Thursday, May 10, 2012

Subterranean Homesick Alien

Anybody sick of seeing the Doom Patrol's Robotman and Negative Man in skits? Well tough shit, because here's another one featuring them and the sorta cousin of the Martian Manhunter, Jemm, Son of Saturn. You  know, because I can. Enjoy.

Negative Man: "Hey Cliff, that creepy kid with the red peanut head keeps staring at us again."

Robotman: "Yeah I know Lar. An' he's got those freaky E.T.-lookin' fingers too. What a freak!"

Jemm: "Greetings fellow crime-fighters. Would you like to go out on patrol with me this fine evening whilest we bond?"

Negative Man: "Did he just say he was into bondage? And whilst? How about no you freaky alien bastard!"

Robotman: "Yeah we ain't inta' alla' that freaky David Carradine Auto-Immune Ass-physciation ya' creep. Go home!"

Jemm: " 'Sigh' No one understands me. It's like I'm from another planet to them."


And for those looking to liven up the ol' desktop background, here's some free wallpaper for you. Feel free to use the hell out of them:


Now in case you don't recognize the dialogue, and how could you not, it's from one of my favorite movies of all time, and all-around classic, Full Metal Jacket.

And in case you haven't seen the particular scene where this comes from(and shame on you if you haven't) I've made things easier for you and went ahead posted the Youtube link to it. Enjoy.

Ha! Have a good weekend people.......


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

wow! you've got a Jemm figure here, a David C. (a.k.a Kane from Kung Fu) dis and a great scene from the 2nd best vietnam movie (i love Full Metal but Platoon is still my fav.) ever all in one posting. now that's what i call creativity. where'd you find that Jemm figure i had no idea that existed?

Dale Bagwell said...

Awww Ben. I'm hype to your came man. You're just trying to butter me up for something; maybe a good speaking part in the upcoming skit of us five?

Seriously though, I had a lot of fun as you can tell making this one.

Had to throw in the David Carradine reference. Hey, he would've wanted it that way!

Yeah, how could not love Full Metal Jacket? The hooker scene and drill sergent scenes make the whole movie. And yes Platoon's pretty good on its own merits as well.

Dale Bagwell said...

Oh, and yes DC makes/made Jemm. He's a DCUC figure, from the 15th Wave I think. Check 'em out.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

the drill sergeant was an actual drill sergeant and not an actor. that movie made something of career for him. he's hosted a lot of stuff on the Military and History Channels and he's been used as a voice actor here and there over the years.
yeah the whole hooker and boot camp scenes probably made the movie but the sniper scene toward the end was pretty wicked too. literally shooting one guy to piece in order to draw the others into your line of fire is some pretty brilliant and vicious strategy. it's like the sort of thing Deadshot would do. you're probably right about David Carradine. what an embarrassing way to go none the less.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah it was. I really missed the black guy because of the "Alabama blacksnake" comment. And it's not too goddamn boo coup. sorry for the poor spelling. And F. Lee Remey(drill sargent)'s most amazing appearance for me, was in Saving Silverman, where he comes out of the closet and becomes an item with Jack Black's character. Crazy man!

Dan said...

They made a Jemm figure? Wasn't he the same Jemm that talked to Synergy and sang in a girl band to fight bad chicks?

No? Wrong Jemm? Woops, my bad!

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha hah very funny Dan!!!!!! The sad part is if he really did do those things, he might be a lot more popular than he is now.

Is it wrong to still miss that show?

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

balls to both of you dingos :)

Dale Bagwell said...

Dan's the dingo, and I ate the baby:)

Dan said...

Missing it isn't bad. Buying earrings and taking them back because they don't transform you though just might be :D

You know Dave the only place I've ever read 'dingo' used in that way is in American comics, through Pyro and Captain Boomerang lol can tell you are a squad fan :D

Dale that line I'm gonna have to use and claim as my own. It's just that genius.

Dale Bagwell said...

Hey Dan, it's all yours, once you kiss my ring hand and pay me the royalties. Naw, you can have it for free. Just spreadin' that Morbid Love.......

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