just a sample at what to expect to see over there:

There's more of course, but the true fun's in taking the time to read all of them. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Eclipse of the Loon

Took a week off from posting and I might just do so again or even longer after this one, but I wanted to at least get this out. It's this month's newest skit, starring Moon Knight and Mickey Mouse.


Honestly the fact that Moon Knight doesn't have a show on Netflix or something planned for Disney Plus is really frustrating, especially considering just how much mileage a show about Moon Knight's ongoing battle with mental illness would get. I'm thinking at least two seasons' worth of material based of both recent MK runs by Huston, Ellis, Bunn, and Lemire, with a little Doug Monach thrown in there.

Punishing bugs with the greatest of ease

Just found this mock ad in the 1992 edition of Marvel Swimsuit Illustrated and it's pretty amusing if I do say so myself. Mak...