Tuesday, July 31, 2012

"How to catch a Punisher"

Fresh off the presses, is a short one, but a funny one(I hope) today people.

I was thinking, as I usually do, about what topic or joke I'm going to create a skit around, and then it hit me: "How to catch a predator." And from there the ball kept rolling.


-The Punisher looks at Kamandi, noticing the boy holding enough guns to make him an honorary junior NRA member.
The Punisher: "I hear ya. Sometimes its just one of those days you know?"

Kamandi: "What?"

The Punisher: "Yeah, just one of those days where you absolutely, positively want to blow every motherfucker in the room away. I hear ya' kid. I get those days too."

Kamandi: "Uh, are you hitting on me? Because I know Chris Hansen man."

Punisher: "Hey I'm no filthy pedophile, I'm just admiring a nice young man like yourself holding a lot of firepower and looking like he just escaped from the planet of the apes or something is all."

Kamandi: "Yeah, I'm going to ease on out real slow, so no funny business mister!"

Later on that day.....

And here's some Chris Hansen joke pics I found on the 'net:


I was big fan of the show when it was on, as I loved to see the hapless fools get lured in and exposed for the pathetic perverts they were. And good god were there plenty of those!

Rabbi's, Cops, and Truckers oh my!

And they'd all swear the same thing; "I wasn't going to have sex with him/her. I just wanted to talk."
Awesome-sauce right there.

Too bad the show didn't last as long as I'd have liked. Why you my ask? Because, in the mother of all ironies, Chris Hansen was caught in a sting by the National Enquirer cheating on his wife. And that's not all...nope dear Mr. Hansen also sexted his new paramour, costing him his marriage, and his job, seeing as how at the time he was supposed to be the new head anchor of Dateline. Not after that scandal broke he wasn't. Thus why no more Chris Hansen, and no more To Catch A Predator. 

Nice Hansen. Real nice.

Finally, I'll leave you to watch some funny moments from the show:

And this one of a guy with Cerbal Palsy trying to score with a 13 year-old.

Monday, July 30, 2012

"I can't get no Bat-isfaction!"

Hey people,
I don't why, but that title sure sounds familiar you know:) Kinda' catchy.

So we're now in the Summer months homestretch, as July makes way for August, and the sounds of loud children on their way to school will soon be heard echoing throughout the streets.

Personally I can't wait for Fall, as this fucking heat is unbearable! And that's with air-conditioning.
Seriously, anybody tells you global-warming and the greenhouse effect isn't real, is full of shit!

So allow me to hopefully supply you guys with bit of  a distraction with yes, another bat-themed skit. What? You know you guys like 'em.

-Batman chases Catwoman throughout the streets of Gotham City.

Batman: "Here kitty, here kitty, here kitty, here kittaaaaaay! I tawt I saw I puddy tat!"

Catwoman: "Really Bruce? Here kitty, kitty? What, did you just now discover the 69 Boyz or something? Bruce, that song hasn't been cool since 1995!"

Batman: "Why must I be like that? Why must I chase the cat? Nothing but the bat in meee!"

Catwoman: "*Sigh* And to think......I was actually going to sleep with him. Stupid Selina."

Batman: "Meowww, woff, woff!"

Damn! Maybe Batman is wound too tight these days.

And how was your weekend?

Mine was pretty good, and next two are going to be even better me, as this weekend(Saturday to be exact) marks my 31st birthday. Yeah, yeah, don't rub it in, I'm old I know:(

So I'm heading up north for a father-son male bonding trip, and then the weekend after that, it's time to visit Heroes and Dragons; my not-so local comic shop. Good times I tell ya'.

And as always, I always face a dilemma; buy a shit-load of cheap back issue for my collection, or blow all my money on action figures. And yes, as of late, the action figures win. Trust me, it's a sickness. But like a junkie who doesn't want to be cured, I gladly go back for more. Crazy I tell yeah, crazy.

Of course things are a bit dry action figure-wise where I'm at, as the 2 Marvel Legends waves have long since come and gone, and won't be re-stocked with new waves until September. Well that's what they say, but who knows when I'll actually see them here.

All I know is that I'm psyched for the new ML US Agent figure coming out in this new upcoming wave. Fucking sweet!

And as is tradition here, I'll leave you folks with something to dance to. Yes it's time for a little Kitty, kitty action with those 69 Boyz!

Good times. Good times:)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Show and Tell

Hey Folks!

As today's title says, it's time for a little show and tell by yours truly, featuring some art by........yours truly.
Hey I never met a shameless plug I didn't like, especially if it's mine. Well that, and to show Shlomo that he hasn't totally cornered the market in posting original works:)

Okay so they're not totally original, but fuck it, sue me!

So without further ado, let's get this puff article, ahem, I mean credible piece rolling shall we?

First up is a little project I was inspired to make after re-reading an old article in Wizard Magazine about the then promising concept mini by DC called Countdown:Arena. Remember that abortion? Yeah I guess not, and I don't blame you. Basically the premise was that it would feature a battle royal where various Elseworlds versions of popular characters, like Kingdom Come GL or Vampire Batman would fight it out WWF(E)-style in order to be chosen to join Monarch's(Captain Atom) army. This army would invade countless multiverse worlds, and, I'm not sure what else after that. Nobody planned out what would happen if they actually succesful I guess. Typical DC. Anyhoo, one of the dream match-ups was the Dark Knight Returns version of Batman vs. The Watchmen's Rorschach. 

Unfortunately that one never happened, despite the tease, so I went ahead and set this little piece up myself. Of course it's not the DKR Batman, but it is the current version instead. Maybe I'll make a DKR version later.

Other than the slight differences in choice of logos, I also alter the lightening effect in the 2nd piece. You know, just in case you didn't catch it.

Personally, it doesn't matter what era or interpretation of Batman Rorschach fighting, as I see it Batman's Batman and will win every time. That doesn't mean Rorschach will make it easy on him, as we all saw during his stay in prison and his short battle against the cops, Rorschach may  be nowhere as good a fighter as Batman, but he's also no cherry. He fights dirty and plays for keeps, and is also very resourceful when he needs to be, so I don't see this contest going super-smooth for Bruce. But he'll win just the same. A word of advice to you Bats, whatever you do, don't take his "face" off until he's knocked the fuck out. Trust me. Pulling his mask off, is like spinach to Popeye; it's not to going end well for whoever's on the other side of that ass-whooping.

Next up, is good ol' Superman. I snatched this iconic image off one of the solicitations for another one of his hardcover Showcase editions.

The theme here, and I use that term loosely, is Superman's minding his own business, flying around and all, and then accidently flies into a weird dimensional barrier/nexus-thingy where he encounters a dimensional Bizzaro version of himself. And no, not Bizzaro as in the regular one who's his opposite, but as in a Superman that hails from another dimension. I think.

The last one dimensional Superman piece was done using a filter tool called "Predator." No kidding folks, the very same effect that you see here that gives you the impression that you're using the Predator's infra-red heat vision is appropriately named Predator. I like the effect, but it kinda' gets old quick after the initial fun's run out. Plus, how many times can you truthfully use this effect where it actually makes sense to use it? Yeah me too.

Then there's little morsel I just completed today; It's old stone-face himself, Darkseid.

Finally something I can actually agree with him on:)

This beaut comes courtesy of the new DC Direct Darkseid statue that's coming out this fall. Personally I'll always prefer Papa Kirby's version, but this one isn't that bad. It kinda' looks like he's wearing space armor or something huh?

Now I don't know if they ever did, but if DC Direct ever came out with a "Rock of Ages" statue version of Darkseid, that would be fucking sweet! I didn't think Darkseid could look as bad-ass as he did when Kirby was drawing him, but man did Howard Porter's version of Darkseid filtered through the imagination of Grant Morrison make him look even more like a Bad-ass! I swear that fucker looked pimp! I think DC agreed since a somewhat similar version of that outfit showed up in Final Crisis.

Alright, alright. I can see you're looking bored, so I'll stop. Damn you people are rough crowd. Who shit in your corn flakes today?

I kid, I kid, you guys are alright.

Finally, I was recently re-reading the 1st two issues of Azrael by Legend and master story-teller Denny O'Neil and Barry Kitson. Folks, I'm not kidding when I say that that series was vastly underrated and under-appreciated. It lasted what, almost 90 issues, and featured the guy who was the replacement Batman for almost two years. Trust me, when this first came out, Azrael was hot. And yes I only own two issues of the entire series, but I stand by my assessment of this book. Plus, in an age when like now, creative teams didn't and don't last as long as the team of O'Neil and Kitson did. It just doesn't happen people. Think about it, they lasted(with the exception of Kitson who left shortly before the series was cancelled) the entire length of the series from beginning to end. Say what you will, but that's a hell of an accomplishment by any stretch.

But I digress.

The point I was attempting to make, is that in the back of the 2nd issue of Azrael, O'Neil talks briefly about  where the need for Jean Paul Valley, a.k.a. Azrael came from, and how he ended up with his own series. Well the point that really jumped out at me, was when O'Neil talks about doing research in finding a natural enemy for Bats. Well they don't have any except us silly humans, so that was a no-go. So he looks up religious mythology, and comes across the name "Azrael". He goes "jackpot", and goes from there. Basically if Batman, as seen through the lens of religious iconography, is seen as a demon doing good, then the Azrael character should be seen as an angel doing bad. Nice dichotomy there.

Don't worry I'm getting to the point. While researching natural enemies of bats, O'Neil initially considered using a characters based off an Owl. Hmmm. Does that sound familiar? It damn well should, since the whole "Court of Owls" storyline just wrapped up.

Here in his own words, is the reason why Denny didn't go with the whole Owl concept: "Among their airborne contemporaries, their only real foes are owls. Anything we can do with owls, then? Well owls are predators, but they had great public relations over the centuries: the popular notion of an owl is not that of a feathered terror who swoops from the night sky yo make a snack of a small beastie, but of a placid old critter perched on a limb being benign and wise. Definitely not what we were looking for."

Interesting little tidbit huh? I guess its a good thing current Bat-scribe Scott Synder didn't agree with that opinion or else we'd have been stuck with what? a court of man-people? Pigeons? Koalas?

I don't know if Synder ever read or remembered that, but oh the delicious irony huh?
See, who says you can't learn anything here @ the House of Fun?

Sadly, after re-reading those issues, and writing this post, I've come to really feel bad about not buying that kick-ass Az-Batman DCUC action figure while I had the chance:(

And now for a parting song to usher you all on out of the house.
This song comes courtesy of one of my favorite rock bands ever, and in the top five, and number five, Pink Floyd. Here's their hit(well not at the time) "The Nile song."

I swear if you listen to it, you'd be like "So that's where Nirvana got there sound from..." and you'd probably be partially right. This song is not typical of Pink Floyd, as they really rock here with a very heavy, almost metal-like sound. I love it!

What does it have to do with the title of this post? Other than the band being an artsy/psychedelic/progressive rock band, not much. But I love it, so it stays.

Have a good weekend people!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"You say hello, and I say goodbye"

Continuing on with the unofficial Batman theme @ the House this week, I'll be providing some scans from an interview with Grant Morrison and Neal Adams featured in Wizard Magazine#194.

But first,
if you checked in over @ bleedingcool.com, then you'll know that Morrison's planning or has planned to leave DC and possibly comics in general in 2013. It seems he's ready to do other stuff away from comics that doesn't include ignoring continuity and writing President Obama as Superman. I kid, I kid. I'm glad he chose to willfully ignore the reboot and do things his way; face it folks, he's one of the very few comic writers around to be able to do it and get away it. No Mr. Morrison's ready to spread his wings and write for movies, and what not. Here's the link to get the skinny on the whole thing:

Now he is supposed to finish up that long-delayed, long-talked about Multiversity mini by next year, so here's hoping because I and countless others have been waiting or that thing to come out since what, 2008?

And since the project doesn't have to be connected or rooted to the current DCU continuity, it stands a much better chance of being a success. Well at least it does to me. Who doesn't want to Morrison's take on The Watchmen? Or a whole world devoted to the Captain Marvel family? Throw in 6 other worlds, and call me sold!

Then following that, Rob Liefield announces he too is leaving in 2013. And no one cares.........
Seriously, who's buying Hawkman, Grifter, and Deathstroke right now? Anybody? He twitted(oh brother) all three titles sold out, which is nice and all, maybe for fans of those titles/characters. But what he didn't mention was that he was probably the one that bought 'em all in the first place. Oh you........

Here's the scans from that Wizard interview. This was wayyyy back in Dec '07 when Morrison was really  starting to get into the grove of his Batman saga. He was tasked with bringing Ra's Al Guhl back from the dead after writer Greg Rucka killed him off, or rather had Ra's daughter Nylissa do the deed.

This was a way too short interview that should have been at least 4-5 pages long, instead of the short 2 we got, as you can tell how much Morrison just loved talking about Batman with Adams. In the short space provided, we get a small glimpse of the wide range ot topics they go into; such as discussing how Ra's should be drawn, the dueling ideologies between Batman and Ra's, how hot Talia is, and how Batman should be portrayed. All good stuff, and no doubt they talked about a lot more stuff than that. Shame really, but that was how Wizard Magazine rolled in its later years. High on fluff, and a lot of the good stuff. Oh well, I'll still miss you Wizard.

So here they are in case you didn't see them the first time.....


Finally, here's some parting music with who else, The Beatles! And yes if you didn't know already, this is their hit, and a personal favorite of mine, "Hello, Goodbye"

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Run and tweet that!

So I was thinking of a topic to blog about, and then it hit me; talk about Twitter.
Ah yes Twitter. That so-called socially relevant tool that millions of people use everyday to tweet to all their friends and anyone else interested in their boring lives such monumental acts such as what he or she had for breakfast that day, if they took a shit, and how big it was, or whether or not, in a woman's case, if they finally got their period. Trust me folks, when it comes to the most mundane topics you could possibly write about, that's what Twitter's become. Even famous people's tweets about what they do during the day is deemed "news-worthy." God only knows what the hell superheroes and their foes would tweet about!

E-baying used deathrays?  Trading aerial sex positions? Lonely, bored millionaire playboys looking for a companion, ugh I mean 'sidekick'. Whatever.

So here's my stab at Twitter, featuring fellow Teen Titans alumni, Robin and Red Arrow.


Red Arrow: "Hey Dick, nice Twitter page.......you dick! Ha ha! I mean isn't that what you do anyways? You know since you're a Robin and all?

Robin: "Gee Roy, a bird joke. Never heard that one before. I guess it's a good thing that we're all not exactly like what we named after right?

Red Arrow: "Huh?"

Robin: "Take you for example: Your old name was Speedy. Now if you were to break down why you'd call yourself that, then that would mean you either  a). run really fast, which you don't, except you think you do when you're on drugs. b), You're an unrepentant IV drug user, or c). You prematurely ejaculate. Does any of that sound familiar?"

Red Arrow: "Very funny Dick. But it's like Meatloaf said, "two out of three ain't bad."
I'll tell Layne Staley and Kurt Cobain you said high. Get it? High? Ha ha!"
Robin: "Groins."

Wanna' see the twitter war that started this who thing? I bet you do.
I swear its real!

Finally, here's the inspiration to the title of his post.

Basically, there was video taken of a news crew interviewing one Antoine Dodson. You know, the guy who was auto-tuned to death, and turned an assault into cash flow. Nice.

Give it up for Mr. Antoine Dodson!

See, I told you I loved you!

Monday, July 23, 2012

The Dark Knight Falls....

Hey Folks!

So I went and saw The Dark Knight Rises at my local movie theater this past Saturday night, and it was awesome indeed! I can't stress enough how much fans and casual Bat-fans should go see this.
I will say make sure you re-watch the 1st movie, Batman Begins, as this movie heavily, heavily ties into and wraps up a lot of character and plot points brought up by Batman Begins.

I won't spoil it, but Dan was right in saying there were plenty of twists and surprises, because by God, there sure were!

And no loud or annoying kids or talking teens to interrupt me either, so even better!

So in honor of DKR, here's my bat-inspired skit of the day. Enjoy!

 -Batman has fallen and hurt his knee, which causes him to unintentionally break out into a Peter Griffin impression.


One week later...........

The End

Moves like Jagger, or moves like Alfred? You decide.

Lastly, I recently bought the DKR movie masters version of Catwoman. 
*credit to Itsalltrue.net

She's not bad actually, and since I've kinda' positioned myself into buying up the collect and connect Bat-Signal pieces, then the bottom stand that comes w/ Catwoman is pretty sweet. Plus it looks like it comes she comes a parking meter. It's not, but I'll pretend it is:)
This is the goggles up variant, as there's a goggles down one too, but personally I like this one better...and it's rare too, so go me. I wish she came with more accessories, like idk a whip, a string of pearls, something.
If you go to Itsalltrue.net, they review the figure in more detail, so hop to it if you're interested.
What did suck, is that K-Mart did have a 50% off sale on all action figures, but then when I went to buy Catwoman, she was listed as regular price. Damn! Must've stopped around the time DKR came out because I was wanting to buy Batman and maybe Bane for the last parts needed to complete it. Oh well, Rome wasn't built in a day.

And before I go, here's today's parting song; "Stand or fall" by The Fixx.
What? I like them, and it's a very appropriate song considering what just happened:)

Have a good one!

Friday, July 20, 2012

"People are strange"

As a quick aside here to a less serious post today, I recently learned that a crazed gunman named James Holmes opened  fire on movie goers in Aurora, CO. They're only "crime" was attending the midnight matinee showing of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. He was dressed in what witnesses say looked like military or police SWAT gear, masked and wearing a bullet-proof vest. He threw tear gas at the crowd, and then proceeded to open fire on the hapless people, killing 12 and injuring around 50 people or more. He was later arrested by local police, and had on him a handgun, rifle, and knife. He was reported to not have put up a struggle, and that was that.

I don't know what it is about the mid-west, especially near an area already infamous for senseless killings like Columbine, but this shit is beyond tragic. I guess we'll all know later possibly why that asshole did what he did, but that's just horrible what he did to those poor people. I highly doubt he even knew any of the people in attendance. Just some nut who maybe wanted to be like Bane? IDK, but it sucks that now, just like there was in schools for awhile, that we may see the start of metal detectors being placed in movie theaters now. And that's a fucking shame that that's even remotely necessary now. All because of some lone fucking nut-job!

It's been reported that movie theaters(mostly major ones) will have their security heavily beefed up, and I don't blame them. Hopefully, this is a one-time deal, and this will not become the norm in other cities or countries around the world.

Just fucking shameful!

Alright, enough about all that. I said I wanted to be funny and light-hearted for today's post, and damnit I will be!

I was fooling around with my pseudo-Photoshop programs, and started cutting and selecting a Spider-Man image from a scene from one of my recent skits; you know the awesome "I Heart Ann Curry" one? Well I was playing around with the different effects and programs when an idea hit me. So I used a pre-loaded background on my PC, and this is the result:

Yeah I like that one:)

Sure other people could no doubt do better, but I'm pleased with this one, and trust me folks, I'm a bit of a perfectionist(not that you'd think that by the quality of these posts/skits) when it comes to this projects, and there was indeed some experimenting going on to get what I wanted. Yeah that whole last line just sound fucking dirty doesn't it? Sweet God!

Anyhoo, there's Bizarro Spider-Man. Isn't he a beauty? I always figured Spidey never had a proper Bizarro-like foil to fight. And while Venom and Carnage are similar to being the complete opposites of our web-headed hero in every way, they just aren't Silver Age goofy enough to be a proper Bizarro Spidey. And now you have one. You're welcome:)

That's me for today folks.

Have a good day, and better weekend.

And as usual @ the house, we have our own guest house band from time to time.
Let's hear it for a group of real talented up-and-comers, The Doors, and their smash hit "People are strange."
Very appropriate for this post I assure you.

Take us out Jim!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action!

"They're gonna put me in the movies
They're gonna make a big star out of me
We'll make a film about a man that's sad and lonely
And all I have to do is act naturally

Well, I bet you I'm gonna be a big star
Might win an Oscar you can never tell
The movie's gonna make me a big star,
'Cause I can play the part so well

Well, I hope you come and see me in the movie
Then I'll know that you will plainly see
The biggest fool that ever hit the big time
And all I have to do is act naturally."

-Buck Owens's Act Naturally.

Hey Folks.

So I was wondering what the hell I could talk about today without blowing my load(ha ha, see what I did there?) of action figure pics I've already taken, and then I thought about the current hot trend in Hollywood; Superhero movies.

Yes sir, the superhero genre as far as movies go, couldn't be any hotter, especially with two of the biggest superhero blockbusters of the year representing the genre, in Avengers and Batman: The Dark Knight Rises respectively. Now as well all know, any trend goes through moments of being hot, peaking, and then cresting, and this is no different with the superhero genre. I'd say just based off my own opinion, superhero movies look like they were starting to peak last year with that horrible abortion of a movie, Green Lantern, and then the Avengers hit, and the genre got a boost in the arm. This too shall pass, as it does with any fad.

So with that in mind, I figured I'd take a quick stroll through some past and future superhero franchise movies, and see how they'll stack up in later years.

First up is the current hot hit( I guess) The Amazing Spider-Man:
Since Sony owns the rights to make Spider-Man movies, and Disney/Marvel wants to make their superhero movies in house now, it makes sense for Sony to keep pumping out Spider-Man movies while they retain the rights. And trust me, they know what a cash cow and recognizable icon they have in the Spider-Man franchise, so I don't expect them to let the license lapse anytime soon. Thus why we have the reboot 12 years after the first successful Sam Rami hit.
Personally, I have no interest at all to see this. Not that actors Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone aren't good at what they do, but based off the trailers and reviews, from both my fellow bloggers and other websites, I'm not really missing out on anything. It seems to me the current movie's style is done more in the current 'Twilight' fashion, and that's never a good thing for us true comic fans. I don't want to watch Twilight, I want to watch Spider-Man, and aside from the cool special effects and excellent cast(Who would have ever imagined Dennis Leary playing a cop....in a superhero movie. Think about that one for a second)
and cool chose of villain in The Lizard(well because he's just about the only left not used) you have just another tween movie. Good or great for movie studios and the box office, bad for us loyal and adult comic fans.

So what does the future hold for this franchise?

You don't have to be Peter Parker to know a sequel's already in the works. And if the current cast, with the exception of Martin Sheen, signs on for more movies, then expect more of the same, but with a different villain next time.

I'm sure Disney/Marvel would love to have the rights back, but would they be willing to pay out the ass to get them?

Back to Emma Stone for a moment. Brycy Howard was fine and all, but Emma Stone? Ummmm. Too bad she's not more padded in the front. What? I like my women to be at least C-cups; high B's if they look good.

Next up is sure to be one of the most anticipated films of 2013, that is everything stays on schedule. I'm talking about Superman.

Now I personally had no problems with the last Superman movie. I thought Brandon Routh portrayed a very believable Superman, and it didn't hurt that he kind of looked a little like Christopher Reeve. But according to the box office, and the opinions of Warner Bros., the movie was deemed a failure. Why? I don't know. I thought Kevin Spacy was awesome as Lex Luthor, as he was the perfect combination of part Silver Age goofy w/some Gene Hackman thrown in, and the other part Modern Age ruthless badass. 

I guess when it comes down to it, the only thing I can think of that probably killed the movie in the hearts and minds of fans and studio execs, was the whole Super-Kid thing. Yes, the dreaded super-kid, who was supposed to be a holdover from the last franchise, and the possible offspring resulting from Superman and Lois's one night in Bangkok.(Think about it, and you''ll get it if you already don't)
I guess that was one time the kid shouldn't have stayed in the picture.

Other than that, and maybe the choice of Lois(but that's just me) I don't see what the problem was, as the story was really good, the acting was also really good, and so were the special effects.

But now here we are, with a fresh new start for next year in actor Henry Cavill. I readily admit I've never seen him before, and don't know him from adam, but he looks decent enough. He sure does look like he's built like a brick shit-house though. Fuck, he's big! I don't know who the villain is this time, nor the rest of the cast, but my suggestion would be to bring back Lex. And another big bastard; Doomsday. Yeah I know, I know, maybe that's setting the bar too high, and they should save him for a sequel. But what if this one tanks too? Then what? So they might as well use ol' Doomsy, and if not, Warner Bros. could always say a big "fuck you" to Marvel, and go with Thanos' DC equivalent, Darkseid. Now wouldn't that be interesting?

Also, there's the small issue of the costume. If you notice, they didn't go with the traditional one, and instead opted to go with the current rebooted look. I don't care for it myself, or the reboot, but as far as on-screen translations go, this one does seem to fit the big screen more. Yeah I know, I miss the red underwear on the outside too, but what are you going do right?

As for what the future holds, that's too soon to tell. But if the movie's a success and well-written, then DC's got their other franchise player back, while giving poor Batman a rest. I think after tangling w/Bane, he's due for one don't you?

Next up is the rumored reboots of the Fantastic Four and Daredevil from Fox. Again, Fox is bring smart by putting out new movies of these franchises in order to hold on to the rights. Personally, again if Disney/Marvel are that serious about wanting the movie rights back, then they'll have to pay up. Trust me, they have the money, and they'll make it all back in no time.

Now the FF would look nice again. I know I enjoyed the last two, so I'm curious as to who's going to be cast in the remake. Don't look at me for suggestions, but I rather liked the old crew myself, even if I didn't care for the Dr.Doom revision part. Good luck to whoever braves the makeup chair for the Thing, as Michael Chiklis was a fucking champ for undergoing all those hours of of prep work just to look like the ever lovin' blue-eyed Thing. And trust me, he pulled it off!

As for who they should face this go around? Maybe the Mole Man? Yeah I know he doesn't scream big name like Doc Doom, but he was the 1st villain they faced as a team, and think of all the monsters that you could throw against them on the big screen. Animators and special FX crews will have a fucking field day with that shit.

If not, maybe another go at the Silver Surfer, and maybe Galactus this time? Throw in the Watcher and you'd have a movie I'd be very much interested in seeing.

Then there's old horn-head himself. I liked the last one, although I would have personally preferred to see Ben Affleck's buddy Matt Damon as DD. And hey he's already named Matt, so he wouldn't have to pretend too hard.

And the villains du jour? I guess since Daredevil doesn't really have that many big name, recognizable villains, they could recycle the Kingpin and Bullseye again. But if they do, this time I want the appropriately white, rotund version of the Kingpin. Nothing against Michael Duncan Clark or anything because he was pretty entertaining, but I like my characters to look as closely to the comics as possible.

If not those two, then maybe a triple threat. How does Mr.Fear, The Owl, and The Jester sound? Or replace Jester w/ the Gladiator played by Bill Goldberg and I'm all set.

Then there's the Avengers.

You don't have to be Bill Gates or even Mark Zuckerberg to know Marvel's not wasting time in preparing to make the sequel. Now I don't know if Joss Whedon's up for making another one, as Goo and I have discussed, but if he does, and yes that would require Marvel to back up the money truck to Whedon's house, then I have no doubt a sequel would be just as good, if not maybe better than the original. Now I think Thanos is supposed to the next big bad. That'd be cool. And if there were cameos by the Skrulls and/or the Kree, that'd be even better. But then I thought, isn't Thanos suppose to be in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie too? Maybe not, but then I have no idea who'd they fight then. Maybe the Magus or Korvac I guess.

I guess the choice of director is really moot, if the script's good enough, so we'll see on that one. Personally I hope to see Hank Pym and the Wasp this  time, or even if Marvel was sneaky enough and the stars were all aligned, Spider-Man. Nawww, he's stuck in pseudo-Twilight tween land for that to happen.

Finally, there's the goddamn Batman.

I'm so damn excited to see this bad boy that I'm breaking one my commandments, and braving the theaters to see it. I'll have to pick a morning/early afternoon Sunday time-slot to do it, but damnit it's going to happen.

Director Christopher Nolan has done such a damn fine job guiding and shaping his cinematic version of the franchise, that I'll truly miss the crafty Brit as soon as the end credits start. Lack of Robin aside, Nolan set out to make moviegoers feel as though Batman really could exist, but cutting out or skipping entirely, the more sci-fi and 'super' aspects of the batman mythos. He grounded this set of movies in gritty realism, and for that I thank him.

Although personally, I'd have loved to see his take on the Riddler, the Penguin, and Mr. Freeze. Except Mr. Freeze isn't a realistic enough concept, so no go on him.
Ahh well.

Who or whomever is entrusted with the bat-franchise next time better follow Nolan's guide to a well put together movie, but they should feel more than free to re-insert the super element in future movies. It seems DC's already wanting the next Batman movies to do this, since they're gearing up to finally make a Justice League live-action movie. Those poor bastards are so far behind marvel, it's not even funny. But what they lack in quantity, they should more than make up in quality. Now since Nolan's declined DC's offer to make or oversee the making of a JL film, I wonder who they're going to find to step up. Wouldn't it be both funny and fucked up if Warner Bros/DC stole Joss Whedon from Marvel? Oh how the shit would hit the fan then!
Not only would there be legitimate heat between the two companies, but the renewed, all too real rivalry would really kick things up a notch or two. Trust the war between those two would be....wait for it.....LEGENDARY! And something we haven't seen since the early days of Joe Quesada's tenure as EIC.

So that's how I see things as far as these fanchises go. I'm very interested to see what lies in store for us comic fans in the future, and hopefully it doesn't involve Ryan Reynolds near any of them.

I guess since I missed Monday, I'm morally(not orally) obligated to post tomorrow. I don't what it'll be; maybe a puff article eh Dan and Shlomo;) but I'm sure it'll be good.

Take us out Buck!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Suicidal Tendencies

Hey People.

*Yeah this post is a day late, and I totally blame that on my piss-poor Wi-Fi connection and slow uploading of these scans. But I fixed the size of the scans, and bought a router, so......so far, so good.

I figured today would be a very Suicide Squad-themed post today, since I am a big fan of the Ostrander written series, and I haven't done too many SS-flavored skits or anything else SS related as of late.

Now if you go over to Shlomo's SS blog, specifically the comment section, then you'll quickly get a feel for how much of a fan of the SS I am.(and no not the Nazi SS you smartasses:))

Between me, Shlomo, and Omega, the comments section can get veeeeery heated when it comes to the topic of the current Suicide Squad title currently being published by Didio Comics. Trust me when I say that it's a horrible book that would be cancelled tomorrow if and when Harley Quinn ever leaves the title. She's probably the main thing keeping it from the chopping block, because the quality of writing, rebooted cast of characters, and their personalities sure as hell isn't.

But I digress.

This is a happy post, so we're going to keep things that way, as I happily present to you scans I just made today from Wizard#192. Why this particular issue you might ask?

Well, it features a short, but very enjoyable Wizard Retrospective on John Ostrander's entire Suicide Squad run, as well as input and commentary by the other contributing creative members of the SS team.

Not only did I personally enjoy the article, but also learned a lot as far as insight and the kinds of thought processes and brain-storming that went on in putting these issues together. I view it as a behind the scenes look at how Suicide Squad was made. Really good stuff there folks.

So, Shlomo, Omega, ask and you shall receive good buddies. Enjoy!

Nice huh? I told you it was.

And now for some thoughts from some of the crew of Ostrander's SS themselves. Gentlemen?

Captain Boomerang: "Oy, those were the good ol' days, they were. Makes my John Thomas hard just thinking 'bout puttin' one of my boomerangs through some tosser's head, while pissing off the Wall. Ha!"

Deadshot:"......Yeah whatever. I guess sometimes it was alright. Like when I killed that useless windbag Senator Cray. The look on Waller's and Flagg's faces when I put one through his head was priceless. Especially when parts of his brain landed onto the faces of the press."

Bronze Tiger: "You mother-fuckers are crazy, and need some serious fucking help!"

Captain Boomerang: "Oh come of it Tony the bleedin' Tiger; You're just as bad, if not worse than us. You just don't have the balls to admit it."

Deadshot: "Speaking of balls, you must of accidently found yours by daring to show your traitorous face around me again. I didn't forget about the last time you betrayed me, and trust me that was the last time. Since you're reborn, I get the pleasure of shooting off your hands again along with that fucking mouth of yours."

Bronze Tiger: "Tony the Tiger huh? I'll show you a tiger you backwoods hick-ass mother-fucker!"

Captain Boomerang: "Now hold on a bloody second! There's no need to go crazy here. Let's all relax and go out for a piss. My treat."

Deadshot: "You never paid for anything in your whole stinking life! Enough talking, and more shooting!"

Bronze Tiger: "For once I agree with Dirty Harry over there; it's time to fuck up a mick!"

Captain Boomerang: "Have it your way ladies. But don't you go thinkin' ol' Digger's an easy sport. Let's do this then. Me pal Dan's keepin' the car warm, and the Foster's cold, so I'll have to make this quick like."

Deadshot: "The boomerang won't even leave your hand before I paint Turner's face with your blood!"

Bronze Tiger: "Oh fuck that! I'm taking both of you brain-dead freaks out now!"

-They all fight. Again. 

I guess somethings never change do they folks?

And finally to take us out, here's the punk band with the very same name as this post, Suicidal Tendencies, and their hit song "War inside my head!"

Very appropriate for what just happened I think.

Peace and chicken grease my Nizzels!

"Closing time. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here."

Well..... I kinda always knew this day would come, and it sure has. It's been a hell of a ride, but it's time to for it end. Ti...