Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"Show Me Your War Face"

What's up people?

Well this is it. The last skit and post of 2013. Wow. No pressure right? Ha ha.
No, it's all good. In fact I think you guys'll get a kick out it since it featurs those lovable heroes of yesteryear, the JSA.

Take it away boys........

The End
And in case you forgot or don't know where today's title comes from(and the hell's the matter with you if you don't;)

Goddamn, do I love that movie!


Monday, December 30, 2013

Doom and Doomer

What's up people?

Wow, Decemember and 2013 is almost over, and I still can't believe how fast it's all gone by.
Seems like just yesterday, I was ushering 2013 in, hoping it'd be a much better year than 2012.
In some areas it has; and in some others it hasn't. Still, nothing to do but remain postive and hopeful that 2014 will kick all kinds of ass, and in a very good way.

I was tempted to showcase or highlight what I thought, or rather what you thought, were the best skits and most used heroes and villains to show up this year. I think I'll leave that you guys, so if you want, let me know who you enjoyed seeing this year, what you thought was the best skit out of them all(I already know what Tiger's is:) and who you'd like to see more of and or at all next year.

Today, I riff off the title of the movie "Dumb and Dumber", and give you a skit that's truly,
Doom and Doomer!


The End


Goddamn, can you tell I love the Doom Patrol or what?;)

Speaking of, I ordered and expect to arrive either today or tomorrow, Elasti-Girl, so I'll soon have a complete Doom Patrol. Yay! I also got Elongated Man, NU52 Superman arrived last week, and Saturday the Phantom Stranger arrived earlier than expected. And yes, you shall see them all in skits very, very soon.

That's not a threat, that's a promise:)

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Top 5: Creators that should tackle DC's Metal Men


Still recovering from the fine Christmas feast and hangovers are we?
Don't worry, 'cause you're not the only ones. Apparently some of the elves around the House of Fun(*cough Ben Grimm, Nick Fury, Hal, cough cough) can't seem to hold their holiday cheer like they used to. Oh well, it tends to happen with age.

Well how you guys celebrated Christmas, I hope you all got what you wanted, or needed. And at the vry least, something good. If not, well, there's always next year I suppose.

Now onto today's edition of the Top 5.
I was thinking about what the hell I could possibly talk about, then I remebered I haven't done a list concerning certain comic characters or teams and who should work on them that already hasn't.

So for today, the subject of this particular Top 5, are the Metal Men.

Yes, the Metal Men. Those wild and wacky silver age robots who were the brainchildren of famous silver age writer Robert Kanigher and artist Ross Andru.

As the creations of brillant scientist Dr. Will Magnus, the Metal Men were created with a unique invention called a Responsometer which gives each robot his and her own unqiue personality according to the main element their created from.

In case you didn't already know, there names are Lead, Iron, Tin, Platinum, and Gold. There's supposed to be another one called Copper as well, but I'm not sure if she's still being used or not. Hell, Doc Magnus himself was once a Metal Man, but I think that was ret-conned into be a dream/hallucination.

It's amazing to think the Metal Men have been around for over 50 years, and yet they don't have a regular title(they did back in the day, but not anymore) and instead are merely treated as bit players in the DCU. Shame really, considering the crazy amount of potential a damn good writer could pull out of them.

And so here's the Top 5 list of comic writers I wouldn't mind taking a stab at those lovable robotic misfits.

5). Kieron Grant.

Kieron Grant's proven himself to be the type of writer that elevates lesser known or lesser used characters, leaving them much better than he found them. And isn't what a great writer does? Just look at the sucess and praise he's amassed since writing Loki, Thor, Phonograph, and now Young Avengers and Iron Man. With Young Avengers, he took a great cast of young heroes, and turned them into legit stars, where lesser writers might've bungled and fucked them up. Not Grant. He has a unique way of making his characters shine with their own brand of wit and grace.

I'd expect no less from him were to tackle a concept like The Metal Men. I can only imagine just how much more social and meta-commentary we'd get from the team,as well as the kind of innovative layouts and 4th Wall-breaking we've already seen in his Young Avengers run. So yeah, a mini or a couple of arc from Kieron Grant, and I bet creators will be breaking the doors down to work the Metal Men again.
Seriously just think of the fun and depth he'd get out each one of the Metal Men's personalities, and you tell me you wouldn't be the least bit interested. I dare you.

 4). Adam Warren.

Speaking off fun and robots, look no further than this guy, Adam Warren. Warren's famous for his work on the Dirty Pair, Gen 13, and other various titles. He's tackled the subject of robots before when he created the mini-series LiveWires, about a group of walking, robotic WMD, pulled from various bad guy groups from the Marvel U. If he can make those characters look awesome, imagine what the Metal Men would look like as drawn by Adam Warren. I guarentee you Platinum and Copper would look even hotty than normal. And if you've seen the way he draws women, than you know what I'm talking about. I guess that'd be one way to make Doctor Magnus notice Platinum more, as creepy as that is;)

3). Warren Ellis.

Would you trust your kids alone with this man? Maybe not, but you'd let him write you some kick-ass and intriguing stories though. Considered the 21st Century's answer to Alan Moore, Ellis has been around for, what over 20 years, writing various titles for various publishers around the world. Most notably Marvel, where write Thor, X-Man and Excalibur, and DC, where he wrote The Authority and Planetary.

I picked this guy because he's at his best when he's writing about technology, as evidenced by his Iron Man: Extremis work, and Doktor Sleepless and Anna Mercury for Avatar Comics. He just knows how to come up or use the right amount of belivible gadgets and upgrades to make you wonder. Even more scary when you think how some of the stuff he comes up with, winds up turning up for real later down the road.

I'd imagine he give the Metal Men a darker, more grittier edge and feel, but enough of his infamous dark humor would be display. I'm just curious on how he'd wrap and twist the technology in the book, and how the Metal Men would adapt and evolve under his pen. Probably best you let Ellis have a mini by himself, but what fun it would be.

2). Mark Waid.

Speaking of fun and the silver age, there's always Mark Waid. If you don't know his work by now, fucking google him. He's shown in the past, and even now with Daredevil, that not only does he write the characters he handles well, but especially in the cases of longtime comic stables like Captain America or Flash, he elevates and reveers them. He writes and treats them with the  utmost respect, all the while makng them fresh and exciting for a new generation. Just look at his work on JLA: Year One. I imagine it was this maxi-series that really helped grease the wheels over at DC and set them in motion to eventually bring back both Hal and Barry, which eventually did happen.

Plus he's just really good at humor and character work, getting to the heart of a person, and going from there. And as a lover of all things silver age, you know the Metal Men are relatively safe in his hands. No unnecessary ret-conned bad pasts or skeletons in the closet for them.

1). Grant Morrison.

Speaking of  a lover of all things silver age and wild ideas, none get wilder, than those that come out of this guy's head. Ol' Mr.Morrison's long proven he can always find new and exciting takes on older properties. Just look at the new ideas and fresh coats of paint he put on characters like Animal Man, Doom Patrol, Batman, and The X-Men.

He almost never seems to run out of ideas, themes maybe, but never new ideas. I can only imagine all of the wild and crazy fantastical ideas he'd use to showcase the Metal Men. Not to mention the ways in which he'd highlight there different personalities. Hell, his Doc Magnus alone might get many to ask for a Doc Magnus solo.

And that my friends is a the Top 5 list of comic creators that haven't worked on the Metal Men(that I know of) but should.

Have a good weekend folks:)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

So, Who Would Win: Dr.Doom Vs. Dr.Who

Well Happy Hump Day and Merry Christmas people!

Man you should be here and see the craziness that's going on here @ The House.
I tell ya, it's a madhouse this year. The Demon, Trigon and Deadman are singing(and horribly I might add) "O Holy Night", while Guy and Tony and are going at it in a Egg-Nog drinking contest.

The whole place is alive with the spirit of christmas. No wait, I think that was the Spectre passing by. Burrrrrr!

Anyhoo, wherever you are, I sincerely hope you and yours have a very merry and happy christmas.

So on today's very special christmas edition of So, Who Would Win?......
I decided to present to you all the ultimate duel of a pair of Doctors.

Dr. Doom



Now of course I've been on a huge, huge Dr.Who kick as of late, and with today also being Matt Smith's final episode of being the doctor, I figured, what the hell, let's do this one.

For me I imagine the set-up scenario is really easy.
Dr.Doom discovers the time-lord because he's Doom. Intrigued by the Doctor's reputation and skill-set, not to mention what a huge bonus it would be to posses the TARDIS, Doom sets in motion events that manipulates Dr.Who in coming to Latvaria.
It doesn't matter what, more than likely a distress signal that only the Doctor can pick up on via the Tardis. Either way he arrives.....straight into a trap that will rival even the one Dr.Who's enemies have set up for him in Trenzalore.

"Greetings Doctor. Your reputation preceeds you."

"As does yours Doom. It seems you've been a very naughty boy Victor. All that time and effort just for me? I feel flattered you know."

"Indeed you should. It's very rare to find the last of the time lords. Rarer still to trap one. I bid you welcome to Latvaria. I bid you welcome.......to your death"

"That's that they all say Victor old boy. That's what they all say, and yet they can never quite get the job done I'm afraid. The Daleks couldn't. Nor the Cybermen or the Weeping Angels. What makes you so sure you'll succeed where they all failed?"

"Because they were all mere pretenders and fools. They were weak. They were not DOOM!"

And so the battle begins......

Dr. Doom



So, who wins and why?
I will say this, unlike Kang, I don't see this one being quite so clear cut. Remember this is Dr.Doom. The same guy who beat the Beyonder, stole the Silver Surfer's powers, and dragged young Franklin Richards to hell. I personally feel he's more than a match for the good Doctor, and may just be the most formidible opponent Dr.Who's ever had. But then that's my opinion.

Let me know who you think'll win in the comments section.

Again, have a very merry and happy christmas you guys.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Like a Wrecking Ball

Ever have a situation where you're either stuck with a friend or co-worker, or someone you know, and they're singing a particular song you hate or dislike?

Yeah, me too.

Well then you'll feel for this guy in today's skit then.


"Closing time. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here."

Well..... I kinda always knew this day would come, and it sure has. It's been a hell of a ride, but it's time to for it end. Ti...