Friday, September 28, 2018

Dream Waves: John Ostrander's Suicide Squad


Well, here it is folks, the final edition of this week's Dream Waves-themed series of blog posts, where I, Mr. Morbid, present an outline for how what characters I'd make make into action figure waves.

Today I'm using the John Ostrander-era members of the Suicide Squad.

So,  No Harley Quinns. No El Diablos. No General Zods, No Black Mantas and No King Sharks. 

Just the characters that John Ostrander used. That's it. 

Got it? Good. Let's begin shall we?

Suicide Squad Wave 1:

1). Rick Flag Jr. 

2). Deadshot 

3). Captain Boomerang (Classic)

4). Vixen 

5). Bronze Tiger 

6). Duchess

7). Count Vertigo

BAF: Blockbuster

Suicide Squad Wave 2:

1). Amanda Waller 

2). Nemesis

3). The Enchantress

4). Jewelee

5). Punch

6). Shade the Changing Man 

7). Nightshade

BAF: Chemo

Suicide Squad Wave 3:

1). Adam Cray Atom

2). Plastique 

3). The Thinker (Clifford Carmichael)

4). Dr. Light 

5). Black Orchid 

6). Javelin 

7). Chronos

BAF: Parasite 

Suicide Squad Wave 4:

1).  The Weasel 

2). Speedy

3). Mindboggler 

4). Poison Ivy 

5). Multiplex 

6). Slipknot 

7).  Manhunter (Mark Shaw)


Now I did contemplate not including Deadshot, Chemo, Parasite and Bronze Tiger because they already had figures made of them, but A). I needed a BAF and B). You can't have a Suicide Squad toy line without Deadshot and Bronze Tiger honestly.

So that's my idea for a Suicide Squad toy line. There are a few omissions that I looked up but didn't include because I didn't have the room to stretch things out for a 5th wave.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Dream Waves: Valiant Comics


What's up people?
Another day, another edition of Dream Waves, where I present my outline of how I'd roll out a toy line based on a team/franchise/property I'd like to see made into action figure form.

Today I'm focusing on the Valiant Universe.

Quick history lesson, Valiant Comics came about due to former Marvel Comics writer/editor-in-chief Jim Shooter wanting to continue in the comics industry despite his less than pleasant exit from Marvel. With that in mind, he flipped through his Rolodex, called a few loyal artists and writers, and with some investors created Valiant Comics.

Them Shooter got ousted from the very company he founded, then a few years later video game maker Acclaim bought Valiant. After the comic boom bust of the late 90's, Valiant became another victim, and eventually folded when Acclaim declared bankruptcy in 2004.

It was brought back by Dinesh Shamdasani and Jason Kothar  and then bought again by a new owner, DGM Entertainment in January of this year.

Wow, that's a lot to take in wasn't it?

Anyhoo, let's get to the main gist of this post, and see who all in the Valiant Universe I'd turn into action figures shall we?

Valiant Wave 1:

1). Eternal Warrior 

2). X-O Manowar

3). Bloodshot 

4). Magnus, Robot Fighter

5). Shadowman

6). Toyo Harada 

7). Master Darque 


Valiant Wave 2:

1). Ninjak

2). Quantum 

3). Woody 

4). Archer

5). Armstrong 

6). Livewire 

7). Dr. Eclipse 

BAF: Quartz

Valiant Wave 3: 

1). Doctor Mirage (original)

2). Primary Reebo

3). Rai 

4). Faith 

5). Divinity 

6). Doctor Mirage (Shen Fong)

BAF: Malgam

Valiant Wave 4:

1). Pete Sanchek (Harbinger) 

2). Punk Mambo 

3). Helix 

4). Gunslinger

5). Rampage 

6). Hotshot 

7). Armorine

BAF: Spider Alien

Now I'll admit this list contains two glaring omissions; Solar, the Man of the Atom and Turok, the Dinosaur Hunter. Well, that's because the publishing rights now belong to Dark Horse and Dynamite comics, not Valiant Entertainment anymore. Damn shame that one, but that's the way the cookie crumbles I guess.....

Anyhoo, what'd you guys think of my list of waves?

"Closing time. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here."

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