Thursday, January 30, 2014

What The Fuck Were They Thinking?: The Living Eraser


So for today's edition of What The Fuck Were They Thinking, I decided to pick out an obvious honoree, the one the only(well, not really it seems) The Living Eraser!

Apparently he's down with DX it seems. Or they stole the crotch chop from him, you decide.

If only you could've been too, and stayed that way.

Dubbed the living eraser, this unnamed alien invader from Dimension Z came to Earth as a potential invader for his race Erasers I guess. He first appeared in the comic Tales To Astonish#49 in November of 1963, and has baffled readers ever since. Well maybe not, since I'm sure the causal fan doesn't even remember this jack-off. Probably for the best since Mr.Eraser hasn't aged very well as an antagonist or concept.

He was sent from Dimension Z to kidnap a handful of very important scientists, and bring them back to his home world, where they'd serve the Supremacy.

Talk to the hand girlfriend!

Hank Pym, then known as Ant-Man, was one of the scientists on the Eraser's scientist shopping list. Unfortunately for him, he didn't know Pym was a super-hero, nor that the Wasp hid long enough to become abducted along with Pym, thus proving to be the Eraser's undoing.

His powers, with the use of a device called a Dimensionalizer, was to use the technology to transport you to another dimension. Of course the process was bizarre in that it looked like you were literally being erased before you're very eyes. In reality, parts of you were being shunted off to another dimension. But fuck, how trippy would that shit be to see that process go down and live in living color? I'd seriously have to give up smoking the Chiba for a bit if I saw that shit.

Much like the Space Phantom, there are/were other "Erasers" around, all equally unnamed and looking pretty much the same. So this dude could've been named Bob, and then before you know it, you're fighting his brother-in-law, or some wacky-ass shit like that.

Anyways, Ant-Man and the Wasp kicked his ass, and sent him packing for parts unknown.....

13 years later in Marvel Two-In-One#15, the Eraser returns, this time having overthrown the Supremacy(king) of his dimension and wanted to once again take-over our Earth. He obviously picked a bad day to pull that, seeing as how The Thing and Morbius were there to kick his ass again. Sure he brought to his home dimension, bu they escaped with the help of the Supremacy, and that should've been all we ever heard about him or his people ever again.

John Byrne didn't seem to think so, and brought him back in Sensational She-Hulk#;s 35-37. Well, a second version, since the first one got executed for that poorly-thought out coup he attempted.

This Eraser was sent to kidnap She-Hulk, since the Supremacy fell in love with her. I guess her being Green like them helped, as did the fact that she's fucking hot! 

So to get her to be more cooperative, they kidnapped her then boyfriend Wyatt Wingfoot. Predictably she saved him and took off back to Earth.

After that, the evil Yondroth(the evil sorcerer that used to bother the Defenders all the time) used a squad of Erasers to invade Japan in Defenders#1(Vol.2) 2001.

Since then, it's been quiet on the Eraser front. And it should be, especially ever since the Magic Eraser from Mr. Clean was invented.

I wonder of those two ever met?

That's the villain known as "The Human Eraser". Yeah someone got drunk/high/both, and came up with that winner of a concept too. The fuck man?

Alright kids, have a good to great weekend, and stay away from the dirty hookers. Unless they're clean and and an show you a piece of paper from your town's local health department saying otherwise;)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow In Sumter! News @ 11!

Happy Hump/Snow Day!!!!!

Yeah it snowed here in the south, in Sumter,SC where I currently live. It's kinda' a big deal here, because unlike most areas of the rest of the country, we don't get a lot of snow, or if we do, the conditions usually aren't right for it to stick. Well it did. And I have proof:

True Story;)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Battle-Blog: Black Panther Vs. Wildcat Part 2

Ok, so yeah Wildcat was  as Tiger so aptly put it, "pretty much set up to fail." Yeah I guess so, but that was also the beauty of old-time fights like that. Outmatched or not, they didn't give a fuck. I figure if they were men enough to wear crazy-ass colorful outfits like that, than they're damn sure man enough to throw a punch at some like-wise costumed stranger. It's just how that era rolled.

So without further ado, here's the the ending and results as dictated by you, the reader:

The End

And just to be the devil's advocate, here's an alternative ending.....

Again, there was never any doubt that BP would thoroughly kick Wildcat's ass, boxer or no. But hey, that's just how they rolled back then with can-do attitude.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Battle-Blog: Black Panther Vs. Wildcat

What's up people?

Enjoy the weekend? Yes? No?

Well I did for the most part as well as I scored a bunch more back issues for cheap. Like 10 for a $1 cheap.
This is just a small example of what I got, since I already put the rest up.

All good reads really. Go find em' near you if you can.

Okay, so here's a new thing I'm trying out. It's called a Battle-Blog, and it's basically an updated version of So, Who Would Win? Just with figures and an actually voted and agreed on winner.

Today's initial combatants are The Black Panther and Wildcat.

Who Wins?

Thursday, January 23, 2014

What The Fuck Were They Thinking?: Death-Stalker


I was loading and posting pics yesterday, to post for yesterday's new blog post. There somehow, as sometimes happens, wound up being a bunch of drafts. I erased them, but in doing so, knocked the original numbering of this blog a bit. Today would've been the 493rd post. Now it'll be the 488th. The hell man? Now I'm that much farther away from 500. Fuck me.

So for today's edition of WTFWTT, I'm using the same dude from yesterday, Death-Stalker. Well technically it was his mother that was the main villain, but fuck it, I'll use him anyways.

So, Death-Stalker.

He started out alright. Nice name, cool powers actually. In fact when you look at them:
"Interdimensional travel and  Death-Grip gloves that grant the ability to kill a person upon contact"
They make him sound like one touch hombre.

Here's some more info on the nature of his powers:

"Accidental exposure to "T-radiation" altered Sterling's physiology, making it so that he normally existed in a dimension congruent to Earth. While in this realm, he could watch and listen to events on Earth without being observed from Earth by any means. By willing himself to do so, he could shift into the Earth dimension to varying degrees. He could become visible, but intangible, or visible and tangible as he desired. He could shift from one state to the other instantaneously. Also, while completely in his interdimensional state, he could cover distances more rapidly, enabling him to disappear from one Earth location and reappear at another far sooner than if he had traversed that same distance on Earth. The Death-Stalker could not continuously manifest in the dimension of Earth for more than several hours at a time. His "cybernetic death-grip" device, stolen from AIM, was worn in his gloves, which emitted a dose of microwave radiation when activated by mental command, crippling or killing (depending on the duration of contact) any living creature in contact with it. This self-described "touch of death" energy has been described as microwaves, but seems to have properties of both lightning and truly intense cold. The Death-Stalker, however, had to tangibly materialize in full on Earth for the device to be effective—a "lone weakness"[3] which Daredevil learned he could exploit to attack Sterling. All in all, Philip Wallace Sterling was a brilliant criminal mastermind—running a global "espionage syndicate"[3]—in addition to being an accomplished inventor and scientist with extensive knowledge of advanced scientific apparatus."

So how did he get this way?
Apparently he was somewhat of a brilliant inventor, and invented a Time-Displacer ray, or "T-Ray" which allowed him to target and send someone to another dimension.
Well he and his crew, called the Unholy Three, all ganged up on Daredevil. he beat 'em all, and broke the T-Ray in the process, which someone targeted and fucked with Philip Sterling's(That's his real name btw) 
body, turning him into said Death-Stalker.

So with a person who could jump and warp into other dimensions, become intangible, and could kill you with his touch, how did this guy turn into a fucking lame-ass?

Because he had all those powers and could never get the job done. Year after year, he'd go after Daredevil, and get his ass handed to him.

Finally, in Daredevil#158(Frank Miller's 1st issue), while fighting DD in a dark and hardly-lit graveyard, Death-Stalker gets killed when DD tricks him into materializing blind right in the middle of a headstone. Bam! Fucking dead, and game over for that sum' bitch.

Again, this is a guy, power-wise, who should be on the level of an Iron Man, Dr.Strange, or Avengers, or FF, and he gets taken out by the poor man's version of Spider-Man. Damn!

Apparently the Death-Stalker name didn't die with Sterling though.

Nope. In Villains For Hire#1, we see a new female Death-Stalker. Who she is or how she got her powers was never explained that I know of. Huh.

Hopefully she'll do a lot better than her predecessor, but that all really depends on the writer at the time.
Good luck bitch;)

   Yep, that's how I want to go out. Just like that. NOT!

Have a good to great weekend bitches!

"Closing time. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here."

Well..... I kinda always knew this day would come, and it sure has. It's been a hell of a ride, but it's time to for it end. Ti...