Friday, May 04, 2012

"Another one bites the dust"

Hey people.

Well I bit the bullet and put more money into the hands of the evil, greedy corporations/publishers that are Marvel and DC.
For those that don't know, Marvel and DC both have come under intense fire and scrutiny for their unfair business practices and poor handlings concerning Jack Kirby and his estate and Alan Moore respectively

I won't go into all that here, as you can go over to, or any other comic-based website to get all the dirt, but in general Marvel's failed to give a large amount of credit physically and financially to Kirby's estate for his part in creating half, if  not most of the Marvel Universe. The Avengers movie that just came out stands to make millions and even billions for Marvel/Disney, yet the main issue is how Kirby's estate will probably not see a single dime of the profits. Again, you can go to various websites to read the whole story for yourself. Suffice to say Marvel, while maybe technically not in the legal wrong(all that's open to debate) is still wrong on an ethical and moral level. I don't see what it would cost them to perhaps turn over even a small percentage of the massive profits they will be receiving over to his estate, as both a well-deserved thank you, and a way of showing gratitude/appreciation/respect for all of creative work Kirby put into Marvel during his tenure there.
I'm sure if he was still alive, this might not be so big of an issue, but he's not, so that's that.

Then there's the case of Alan Moore. Moore's stated on numerous occasions his displeasure with DC constantly profiting off his old ideas. And then there's the whole Watchmen thing as well.  The popular opinion amongst many conic fans, professionals, and even Moore himself, is that DC seems to enjoy intentionally sticking it to Moore, by constantly raiding and re-using his concepts, and any other popular and financially successful ideas Moore's contributed to DC while working there. If you've followed this very strained relationship over the years, not to mention what's currently going on with new Watchmen material coming out this summer in the form of Before Watchmen, then there definitely seems to be something to that idea.
Again, I urge you if you're interested in all this, to go look it up for yourselves and come to your own conclusions about all this.
While I feel badly about the situation, I have a hard time never buying comics from both publishers all together. While the current high prices and poor content are already doing that for me, I can't just totally stop cold turkey from ever buying another product from either company ever again. That would be both ridiculous and hypocritical of me to even try. Because, hey! There's always the back issues of yesteryear to sustain me when I grow(and have grown over the last few years) weary of the lackluster product that's currently out there. Plus I still love action figures, so I'm fucked right there.

Alright enough with the rant, it's the skits you've all come to see, and boy do I have one for you!
This one's dedicated and due to the suggestions of Ben/David H, so if you don't like it, you feel free to blame him. He wanted to see Batman and Hal fight it out one more time, and by God, I made his little Jewish dreams come true. Wait, am I allowed to say Jewish dreams anymore? I want to politically correct and all. I'm sure Ben/David H will let me know soon(You da' man Ben)


Hal: "You know Bruce, I know we've had our differences and all throughout the years, but since we're teammates surely we can overcome all that bullshit and finally bury the hatchet. I mean if I can forgive you for that whole Brother Eye business that now suddenly never happened(Thanks DC), then surely you fan finally learn to forgive me for becoming Parallax(which technically wasn't my fault. Thanks Geoff) and for letting Zatana mess with your memories all those years ago. Hell we both had a moment not too long ago when we bonded over both watching our parents die in front of us. If that's not the definition of male-bonding, I don't know what is. C'mon Bruce, what do you say we let bygones be bygones?"

Batman: "........."

Hal: "Whatta' say buddy? Let's hug it out bitch!"

-Batman punches Hal!

Hal: "Ugh! What the hell Bruce!?"

-Batman punches Hal again!

Batman: "Okay, now we're even!"

Hal: "Ughhhh!"

Guy: "Hey Jordan, you h- What the hell is this!? What the hell did you do Bats!? I'm just gonna' come out and say this, but Holy F'n Deja Vu' Batman! You knocked him out with one, no? Two punches!? Why the hell did you do that?"

Batman: "Because it felt good Gardener. Just like the time I knocked you out."

Guy: "Oh so now you're gonna' bring that up? Fine, I've always wanted to settle with your ass for that one anyways. Prepare for round 2 bitch, because I owe yer' ass a knuckle sandwhich!"

Batman: "Don't sing it, bring it!"

-Guy lunges at Batman, but Batman blocks and knocks Guy Out...With One punch!

Batman: "Hmm. Once punch. Still got it!"

Guy: "Ughh!"

What do you guys think? Does it compare to Ali-Frasier? Tyson-Douglas? The Thrilla' on Manila'?
Let me know what you think.

And that's me folks, I'm outta' here........


Omega Agent1 said...

Can someone one punch DC for not doing the right thing? And it's always good to see Batman knock someone the hell out.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

"bring it don't sing it" that's great i never heard that one. oh man Dale after reading this i can't help but wonder what you'd come up with if you had a couple of custom figures of you and me :) as for that legal shit that really pisses me off when i hear about Comic Book companies acting like corporate douche bags. lots o money twist people's sensibilities in all sorts of ugly ways. speaking of money, yeah it's ok to make fun out of the Jews. we're pretty fucken annoying people some times i have to admit. but despite my laundry list of character defects at least i also hate Giffen's Suicide Squad.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Dale, talk about irony of ironies. check out the conversation i had with Aliendw700 in the comments section of my Checkmate Vol. 1 posting.

Dan said...

Only for G'nort to save the day with a roundhouse kick to the Bat-mask!!

Poor Hal. Truth: my first intro to G.L. was through the awesomeness that was the comic The Brave and The Bold, where once again Hal was a douche and Bats was brilliant. That pretty much put me off the hero for years as a kid. I mean, if Bats doesn't like someone why the hell should I? Except that Two Face fellah, he's just flat out cool.

As for the royalties situation, like you other factors are affecting the changes on my pull list. Things like a ground-hogg day syndrome in many titles, and floundering quality. Plus Image is just insane at the moment, and Valiant's returning so there's more alternatives to grinning and bearing it then before plus the old back issue bin is always good for a dive.

While I wont be buying into Before Watchmen because it's obvious the original tale was built as a clear beginning middle and end, as much as anything, for my money the Jack Kirby issue is the worst of the two evils. I mean it's Jack Kirby for God's sake. I won't go into it cos its not the place and this comments gone on too long, but Avengers movie or non - both Marvel and DC owe that man more than they do (at least from an outsiders perspective). He's the closest man to been able to claim the title of 'reason we all have something to fan over' there is living or dead. 'nuff said.

Dale Bagwell said...

-Omega, I'd love to see Batman, Superman(due to the whole Shuster/Siegel mess, or even Wally F'n West punch out DC and Dan Didio. Hell throw Johns in there for the hat trick!
Somebody God, tell them to fix the toy manufacturing and distribution issues. That's why the DCUC folded up after only 20 waves.

-Ben, ha ha! I wish buddy, I wish. I might have to resort to using old Playmobil people I've had since my early childhood. I was talking to Goo about that, so that just might become a reality. Otherwise, yeah I'd love to have custom figures of you, Dan, Omega, an Goo, and just go balls out on the fun factor of it all.
And thanks for letting me slide with the Jew comment. an endorsement from an official one will probably keep out of a lawsuit since I know you Jews are so sue-happy. Ha, ha! I kid, I kid. You know I love you!

-Dan, you can write your comments as long as you want buddy, I don't mind. Ask Goo about how long I sometimes write on his blog.

G'nort pwning Batman. Now that's something I'd love to see.

You might not have guessed it, but Hal and Batman are 2 favorite DC heroes evah! Batman, on the non-super-powered side, and Hal on the powered-side. I just love them, no matter what DC does to them.

Thanks for all of the comments guys. I truly appreciate them.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i got your comment Dale. ironic how Giffen was working on the OMAC title that happened to be one of the books that got axed in the DC relaunch. Dan emailed this to me yesterday:
"Arvo is kiwi/aussie slang for afternoon captain boomerang would use it :-)"

Dale Bagwell said...

Funny you should mention that Ben....In loo/lieu? of noting having custom figures of you guys, I'd thought I'd use the figures I did have. I've got a skit already in mind.......And yes Dan would be Captain Boomerang.

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