Thursday, June 29, 2017

So, Who Would Win?: Deathstroke The Terminator VS. The Punisher


Yes folks, you're seeing this right, I'm pitting two of the most badass former soldiers against each other in a last-badass-standing competition.

Let's compare their skill-sets and abilities first, shall we?

First, here's Slade's:

  • Superhuman strength, speed, agility & durability
  • Accelerated healing factor
  • Master martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant
  • Master swordsman and marksman
  • Master tactician
Plus he uses like 90% of his brain to handle being able having such fast reflexes and responsive motor skills.

Now Frank's:


So as you can see, they're pretty much even-steven in the skill-set department, aside from Slade's edge in having superhuman healing and responses/reflexes.

And really, that's where Slade has the obvious and distinct advantage over Frank; Frank's just a regular guy at the end of the day, with regular human limits. Slade isn't and doesn't have those same limitations.

For me, it comes down to who can outsmart who, and who can outlast who.

Here's another point. Deathstroke is known for putting into place, very intricate and detailed plans of attack on his target. He'll go after your friends and loved ones, and then go after you once you've been softened up.

The Punisher stands out here, because unlike Deathstroke's past targets, Frank doesn't really have any close friends or family for Slade to strike out at. This would force Slade to come at Frank from a totally different angle and plan of attack than he's normally used to employing.

I imagine there would be a lot of cat and mouse games being played, with both men attempting to weaken the other, and cut off any outside assistance/interference and resources.

And you just KNOW this one's going for days, maybe even weeks, as both men are used to being severely tested by their respective peers, both in the past and present in their respective social circles in the hero and villain communities.


Deathstroke The Terminator


The Punisher

Who wins and why?
Let me know who you think makes it out alive in this one....

Have a good weekend folks....

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Future's So Bright I Gotta' Wear Rob Liefield's?

So who else found out about Rob Liefield purchasing the rights to legendary comic book artist and creator Dave Cockrum's Futurians?


Apparently Liefield's been after the publishing rights to Futurians for some time, since the mid-90's to be exact, and recently he did so with Cockrum's wife's blessing.

Who are The Futurians you might ask?

They're creator-owned team of super-heroes given their super powers from a source from the far future, called the Terminus.
This was done so that the Futurians could prevent a disaster in their future.

The team first appeared in the 9th issue of the Marvel Graphic Novel series at the time in 1983, and its where at Marvel they could've called home were it not for Cockrum being persuaded by an indie publisher to take them to his company, Lodestone Publications, to be published.  From the sound of it, he was probably promised royalties and creative freedom, all of which quickly became a collection of broken promises.

He only got three issues printed, despite four being produced.

Hen tried again in the mid-90's at Aardwolf Publications, finally publishing that fourth issue, and even after his is death, around 2010 his friend Clifford Meth tried to restart the series at David Miller Studios, but nothing came out of it.

Cockrum really regretted not keeping his creations at Marvel, but I'd think if they had, Marvel would have probably ruined them or at the very least, changed them so much that not even Cockrum would've recognized them anymore. But we'll never know what might have been.

Now I've read in interviews how much Cockrum's Futurians hits Liefield right in the Bronze age feels, and how much he respects Cockrum and wants to do this right.

But shit, hasn't he said that before various other projects like this before?

And he want the Futurians to be a part of his Extreme comic Universe instead of existing on its own.

I don't know guys. Seems like the same old song and dance with Liefield, and while the teaser at looks good for it being drawn by Rob Liefield, I'll believe it when I see it when it comes to the follow through,

We'll see. But I do agree that team with a concept like the Futurians deserves to be seen and read by the comic reading public.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

SWAG Showcase

Well this mostly pertains to last week, but I figured it was long overdue to gloat and show my new SWAG off.

First up is Rob Schrab's Scud, The Whole Shebang, which is the entire and complete collection of Scud stories ever published.

In case he doesn't look familiar to you, Scud was an early 90's indie creation of Schrab's, who himself is a gifted animator who's worked on other various projects and media since creating Scud. Like oh, say working on the Sarah Silver Project show to name one.

Scud the disposable robot, is just what the name says; he's a robot assassin you can buy out of a vending machine to hire to kill someone or someones. He's then programmed to self-destruct after completing said mission, except in Scud's case, he finds out about that last part, and decides he wants to live. What follows is him taking on these missions that go hilariously wrong in order to earn money to keep his last target alive.

Schrab worked on the series for a while before temporarily stopping to pay the bills, and then came back in 2007 to finally finish the series his way.
This is that collection that collects all 28 issues of the series.

Very much worth reading, especially if you're a big Deadpool fan because there's A LOT of similarities in humor and style between the two.

Oh, did I mention that Dan Harmon, of Community and Rick and Morty fame, co-wrote the Scud series? Yeah, that same Dan Harmon.

Oh, and FYI, Scud has the distinction of being one of the very rare few indie comic characters to boast having his own video game.

 I played a copy of it way back in the day on my Sega Saturn (remember those kids? Probably not)

Next up, the DC Icons Deathstoke the Terminator and Marvel Legends Moon Knight.

Don't tell Slade, but he was definitely an impulse purchase, much in the same vein as the new Marvel Select Odin/Destroyer figure I bought 2 weeks ago.

I already have a Deathstroke figure on my shelf, the DCUC version, but for some reason the DC Icons one beckoned out to me to buy it, even though it's much smaller than the DCUC version.

Still he's not bad, and you get a set of interchangeable hands, some weapons, like finally getting his famous comic-accurate sword, a staff and gun, and an interchangeable unmasked head. I guess those options in total ultimately won me over. I guess a fun little skit between the two would be fun to make in the future.

Then there's the Marvel Legends Moon Knight (He's from the BAF movie Vulture Wings wave)

Fun story about him, I was originally trying to get the Cosmic Powers Spider-Man figure, and I saw him on Amazon really briefly for $19.99 on Amazon. That isn't the usual asking price on Amazon, and when I went out to go buy an Amazon card to get the figure, when I came back, he was already sold out for that price. That fucking quick! Bummed, I looked around, intent to buy other shit instead, and right at the last minute, found this Moon Knight figure for the same $19.99!!! JOY!!! Because I assure you neither him, not the Spider-Man since, have that $19.99 price. More like double that amount plus shipping.

This Moon Knight is waaaaay better than the first Hasbro ML version by far, so go me.

Finally, I bought the Marvel Legends Adam Warlock figure from the GoTG 2nd wave.
He comes with his then current look that you see here, the look he had when he was briefly a member while Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning were writing the Guardians back before Bendis fucked it all up and the team got Movie-tized.

He comes with an interchangeable Magus head, his evil version of himself, who I decided should use the spare Dr. Strange body that came with the Dr. Strange movie wave thanks to a suggestion by my buddy Googum. Thanks pal, it really looks good on him.

So that's my SWAG, may it ever be so humble;)

Monday, June 26, 2017

"Injunction Junction, What's Your Function?"

He's still suing you though Spidey.....

And yes, Spider-Man still owns and operates Parker Industries.....for now until maybe this whole "Legacy" soft reboot from Marvel rolls everything back to square one again for him. we'll see.

Friday, June 23, 2017

So, Who Would Win?: The JSA VS. The Uncanny X-Men


Going all out for this one as I plan on actually adding personal commentary on how this fight could go down.

So, the JSA against the Uncanny X-Men.

Right off the bat, the X-Men should appear here as the underdogs power-wise compared to the big guns of the JSA.

How much of an underdog in this fight?

Here's the JSA roster for this one:

1). Green Lantern
2). Dr. Fate
3). The Flash
4). Hawkman
5). Hourman
6). Wildcat
7). The Spectre
8). Dr. Midnight
9). Sandman
10). The Atom
11). Starman

And now here's the X-Men roster:

1). Cyclops
2). Wolverine
3). Colossus
4). Nightcrawler
5). Storm
6). Rogue
7). Phoenix
8). Shadowcat
9). Gambit
10). Psylocke
11). The Beast

Now as you can see, I made it fair to both teams by having the same number of embers per team. And while I was going to originally stop at 7, 8 at the most, I found myself wanting to include all the main JSA members, thus forcing the member number to grow to 11.

At first look, it kind of looks even in terms of overall power between the two, but to me, I see someone like the Spectre to be capable of taking on the entire X-Men roster and winning pretty handily. Hey, he's the Spectre, tell me you don't see him easily tearing through the mutants like a hot knife through soft butter. And that's with two world-class telepaths and the power of the Phoenix Force.

Skipping coming up with a reason why these two would fight, let's just get to the fight itself, shall we?

And fight they do, both teams going hot and heavy, trading fierce blow for fierce blow.

For me, it all comes down to the main big guns on both sides. For the JSA, it's Green Lantern, Dr. Fate, Starman, the Flash, and of course, the Spectre.

For the X-Men, it's the Phoenix, Rogue, Cyclops, Wolverine and Storm.
In my scenario, that's pretty much who's left after a long and very drawn out battle.

Let's say for arguments' sake, Cyclops, with an assist, takes out the Flash.
Starman and Storm take each other out.
The Phoenix either goes after the Spectre, or fights both Green Lantern and Dr. Fate.
Let's say Phoenix does just this, who with the help of a barely conscious Psylocke or Prof. X via long-distance, is able to mentally overwhelm Green Lantern's willpower, and posses him, causing him to attack Dr. Fate.
The Spectre easily takes out the rest of the X-Men, leaving on the Phoenix to deal with.
The Phoenix has her hands busy with Dr. Fate, even with an assist from Xavier.

Even if I was being really generous here, and took out Dr. Fate, that still leaves a very powerful and pissed off Spectre.

The two go at it like never before, oblivious to the massive surge of power and energy their battle is causing, and how much it's quickly enveloping the Earth.

Earth is pretty much an afterthought to the two demigods, as they attack each other with everything they have.

Now this could go either way. One hand, the Spectre eventually overpowers and takes out the incredible force that is the Phoenix, since he's God's personal spirit of Vengeance.


He's hampered/restricted power-wise due to receiving his powers directly from God, and maybe God isn't interested enough to let the Spectre go full out.


They both take each other out.

Either way, for me, it comes down to these two in the end, no matter the outcome.

The X-Men better be glad I didn't go full on traditional, and allow the Golden Age versions of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman join their follow JSA teammates or else this fight would've been a whole hell of a lot one-sided.




The Uncanny X-Men

Who wins and why?

"Closing time. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here."

Well..... I kinda always knew this day would come, and it sure has. It's been a hell of a ride, but it's time to for it end. Ti...