Friday, June 23, 2017

So, Who Would Win?: The JSA VS. The Uncanny X-Men


Going all out for this one as I plan on actually adding personal commentary on how this fight could go down.

So, the JSA against the Uncanny X-Men.

Right off the bat, the X-Men should appear here as the underdogs power-wise compared to the big guns of the JSA.

How much of an underdog in this fight?

Here's the JSA roster for this one:

1). Green Lantern
2). Dr. Fate
3). The Flash
4). Hawkman
5). Hourman
6). Wildcat
7). The Spectre
8). Dr. Midnight
9). Sandman
10). The Atom
11). Starman

And now here's the X-Men roster:

1). Cyclops
2). Wolverine
3). Colossus
4). Nightcrawler
5). Storm
6). Rogue
7). Phoenix
8). Shadowcat
9). Gambit
10). Psylocke
11). The Beast

Now as you can see, I made it fair to both teams by having the same number of embers per team. And while I was going to originally stop at 7, 8 at the most, I found myself wanting to include all the main JSA members, thus forcing the member number to grow to 11.

At first look, it kind of looks even in terms of overall power between the two, but to me, I see someone like the Spectre to be capable of taking on the entire X-Men roster and winning pretty handily. Hey, he's the Spectre, tell me you don't see him easily tearing through the mutants like a hot knife through soft butter. And that's with two world-class telepaths and the power of the Phoenix Force.

Skipping coming up with a reason why these two would fight, let's just get to the fight itself, shall we?

And fight they do, both teams going hot and heavy, trading fierce blow for fierce blow.

For me, it all comes down to the main big guns on both sides. For the JSA, it's Green Lantern, Dr. Fate, Starman, the Flash, and of course, the Spectre.

For the X-Men, it's the Phoenix, Rogue, Cyclops, Wolverine and Storm.
In my scenario, that's pretty much who's left after a long and very drawn out battle.

Let's say for arguments' sake, Cyclops, with an assist, takes out the Flash.
Starman and Storm take each other out.
The Phoenix either goes after the Spectre, or fights both Green Lantern and Dr. Fate.
Let's say Phoenix does just this, who with the help of a barely conscious Psylocke or Prof. X via long-distance, is able to mentally overwhelm Green Lantern's willpower, and posses him, causing him to attack Dr. Fate.
The Spectre easily takes out the rest of the X-Men, leaving on the Phoenix to deal with.
The Phoenix has her hands busy with Dr. Fate, even with an assist from Xavier.

Even if I was being really generous here, and took out Dr. Fate, that still leaves a very powerful and pissed off Spectre.

The two go at it like never before, oblivious to the massive surge of power and energy their battle is causing, and how much it's quickly enveloping the Earth.

Earth is pretty much an afterthought to the two demigods, as they attack each other with everything they have.

Now this could go either way. One hand, the Spectre eventually overpowers and takes out the incredible force that is the Phoenix, since he's God's personal spirit of Vengeance.


He's hampered/restricted power-wise due to receiving his powers directly from God, and maybe God isn't interested enough to let the Spectre go full out.


They both take each other out.

Either way, for me, it comes down to these two in the end, no matter the outcome.

The X-Men better be glad I didn't go full on traditional, and allow the Golden Age versions of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman join their follow JSA teammates or else this fight would've been a whole hell of a lot one-sided.




The Uncanny X-Men

Who wins and why?

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Top 25 Figures I Wish had Been Made In The DCUC Line: Part 2


Continued from yesterday a promised, here's the rest of my list of the Top 25 DC characters I wish we'd seen made in the DCUC toy line before it was cancelled.

Yesterday I presented the first 15, with 10 good guys and 5 teams. Today is the bad guys' turn.

Let's dig in shall we?

1). Count Vertigo

2). Dr. Destiny

3). Dr. Polaris

4). The Key

Personally I prefer the animated look, but I'd take what i could get.

5). Dr. Light

6). Black Spider

7). KGBeast

Shit throw in the NKV Demon and we have ourselves a killer two-pack!

8). Modern Red Hood

 I guess technically he's not a bad guy, or at least he's definitely a 'tweener, but THIS is the version of the red Hood figure we should've gotten instead of the Grant Morrison one.

9). Starbreaker

10). Prometheus

C&C: The Shaggy Man

5 Bad Guy Teams:

1). The Royal Flush Gang

2). The Rogues

We really need the rest of the Rogues, Heatwave, Weather Wizard, the Pied Piper, The Top, The Trickster, along with the Golden Glider, Rainbow Raider and a classic Captain Boomerang.

3). The Fatal Five

Yes, we did get Validus, but not the rest of the group. Just wasn't the same without a Persuader, Mano, Thorok, or Emerald Empress to go with him.

4). The Extremists

I love, LOVE these guys. They still need to be made even if its in the DC Multiverse or DC Collectibles line.

5). The Brotherhood of Evil

Like with Validus, we got the Monsieur Mallah and the Brain, but not the rest of the group.
We needed a Madame Rogue, as well as Plasmus, Phobia, Hougan, and Warp.

That's my list, what would yours be?

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Top 25 Figures I Wish had Been Made In The DCUC Line: Part 1

Damn I really miss the DC Universe Classics figure line that died off officially back in 2013.

I've made a few wishlist posts over the years about who I wish we had seen been made before the line was cancelled, and if you want here's a good one to read back over if you want:

But today I figured I'd go all out and feature the rest of the DC characters I would've loved to see and who we should've reasonably gotten due to the abilities of the fine sculptors involved.

Now I'll be dividing the list up into sections; 10 good guys, 10 bad guys, and 5 teams. That should about cover my personal wishlist.

Of course, I have to make sure not repeat myself from previous lists, so here goes.

Let's get to it........

Top 10 DC Heroes:

1). Will Magnus

2). Steve Ditko's Starman

3). The Crimson Avenger (Both outfits)

4). The Elongated Man's purple and white outfit

5). Warlord

6). The Ray (Ray Terril)

7). Vixen

8). Classic Earth-2 Huntress

9). Archie Goodwin's Manhunter

Sure we thankfully got a figure of this guy in the DC Direct History Of The DC Universe line, but I'd have loved to have gotten him in this line. His Golden Age look too.

10). Sword of the Atom

We really, really could've and should've gotten this figure. All they had to do was re-use the lower half of the DCUC Blackest Night Atom and they would've had half the problem solved.

C&C: Classic Rocket Red

We deserved a hell of a lot better than the shitty modern version we got. We deserved the classic Rocket Red from the J.L.I.-era.

5 Good Guy Teams:

1). The Freedom Fighters

2). The Blackhawks

3). The Outsiders

4). The 7 Soldiers of Victory

5). Infinity Inc.

Tune in tomorrow to see Part 2!!!!