Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen...the Talking Heads

Just a quick one for today folks.
Since I got a such a kick out of swapping heads, and judging by the response, so did a few of you, I figured I'd do it again but on a larger scale.

Thus Lex uses his Orange Lantern ring to swap the heads of our heroes, or something to that effect. It's very Silver-Agey so enjoy.

And that's me, I'm outtie!

Have a good weekend folks!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DC(U) Follies

So, I recently found out who the 15 nominees to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame are, and I'm very happy.

Amongst those listed for consideration are: Guns n' Roses, The Cure, Donovon(about time) Heart(again, about time), Donna Summer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Beastie Boys, and more!

Obviously it's time GnR, RHCP, and the Beastie Boys made it in, not to mention it's a crime that Donovon and Heart aren't already in.

The actual voting doesn't begin until December, so we'll have to wait until then or spring of next year to see who's in.

All I have to say is, thank god Rush isn't included for consideration. Say what you want, but they suck, and so does their music! They sound(and look) like a bunch of D&D playing nerds!

Wait, what was that you said Reed Richards?
That's what I thought you said. Wow, RR really doesn't care for Rush huh? Who knew?

And now on to the rest of the follies:

"Something about Lex"

-On a side note, I can't believe that the Riddler figure is actually taller than Lex. I wonder who's responsible for that fuck up.

And finally,
"Devil with a blue dress on"

Monday, September 26, 2011

"Greed, for the lack of a better good!"

Quick one today folks!

Thanks to the wife, I brought him as a new addition to my DCUC family: Orange Lantern Lex Luthor!
And as well we all know, Luthor's way cooler than Gordon Gecko ever thought about being. Hell, no offense to Michael Douglas, but Ol' Lexie even did the whole "I got cancer" bit first.

He's cool as hell, and when forced to choose between Indigo Lantern Atom and Lex....Lex won by a landslide.

I only wish Lex's lantern came with a handle, as Noisy over at It' pointed out in his OLLex review.
It's not a deal-breaker or anything like that, but it just makes more sense to include one.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I love you to Deathlok

So I was just watching a re-run of an episode of the Steve Wilkos show from last season, and if you've ever watched the show, you know it's like the Maury Show and Jerry Springer combined, minus the actual fighting.

Well on this particular episode, a mother's son burned himself on a hot-plate resulting in 3rd degree burns. She didn't call 911 or take him to the hospital, so the father doesn't want her anywhere near him.

Okay, well the father in question is black, while the mother is white, and this leads me to my question of the day:

Why is it when white chicks have sex with black guys, they all of a sudden start speaking like they're black/black women?

I just don't get it; how does riding a black anaconda equate to speaking ebonics? Is it because in the process of having sex, they suddenly lost several IQ points? Did they have the smarts knocked out of them? I just don't get it.

Alright quick skit of the day where we find B-/C-list hero, Deathlok looking for love, you know, because it's hard to find love when you're a half-human/half-death machine.
Let's see how he fares:

That's just sick! Oh well,
Have a good weekend folks!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Are you really watching that?"

So, what did you watch last night?
I watched the How I Met Your Mother season premiere last night, and it was pretty good. It last an hour, so I was pleasantly entertained.

Highlights of the show:
  • Barney(Neil Patrick Harris) can dance, but yeah, NPH really is gay.
  • Love how they're teasing who Barney's marrying, especially towards the end, when even the bride asks to see Ted. I'm thinking it's going to ultimately be Robin, but I could be wrong. Nora just doesn't seem like as a good a fit as Robin.
  • Beercules!
  • Edward 40oz Hands! Try playing that game and not pass out. 
Also watched the season premiere of Two and Half Men.
Not bad, but I'm not 100% sure the show's going to survive the season. It's still too early to tell, and while Kutcher's good, it's just not the same w/o Charlie Sheen.

Everybody wondered how they'd handle the Charlie Sheen situation, and apparently his character is dead. The had a fun funeral for him, attended by a good bunch of his ex's and one-nighters. They heckled him throughout the whole thing, and that was actually pretty damn funny. They didn't go out of their way to verbally bury or shit on him, so good for Chuck Lorre.

One scene that might have poked fun at him though, was the part where John Stamos(who was rumored to replace Sheen at one time) stops by to look at Sheen/Harper's house; he declines to buy the house due to a bad memory he had there. Apparently him and Charlie had a 3-way(it's not gay if it's a 3-way) w/ some chick, she passed out, but him and Charlie kept going. Hmmmm.

Other than that, not bad, but like I said, not enough to keep my interest. Who else thinks Charlie Sheen's Roast premiering a half hour after his old show was coincidental? 

And now to prove that the internet, or rather Youtube is damn entertaining, here are some funny video's just for the hell of it.

Here's Ric Flair(we all know who he is) doing his trademark "Wooooo!" to different songs. Enjoy.

What's that you say Homer?

Monday, September 19, 2011

"Like a rolling stone..."

Hey people,

Some quick news that's sad, courtesy of

Tom Wilson Sr., creator of the long-running comic strip Ziggy, passed away Sept. 16. According to the news, Wilson, 80, had suffered from a long illness and died in his sleep. For more than 35 years, Wilson served as a creative director at American Greetings. Wilson first published Ziggy in the 1969 cartoon collection When You’re Not Around. The Ziggy comic panel, syndicated by Universal Uclick (formerly Universal Press Syndicate), launched in 15 newspapers in June 1971. It now appears in more than 500 daily and Sunday newspapers and has been featured in best-selling books, calendars and greeting cards. Wilson’s son, Tom Wilson Jr., took over the strip in 1987.

Sad indeed. You'll be missed Mr.Wilson.

I watched at least 2 hours of the Emmy's last night, and was diffinately surprised at some of the people who won, and really glad for the rest of the actors/shows that won.

Modern Family and Mad Men pretty much swept up all of the awards, just like they did last year. I'm a big fan, as is my wife, of Modern Family, so I'm glad they cleaned up real nice @ the Emmy's.

Although I must admit that I, as well as a a lot of other people feel I'm sure, that Steve Carrel should have won an Emmy last night. Seeing as how this was his 6th, and possibly last Emmy nomination, you'd think he would've finally won it, but no. Maybe next year Steve.

Also, legendary actress, Francis Bay,  best known for playing Happy Gilmore's grandmother in Happy Madison, dies over the weekend. She was 95 years-old, God Bless her.

Finally, I attempt to answer a question that's probably plagued Fantastic Four fans for years; especially fans of The Thing: How does he, you know, have sex?

Here's the man himself on how he sees the whole thing:

 TMI Man!, TMI!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lest we forget: The Power is yours!

By reading the above title, you're probably thinking either this post is about Captain Planet or the funny spoof of Cap'n Planet by actor Don Cheadle for

Well it's not, but I am going to talk briefly about another character with Power as his last name.
I'm talking about Dr. Maximus Power.

You're probably going "who?"

I'm referring to this guy:

Back during the 3rd Volume of Iron Man, writer Frank Tieri created this alien "villain" to fight Tony. His backstory is basically that he was living on a planet that was ruled my magic and outlawed science. Our boy Maximus dared to practice the forbidden art/black magic of science, and was tried, convicted, and sentenced to exile on our planet. You know 'cause that's where all alien criminals wind up in comic book land.

So Maximus does the whole "stranger in a strange land" routine, and eventually learns Earth's customs and languages. While living with bums and free-thinkers in California(because that's where all bums and free-thinkers live apparently) he discovers the whole fascination with Super-Heroes. Being the smart alien that he is, he not only figures out a way to get people high w/o the dangerous side-effects(it's true, just read it) , but he also figures out a way to give everyday, regular people superpowers.
Skip ahead a few years, and now going by the name Dr. Maximus Power, he becomes rich and famous for his discovery. Tony's then girlfriend at the time Rumiko Fujikawa, takes him to a Halloween party where Power is the guest of honor. The people in attendance take power's drugs, get super-powers, and all hell breaks loose. Did I mention that Rumiko takes his drug too? She does, and now Tony has to deal w/ her as well as a whole bunch of drunk and super-powered idiots. You know, kind of like a normal party night for Tony.

He eventually fights w/ Dr. Power, and of course beats him just in time to team-up w/ the FF for a Maximum Security event tie-in issue.  Remember that mess?
Power, Part 2 - Villains

 PowerPower, Part 3 - The Land

After those 3 issues, we never see Maximus again, and I'm curious why not. Sure he seems to be a knock-off/copy of the Martian Manhunter, but he seemed to have more potential than that off a throw-away character. I'm sure some writer like Bendis can dust him off, and make him relevant again. Right?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Everybody Hates Barry?

Today's going to be a quick one folks.
As per today's title, I'm going to focus on Barry Allen, The SA and current Flash. For those who don't already know, Barry was revealed to be the "villain" of the whole Flashpoint debacle, thus you'd expect his friends and allies to be rightly pissed off at him for causing the whole reboot/relaunch deal. If not, they damn well should and do in my imaginative world, especially since there isn't any Dan Didio or Geoff Johns action figures laying around.

So here's a quick showing of how Barry's peers/co-workers feel about him.

"Can you feel the love tonight......"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"I need a hero, I'm holding out for a hero 'till the end of the night...."

Hey people,

2 bits of serious stuff, I guess:

Michelle Bachman vs. Rick Perry:

Presidential nominee Bachman blasts other presidential nominee Perry, for being in the pockets of the well-known drug company Merck since they were known to make a sizable donation to his campaign.
Isn't that what we've come to expect from politicians? They're nothing more than public figure-head lobbyists. How else are they going to afford flying from one campaign rally to another, kissing babies and making false promises? Duh!

So Bachman(who'd be cooler if she was from Bachman Turner Overdrive) is calling the kettle black by ostracizing Perry(Who'd be cooler if he was related to either Joe Perry of Aerosmith or Steve Perry from Journey) for being in the pockets of some corporation? Really? Isn't that what you politicians do?

Silly Bachman, stop taking political advice from Sarah Palin. She can't even decide if she wants to run or not.

Also, I was watching on the Today Show, this really cool footage of everyday Samaritans helping a motorcyclist who crashed into an automobile. It turns out that 21 year-old Brandon Wright was traveling near the Utah State college campus, when a black BMW pulled out in front of him. He swerved to avoid being hit, but crashed into the BMW anyway, causing a fire. Local samaritans saw what happened and attempted to pull him out. 1st 5 people tried to lift the car he was pinned under, than a dozen or more so finally lifted the car enough for someone to pull Wright out. He's in critical conditon, but I think he'll pull through.
Just shows you how powerful the human spirit is when used for good like this.

The link for the video is here:

Alright now that that is out of the way.......
I'd figure I 'd dig through some old issues of Wizard Magazine and pull out some gems I might find.
Like in #157, where they do a brief spotlight on a goofy throwaway comic that Marvel did called "Captain America meets the Asthma Monster."

I swear to you it actually exists! Here's the cover to prove it:
Apparently back in 1988, nothing scarred or plagued the world worse than a case of an Asthma attack!

In this little one and done, it's revealed that Captain America, or a young Steve Rogers, used to have asthma. Really? So it wasn't enough to say he was too weak, too scrawny, and just plain not good enough to fight for his country, but he also had asthma? I guess that's the real reason the US Gov 4-F'd his ass back in the day.
Anyway he kicks the bad guys' ass who goes around giving people asthma attacks.

If this was an HIV issue does that mean the villain would go aroiund giving people HIV/AIDS? Now that's nail-biter of an issue!

Getting back to the topic,so that means all this time, all the Red Skull or Dr. Faustus had to do in order to defeat Cap was cause him to have an asthma attack. Good to know for future reference.....Maybe I'll just send Herr Skull that link.......

Friday, September 09, 2011

"We interupt this program to bring you the following breaking news"

TGIF Everybody!
I'm doing a special post today so I thought I'd be a little serious about this one.

As I'm sure the world over knows by now, this Sunday will mark the 10th Anniversary of 9/11.
I for one am glad the people of NY were able to rebuild, not just their lives, but also the buildings that were demolished that fateful day.

If it hasn't by now, 9/11 will live on forever entrenched in the lore and history of American for generations to come. Every anniversary, much like Pearl Harbor and the assassination of JFK, people will ask "Where were you on 9/11? What were you doing?"

I remember where I was and what I was doing on that day. Surly nothing as spectacular or as live-altering as what was already going on in NY, Washington and PA mind you.

At the time, Heather and I and a high-school friend all attended our local technical college in town. I remember my college world history teacher interrupting class to announce that the one of the twin towers had just been hit and was collapsing at that very moment.

After class, Heather, I, and the high-school friend were all sitting around a table in the common's area watching the news at the time. Even while seeing the devastation that was going on live and in front of me, I still didn't feel as bad as I later would. I guess I can blame to an extent be desensitized due to the seeing too many violent movies that featured government buildings being blown up on a regular basis. What movie featuring terrorists didn't shown stuff like that. I'm not saying it's all Hollywood or the media's fault, but the whole thing all seemed so surreal to me. But later on that day after being able to sit down and really digest what had just happened, and the staggering amount of lives lost that day, I truly did feel bad for all those involved.  Every year when the anniversary comes I still do.

I've heard it said that the terrorists ultimately didn't win, and that we're more safer now than we were then. And to an extent that's true. But American citizens for the most part, had to give up a lot of their privacy and  rights due to the Patriot Act and not to mention the new metal detectors that now occupy most/all airports. We've beefed up security both out of a sense of fear and prevention, but isn't that what the terrorists really wanted to achieve? They wanted to make us afraid, and in trying to combat that fear has forced us all to compromise our daily lives. Seriously, look at those new security detectors in the airports that are supposed to do full body scans and you tell me we haven't lost something. I'm not saying we don't need them, but the terrorists forced us to have to go to such lengths in an attempt to keep them at bay. Sure the extra long lines and pat-downs of everyone including children are readily accepted by the American people as a means of staying safe, and with the incredible amount of attempted bombings and different ways of smuggling bombs/bomb-making material, it's easy to understand why. But it almost looks like we're being overly zealous about being cautious and safe, and that's not always a good thing.

I hope I didn't seem UN-American in this post, as many have been called far too often if they didn't readily agree with certain tactics or laws, but that's just how I feel. Like I said, I'm glad NY and the US in general rebuilt themselves and refused to let religious extremists dictate how they lived their lives because that's no way to live.

I'm also proud of the various publishing companies, like Marvel, DC, and various indy publishers that reacted so fast as to put together projects and tributes aimed towards helping all of those impacted by 9/11.
It might not have seemed like much, but it made me proud, and no doubt countless others to see so many people care like they did.

In fact I still have my Marvel Heroes Tribute issue that came out, and it still looks awesome.

Here are just some various 9/11 comic images put out during that time period.
Enjoy, and have good weekend!

Oh, and while it might sound corny, spare a prayer or moment of silence for the families and victims of 9/11 huh?

"Closing time. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here."

Well..... I kinda always knew this day would come, and it sure has. It's been a hell of a ride, but it's time to for it end. Ti...