Thursday, January 31, 2013

Back-Issue Spotlight: The Savage Dragon# 33


Watched Arrow last night and it was pretty decent.
Last night's episode revealed that the Chinese hooded man seemingly "betrayed" Ollie as a means to save him from a sure death at the hands of Deathstroke. He makes it look like he choked out and killed Ollie, and volunteers to dump his body over a cliff rather than have Deathstroke do it himself. The hooded man secretly revives Ollie and slips a map into his pocket before rolling him off the cliff. Very cool reveal, that perhaps lets us know the guy must have know why Ollie was so important after all.

Oh, and the the explanation behind how The Count(Vertigo) got his name was cute. His legend grew due to the dead bodies of his victims having puncture wounds in their neck resembling a vampire bite. Like I said cute. Also this Count has no powers, but does use his custom drug called "Vertigo" to do just that; leave you paralyzed and in pain while your sense of balance is super distorted.

Other than that, it wasn't a bad episode in general. Ollie finds out from his Tech chick that his mom also had a similar book of names like his father did, and that Walter was the person to figure this out. So it'll be interesting to see what Ollie does with this new info.

A nice little Easter egg if you happened to catch it, was when Thea's full name was revealed during her court hearing. It's Thea Deardon Queen.

Well if you know you're Green Arrow supporting cast history, you know that is the comic version of Artemis's name. Well a variation of it. Artemis's full name was Mia Deardon. So very nice homage there by the show's writers.

Hopefully things will start to pick up, as this little bits of action, and more emphasis on the type of teen angsty drama stuff that is the hallmark of shows on the CW is starting to wear on me. But like I said, it's the CW, so what do you expect right?

For today's Back-Issue Spotlight, I've chosen The Savage Dragon#33 from Nov 1996.

Gotta' love that cover right?;)

Yep, still stuck in the 90's. Trust me there's a lot more where that comes from.

Anyhoo, I chose this particular issue because Googum and I just so happened to briefly talk about it last week.

We got on the subject of this issue due to talking about The Hulk, and how most of his supporting cast are just  about all gamma-irradiated monsters like him. Who knew that was going happen right?

So we happened to pick out one guy who wasn't, but probably could've benefited from it the most, Jim Wilson. He was an old sidekick of the Hulk's back in the day, and just so happened to contract AIDS. He asked the Hulk for a blood transfusion, and Bruce/Hulk basically said no, and that there was no telling what could happen to him if he did, other than maybe saving his life and turning him into another Hulk possibly.
(Go find The Incredible Hulk# 288 for the full story on that one.)

Well in the previous issue to this one, a fellow police officer in Dragon's precinct is also dying of  AIDS, and doesn't have very long to live. He asks Dragon for a blood transfusion since it seems the Dragon can't be killed(at least it sure seems that way) and Dragon does it.

Fast-forward to this issue and all seems okay at first. Phil(the cop's name) quickly transforms into a version of  Dragon, and off to the races we go.

I don't know if this was Larsen's take on how he'd write the same situation as the Jim Wilson/Hulk dilemma, but he did just the same, and not surprisingly it doesn't take very long for things to go downhill with Phil ultimately blowing up all over his partner.....while his partner's driving mind you.

So that's what would happen. Good to know;)

A really amusing image is Dragon's two ridiculously skinny, stick-figure arms that occurs as a result of the transfusion. It's fucking comical to see such a serious situation going on, yet Dragon's lugging around those stick-figure arms. They return back to normal by the end of the story, but still, very funny indeed to see that.

Meanwhile Dragon's baby's momma, Rapture is about to give birth to their son, and he's not waiting to be squeezed out either. He quickly claws and rips his out of her stomach, and out comes his son Malcolm.

Now some quick back story here regarding the whole Rapture/Dragon thing. Rapture and Dragon were a steady thing until Rapture proposed to Dragon. He turned her down because he thought he was sterile and couldn't give her children. Well later she turns up pregnant, and Dragon just doesn't believe that her baby is his. Of course with Rapture giving birth to a baby Dragon kind of changes all that.

Well after much debate and and a discussion with his cop friends, he decides to go and propose to Rapture. Except she's no longer in the mood, since she's just found out the baby's dead. What's that you say? Dead? But I thought?

Yeah, it was all a fake-out by a large rogue and criminal government organization called The Covenant. They were a bunch of bad guys that turned up everywhere in the Image universe, and fought just about every Image hero under the sun, including Spawn too.

They made both Dragon and Rapture believe Malcolm was dead so that they could raise him as their own personal superhuman, or whatever Malcolm is.

In the end, Malcolm wind up reunited back with his father, but that's a story for a another time.
Suffice to say Rapture didn't take the news of her son's death too well, and that was pretty much that for her and Dragon's relationship.

Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon still continues to this day, where's it's up in the high 220's now, with Malcolm replacing his father as the main lead. Gusty move by Larsen if you ask me.

And trust me, this issue wasn't even the most offensive cover or story-wise. Nope. Go check out TSD#31, where Larsen has God brawling with Satan, with a scene where God says "You don't fuck with God!" in nice bold letters.

It's true, go look it up.

And that's me for this week. I'll be here 1st thing Monday afternoon with the 1st post of the month of February. Aww man, I cannot believe tomorrow's already going to be Feb the 1st. Fuck me!

Also I'm now on Tumblr, so feel free to check me out there. Just look up mrmorbidshouseoffun and you'll find me.

Have a damn good weekend people:)............

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Top 5 Songs: Grace Potter and The Nocturnals

Happy Hump Day!

As I mentioned yesterday,there's not a lot to look forward to on TV this week, at least for me.
Arrow comes on tonight, and that's about it. Sad really...about as sad as Cartoon Network giving Young Justice and Green Lantern:TAS their pink slips.

                                                                                             (Credit to Supermeghan)

Yep, those two much watched shows, at least within my circle of friends, will no longer be renewed for another season. I really hope the show's creators can wrap things up, considering they might've had longer term plans, and now might have to cut some corners to reach the intended conclusions. We'll see.

I'm really discovering what a cool image/graphics site is. That's where I got these images and the next one I thought was super-cute;)

Yeah found all those Tumblr, which I am now officially a member off. So you can catch me, Mr. Morbid and the whole House of Fun there as well.

And on to today's Top 5........

Today I selected a more recent and contemporary rock band, Grace Potter and The Nocturnals.

I heard of this group a year or so ago while watching a music festival on the VH1 Classic channel, but didn't really follow up. Man do I regret that.

Fronted by a gorgeous and very talented singer in Grace Potter, the band comes from the maple state of Vermont. So yeah, Maple syrup, Gay marriages  and Grace Potter; what a combination huh;)?

They started out as the typical indie rock band back in 2002, and since then have grown in stature and acclaim, consistently selling their albums in high demand in the iTunes and regular music charts.

When I first heard Grace Potter, I thought she was a country singer, since she seems to favor that kind of musical styling, but no, they are true and true, rockers my friends!

The more I listen to the band's songs, the more I really become enraptured by Ms. Potter's lovely voice. I believe they'll go far, and hopefully you'll feel the same way after this post. If I had to compare her voice, I'd say she sounds like Ann and Nancy Wilson from Heart, with a healthy dash of Janis Joplin , Alannah Miles, and Stevie Nicks in there. Not bad huh?

Now I didn't pick 5 songs from one particular album. Nope instead, I did the lazy, but creative thing(is that even possible to be both;) and decided I pick the top 5 songs from all their albums.

And so.......

5). "Nothing But The Water pt.1"

If this song doesn't make you feel like you're in church(to those that actually go) I don't know what else will;)
Grace Potter's voice just kills it, making you feel like you watching her sing in a church choir or something.
If only the movie 'Brother Where Art Thou?" was made a few years later, I could seriously see this song being included in the movie's soundtrack. It just fits.

4). "White Rabbit"

Alright kiddies, time to drop the Acid, spark the joint, and put this cover tune on.
This cover of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" kicks ass, with Grace's stunning vocals and the backing sound of the band, with those guitars sounding like famed director Robert Rodriguez was playing those notes.

I don't know about you, but I think this Grace did the other Grace(Grace Slick) proud, don't you?

3). "Elvis Presley Blues"

I had never heard this song before, and just happened to see it while searching for songs from the band. Apparently this one's a cover from singer/songwriters Gillian Welch and David Rawlings.

I really enjoy this little tune, or as I think of it "The Ballad of Elvis Presley". The song seems to capture all the best parts of Elvis' history, humble beginnings, and the attributes that made him such a star.

If you're an Elvis fan, you probably already know of this song, but have you heard this version before? I'm more of a fan now of this sing due to the killer vocals of Ms.Potter. I swear she can fucking belt them out man.

2). "Stop The Bus"

Listen to the video, and tell me you're not loving this song.
It's pure rock, boasted by Grace's killer vocals and lyrics. And then you add the rocking accompaninment of the band, god lord, that's some good rock!

Here's the lyrics:
"We've been driving since the winter
The destination doesn't change
You know i can still remember
The day you asked me for my name

You are thee rock on the riverbed
Growing smoother every year
You are the voice inside my head
I can't believe you got me here

Stop the bus and turn the radio up high
And grab the first guitar you see
And get out the old flare gun and throw it to the sky
Tonight you're sleeping next to me

You give me something to remember
Each time you look into my eyes
You see through my trouble and my temper
And you call me out on every lie

Stop the bus and turn the radio up high
And grab the first guitar you see
And get out the old flare gun and throw it to the sky
Tonight you're sleeping next to me"

Love it:)

1). "Stars"

Take a listen from this song off their latest album, "The Lion, the Beast, and The Beat", and you'll maybe see why this was this week's top pick.

It's a beautiful song about a lost friend, but really the song and lyrics can apply to any loss of any person. The best songs usually do.

Here's the lyrics again, in case you didn't catch them in the video:
"I lit a fire with the love you left behind, 
And it burned wild and crept up the mountainside. 
I followed your ashes into outer space 
I can't look out the window, 
I can't look at this place, 

I can't look at the stars, 
They make me wonder where you are 
Up on heaven's boulevard 
And if I know you at all, 
I know you've gone too far 
So I, I can't look at the stars 

All those times we looked up at the sky, 
Looking out so far, 
We felt like we could fly. 
And now I'm all alone in the dark of night, 
The moon is shining, 
But I can't see the light, 
And I can't look at the 

They make me wonder where you are 
Up on heaven's boulevard 
And if I know you at all, 
I know you've gone too far 
So I, I can't look at the stars 

They make me wonder where you are 
Up on heaven's boulevard 
And if I know you at all, 
I know you've gone too far 
So I can't look at the stars."

Whew. Shit gives ya' chills you know?
And that's my top 5 list for this week. As always, feel free to contribute your top 5 list, or any other appropriate(or inappropriate;) comments.

Have a good one......

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sleepless in Toyland

I told you guys there'd be more JSA-themed skits, and today's one is exactly that. So sit back and enjoy;)

At least that's how I'd have it happen. Let 'em fight to the death, or sleep in this case;)

And yeah, my new DCUC Sandman is my default Sandman to represent the JSA section of my shelf. Love it.

Monday, January 28, 2013

"I'm Just Waiting On A Friend"

What's up people?

How was your weekend?

Mine alright. Made a trip upstate to attend my Aunt's funeral on my dad's side, so I missed last Saturday's DC Nation block. Don't worry though, as I'll catch up, but based off of what Googum told me, Young Justice was solid.

Other than that, not much else to really look forward too on television this week other than Arrow. With both AHS:Asylum and Sons of Anarchy, I'll be causally watching the FX channel again. Although Anger Management's not that bad either. It's like 2 and Half Men, only with Charlie Sheen and funnier.

And now, on with the show.......

The End


And just in case you maybe didn't enjoy this one too much, tomorrow's another JSA-themed skit. So yeah, go JSA!;)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Back-Issue Spotlight: Doom Patrol( Vol.2)#53


So I watched Arrow and AHS:Asylum last night and both were really, really good, AHS especially.

Arrow wasn't too bad, with the inclusion of the Black Hawk name, if not comic-familiar concept. We also got more back-story on Ollie's days on the island, and real twist at the end involving the original Green Hooded man. Turns out that not only did he betray Ollie, but that he might've also been in on the whole ordeal with the warden of the prison island. Maybe next week's episode will clear things up, like if the guy really did betray Ollie, and just why the warden interrogated Ollie about the hooded man's whereabouts if he already knew. Also, next week, we get to see Count Vertigo, or at least this universe's iteration of the Count. In this universe he's a major drug dealer, with his drug of choice being called "Vertigo". Hmm.
Pretty standard episode, but one that continued to expand on Ollie's island years.

The show I was really looking forward to watch last night though, was AHS since it was the season finale and I was damn curious to see how everything got wrapped up. Well the show definitely lived up to the hype, but also seemed to present a couple more questions in addition to the answers.


-What was the deal w/the Aliens? They obviously came back and took Kit with them before he succumbed to his Pancreatic Cancer, but their origins and interest with human was never explained. So where they really aliens or messed up looking angels?

-What was the big deal w/Kit's kids? Sure we found out they became experts in their fields, but the way things were looking, it seemed as though they were going to be a bigger deal than they wind up becoming. So what was the point, and what made them so special?

Other than that I was pretty satisfied how everyone's story wrapped up, but the most surprising one had to be Lana Winters' story. Her rape baby son Johnny hide out i plain sight as part of the film crew that was interviewing Lana. At the end, when they all leave, somehow she knows he was there, hiding. They talk, he argues with her, and ultimately it appears she's resigned to let him kill her. Or so it seems. Love the twist ending, as it reveals to the audience just how cool, calm, and cold-blooded she really is, as she talks Johnny out of killing her, only to flip the script as it were, and shots point blank in the head, like she did his father. Just Damn!

I think her and Amanda Waller would get along great, since they both determined, hard-headed and gutsy women.

I was definitely sad to see this season end, so hopefully there will be a next season, and an even more exciting story-line next time.

And now onto today's spotlighted back-issue, Doom Patrol (Vol.2)#52....."And men shall call him 
hero!" March 1992.

Yes, I'm still stuck in the 90's, but hey, this one's a pretty damn  amusing read.

This one's basically Grant Morrison's love letter to the Silver Age, specifically the famously classic issue of the Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four#51, "This Man, This Monster" by
Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

As a homage to that story about a scientist that secretly trades places with the Thing, likewise a scientist named Norman Caesar trades places with Robotman, or Automation as he's called here.

So yeah, the Doom Patrol are re-imagined as the FF, and that's not all.

Morrison also slyly includes cameos both other DC/Vertigo characters such as John Constantine, the Phantom Stranger, and Dr. Thirteen.

It's pretty amusing to see characters like Constantine and the Phantom Stranger "Marvel-ified" as they are here, showing up in actual standard super-hero costumes. Silly yes, but definitely in keeping with the proud Silver Age tradition as seen above.

From there we see the rest of the FF-inspired Doom Patrol, or the Legion of the Strange, as they're called here.

We're shown around the Legion's HQ, housed on  Man-Hattan Island(literally shaped like a man) and all of the typical interactions of the team just like the FF of old.

and the homages don't stop there, as the other main bad guys of the story are the Galactus and Silver Surfer-inspired characters named Celestius and his herald the Living Guru. Yeah, they look just as crazy as their names sound but in a good way.

Celestius is off to Earth from the Negative Zone-inspired dimension, Foreverwhere.
It's there that he runs into the Legion as they attempt to rescue the inhabitants of a building that's rapidly being sucked up into another dimension. It's here that Celestius runs into the fake Automation who's already struggling against his main mission of revenge. Like the scientist from the FF story, Caesar winds up proving what a hero he really was by saving the life of a little blind girl who was targeted for death by Celestius. 

In the resulting battle between Caesar-Automation and Celestius, they fall back into Foreverwhere as the portal behind them closes. The massive energy that results from the portal closing, cures the little girl of her blindness, just as the rest of the team shows up to wonder just what the hell happened.

The little girl's a nice little nod to Alicia Masters, and all ends well, just like in the FF story.

You can tell Morrison really enjoyed writing this little stand-alone story, and shows with all of the little Easter eggs, cameos, and story bits that can only come from a true fan of that time period.

And the guest artist, Ken Steacy does pretty damn good job evoking the feel of reading a Silver Age comic with the way he draws the characters in the proper stylings from that era. Really nicely done.

Very cool story indeed.

Before I go, I'd like to highly recommend giving the mini-series, Masks by Dynamite Comics a try.

I recently bought #'s 2 and 3, and absolutely love them.
Basically the premise is all about pulp heroes such as the Shadow, the Green Hornet and Kato, Zorro, and others, battling a very corrupt new political regime, brutally enforced by gangsters posing as armored cops. You don't really have to know all about the backgrounds of the characters that appear here, as you kind of already get a basic feel for what motivates these heroes of yesteryear. 

Just think of it as the Justice League, but with pulp heroes.

It's being written by Chris Robinson of DC fame, with stunningly beautiful art by former Marvel artist Dennis Calero of various Marvel titles, specifically Peter David's X-Factor for example.

I'm enjoying it for the very cool story and art, as well as it being a breath of fresh air from the current Reboot and Crossover-fatigue that seems to be running rampant in the major mainstream offerings from Marvel and DC.

So again, if you're likewise feeling the same way, try something different for a change, and give this series a try. Who knows, you might even like it;)

Have a good weekend folks......

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Top 5 Songs: Magical Mystery Tour

Happy Hump Day!

I know I'm a day early with the Top 5 feature, but fuck it, I can do what I want. And what I want is to pick my Top 5 songs from the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour album.

Besides, I have "Flying" stuck in my head.

Yep. Straight from 1967, comes this gem of an album that was designed primarily as more of a soundtrack than a straight-out actual album. 

You see, Paul McCartney had an idea of making a film that revolved around the Beatles and their music. And so this project came to be, with no scripts and just a bunch of randomness filled with funny, quirky adventures.

It was officially released on television for the BBC just in time for Christmas, but the critics absolutely hated it! And this was during the height of Beatlemania.

I guess the unscripted approach was too experimental and too hip for the times.
But out of that seeming flop(which it isn't too me) came this pretty damn good album.

Here's the song list:

1."Magical Mystery Tour"  McCartney2:48
2."The Fool on the Hill"  McCartney3:00
3."Flying(John Lennon/Paul McCartney/George Harrison/Richard Starkey)(Instrumental)2:16
4."Blue Jay Way(Harrison)Harrison3:50
5."Your Mother Should Know"  McCartney2:33
6."I Am the Walrus"  Lennon4:35
Side two: 1967 singles
No.TitleLead vocalsLength
1."Hello, Goodbye"  McCartney3:24
2."Strawberry Fields Forever"  Lennon4:05
3."Penny Lane"  McCartney3:00
4."Baby, You're a Rich Man"  Lennon3:07
5."All You Need Is Love"  

Yeah, that's what I have to choose from. And no, it's not going to be easy:(
And yes, they're will be a tie(s)......

5.  Baby, You're a Rich Man/ Your Mother Should Know

Baby, you're a rich man

I really dig the beginning to this one, with the horn/flute thingy and all. Hey, I don't know what the hell the proper instrument name is, but it sounds just like what snake charmers play to you know, charm the snakes into popping up out the basket and shaking their groove thing to the funky beat.

It's a very clever and tongue-in-cheek song, that seems to be making fun off/talking shit to and about celebrities and famous people. You know, acting like their shit doesn't stink because they have lots of money and fame now. And you can also possibly point out that the Beatles are kinda' making fun of themselves as well, since they're also included in the rich and famous celebrity club. Either way, it's still a damn fine song that deserved to be included in my list.

And it shares it's spot with this song, You're Mother Should Know:

They look pretty pimp in those white suits don't they?
See that's one of the things I like about the Beatles; even they're jokey, non-serious songs that seem like throwaway stuff sounds so good. It's probably because even when they're goofing off, they're still professional about it. 

But seriously, how pimp are those suits?

And what tune/song are they dancing to that only your mother seems to know? They never explain that one. Hmm;)

4. Fool On The Hill

This one's a classic for sure. Who hasn't felt like the Fool on the Hill at one time or another? And not just if you were drunk or high.

Here's McCartney in his own words explaining how the song came about:

" 'Fool on the Hill' was mine and I think I was writing about someone like Maharishi(Maharishi Mahesh Yogi). His detractors called him a fool. Because of his giggle he wasn't taken too seriously ... I was sitting at the piano at my father's house in Liverpool hitting a D 6th chord, and I made up 'Fool on the Hill."

So there you go.

3. Penny Lane/ All You Need Is Love

Penny Lane

How iconic is this song? It's so British, yet also so very much like the song stylings of Lennon and McCartney. It's a silly pop song that sounds like a crazy adventure all centered around the inhabitants of this one particular street. Very few bands/singers could pull something that might appear on the outside as a mundane song off so well.

Of course I had to have another tie, and that's where the next song comes in: All you need is love.

All You Need Is Love

Yeah I know. How come this isn't #1? Well the video alone should damn well be. Just how awesome is that video by the way? All those people just sitting around, enjoying themselves  and joining in to sing when it was their time. Just awesome.... Spiritual even.

Again, this was not only at the height of Beatlemania, bout also Flower Power and the love/peace movement.
To me, it's not just an anti-war song, but also a pro-peace and love song directed at everybody to quit hating each other over petty shit and just love and except one another. With songs like that you can never go wrong.

Another quick note of interest in case you didn't already know.....
this song was viewed live via satellite in an era and time when that sort of technology was crude and brand spanking new. Think about that one for a second. Oh the Beatles; always the innovators;)

And yes, I'll freely admit, there are times when watching this that I get a bit choked up. Not just because of the power and message of the song, but also because I quickly realize that both John and George are no longer around:(

2. Strawberry Fields Forever

Oh you know this song had to be included on the list!
This song in particular, for me, let the world know that this album and the band, were different from the previous ones in a bold and new way. Named after a now famous cemetery in Liverpool, England, SFF  proudly showcased the Beatles dabbling with drugs like LSD and Marijuana, you know, if you didn't already get that from the trippy songs. 

There's at least two versions of this song I really like; this one, and the stripped down acoustic version that you'll hear on the Beatles Anthology album and the Beatles Love album.
I highly recommend listening to both, especially the stripped down version because Lennon's vocals are so much clearer and so of the times. 

What else is there more to say, then this is a true classic.

1. Hello, Goodbye

Yeah this was hard one, but for know I stick by my choice. As much as I love Strawberry Fields and how it truly heralded the psychedelic phase of the Beatles, Hello, Goodbye for me is just the shit. I love the beginning, middle, and end. I love the guitar effects and sounds that weren't being used like that or at all before that song came out.

And just look at that video, with the Fab Four wearing those crazy, trippy, psychedelic military-inspired outfits. Those outfits are iconic, and not just because it was the 60's; but also because the Beatles made that shit work.

And seriously, how can you not like that song? It's so poppy and catchy. Not to mention making a hit song out of an argumentative statement....."I say yes, you say no, I say stop, and you say go, go ,go" C'mon!

No doubt to me why I picked this song as my number one, and you know it wasn't easy.
And that's not to say the others are bad, because they're not. Like I said earlier, I've had the instrumental song "Flying" in my head for a day or two now, and that's a pretty damn decent song.

If you haven't had  a chance to see the original album cover up close and personal, you gotta' try it. It has loads of wacky pictures from the movie, and some weird stuff as well.

Case in point, are some supposed "Paul Is Dead" proof pics, and one other disturbingly accurate one.
There's one photo where John's standing @ a desk with a bunch of anonymous stuff. Well there's one travel advertisement on the desk that goes "The best way to go, is with MDC."

Sounds innocent enough, until you pay close attention to the initials MDC. Get why?
Because they're also the same initials belonging to the very man who shot and killed John Lennon almost 20 years later.....Mark David Chapman=MDC.

Yeah, freaky huh? Especially with now that that eerie phrase "The best way to go" can be seen into a totally new light. It's ironic, don't you think?

So, as always, feel free to give your top 5 picks from this album. Remember, there's no right or wrong answer, just what your preferences are.

Have a good one people:)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Don't let my cute face fool ya' "

Don't worry folks, the title'll make sense in a bit;)
It was inspired by a good friend of mine who used to really be into this song when it came out.

Yep. My version of Mongul Jr, is gay, and quite flaming actually. And yes, he's proud of it too;)

 You see I was inspired to turn him gay due to the extreme pink colors of his uniform. He was supposed to be purple-magenta and blue, not Barbie hot pink, thus why he looks the way he does. Poor bastard.

Oh and here's the video for the song. Just because;)


Oh it's true, it's damn true! Ever since Arkillo's been drafted into the New Guardians(who really don't do shit and aren't even remotely effective against the old guardians) he's lost his edge. Especially his really bizarre odd-couple friendship w/ Saint Walker. 

Damn shame that one is.

Have a good one people........

Monday, January 21, 2013

Attack of the 90's

Hey People, Happy MLK Day/Inauguration Day. You know what that means right? It means some of you, and school kids have the day off, while the other half of you don' t:( Oh well......

Anyhoo, here's a nice slice of Americana I call "Attack of the 90's." Why? Because that's exactly what happens........


What's not to like right?

Have a good one...........

"Closing time. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here."

Well..... I kinda always knew this day would come, and it sure has. It's been a hell of a ride, but it's time to for it end. Ti...