Thursday, November 29, 2018

Top 10 Marvel Villains I'd Send To DC


Finally, we've gotten to the last entry in this week-long series where I've been swapping Marvel and DC characters back and forth, exploring which ones would and could most likely exist in each other's respective universes.

I've gone through 10 DC heroes and villains going into the MU, and now it's time to wrap up the Marvel side of things as I lay out my top 10 list of Marvel villains I feel could work in the DCU.

Here we go.....

-Top 10 Marvel villains I'd Send to DC:

1). Annihilus

Aside from the fact that you'd also have to either swap the Negative Zone to the DCU as well, I guess he could also become an inhabitant of the Phantom Zone, making him a Kryptonian by default, which would make him a Superman antagonist. That'd be cool. Or a dimension or planet made just for him. Either way, he's not so bound up in the MU that he couldn't also transition into a DC villain. 

2). Crossbones 

He's a hired gun, but a very well-trained, and very resourceful hired gun. Sure he's loyal to the Red Skull, but I can easily see him either going solo or hooking up with a major power-player in the DCU.

3). Baron Zemo

Nazis exist in the DC Universe too, so this one should be an easy transition. Instead of Captain America, he could fight the JSA as a legacy villain, The JLA or even the Freedom Fighters. Hey, he's a versatile villain I swear!

4). The Purple Man 

Zebediah Killgrave would more than likely be a fun and very interesting addition to the DCU. I see easily being used as either a street-level criminal fighting against guys like Batman, Green Arrow and the like, or in villain super-group with Lex Luthor in the Legion of Doom. either way, Killgrave would make a fun, but fatal inclusion into the DC mix.

 5). Arcade 

Ok the DCU could definitely use this guy. I mean sure just imagine the match-ups he'd have with the JLA, Outsiders, Teen Titans or any other team or singular hero like the Flash for example. His gimmick of building customized deathtraps for rich clients could and should work out just fine. Hell I'm already salivating at the thought of Arcade testing his skills out Batman, or a potential rivalry with the Riddler or Joker over who can build a better deathtrap. 

6). Tiger Shark 

He can easily be used as an Aquaman villain as much as he is strictly a Namor villain or rolling with the Masters of Evil, he could roll with the Legion or Injustice Gang. Okay so maybe I'm breaking the rules about not using villains with similar gimmicks to their DC counterparts, but in my defense he's doesn't have the same power and skillset as other Aquaman villains, so there's that. Fuck it, he stays. 

7). M.O.D.O.K.

This big-brained motherfucker would definitely work in the DCU. But instead of running AIM, he could run H.I.V.E. or some other evil scientific enclave. Fuck! Ok so yeah he's visually similar to Hector Hammond, but that's only a visual similarity. They don't share the same powers. he stays.

8). Blastaar 

Much like his fellow Negative Zone neighbor Annihilus, Blastaar could also work in the confines of the DCU. He can easily be utilized as an cosmic villain, trying to invade Earth or other planets in the DC Universe as a means to expand his kingdom in the Negative Zone. Which means lots of fun match-ups with Superman and the JLA, Lobo maybe, Adam Strange, and the Green Lantern Corps just to name a few.

9). The Mandarin 

Here's another good choice to introduce into the DCU; The Mandarin. His origin story about finding an advanced alien ship with powerful rings can still work without him being tied to Iron Man. Instead it just seems like a no-brainer to pair him the Green Lantern since they both share the the same power ring as a weapon theme. And honestly they just seem they'd be more of a natural antagonistic pairing than Iron Man does.

10). Dr. Doom 

Ok, so yeah he's mostly known as being an FF villain, their main one to be exact, but he's also fought just about every other hero and hero team in the MU. Meaning he's long since graduated from just being simply a guy the FF fights every other week or month. He's a lot more versatile than that. So, with some minor tweaks to his origin, namely swapping out Reed for someone else, who points out to Victor a minor, but very important miscalculation, he blows his face up and away we go. I'm not sure at this point if the person pointing out the mistake is has to be an important hero, but if you really want it to be, than maybe Ray Palmer, Dr. Will Magnus or some other good guy genius scientist can fit the bill.  I know one thing, I'd love to see the above image realized for real, that'd for damn sure.

So, that's my list. What would your list look like? Similar to mine or vastly different?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments' section.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Top 10 Marvel Heroes I'd Send To DC

You've had to endure my fantasy picks for sending select DC heroes and villains over to the Marvel Universe, now it's Marvel's turn to do some swapping.

Let's see who the lucky fuckers are.....

-Top 10 Marvel Heroes I'd send to DC

1). Captain America 

Yes he's a quintessential Marvel character, but honestly creators Joe Simon and Jack Kirby could've just as easily made him over at DC as well during that time period. I mean Kirby created the Guardian, who's a lot like Cap, so there you go. I'd love to see him interact with guys like Superman (they might become besties) Batman, The JSA( in which he'd be the only member who I'd still have get lost in the ice in 1945 minus the Bucky part) and of course Wonder Woman who Ross over at Super Team Family has paired up together in a nice romance. Look out Steve Trevor, you've got major competition for Diana's affections.

2). Sleepwalker 

His premise would still work in the DCU and he's be a unique and welcome addition over there I feel, especially with teams like Justice League Dark and And just wait until Vertigo gets its dark claws on him. Oooohhhh Booooyyyyy!

3). Darkhawk 

Again, his premise of swapping out his human body for an alien body wearing sophisticated flying space armor would work just as well in the DCU as it does in the MU.

4). Galactus and The Silver Surfer 

Another Kirby creation I felt would work in the DCU is the Silver Surfer. He can still be Galactus' herald, seeking out planets suitable for his master to eat. So I paired 'em up and sent 'em to the DCU. I imagine instead of the FF, it would be the Justice League that would've initially fought the Surfer and Galactus. Good luck with that JLA.

5). The Inhumans 

All you'd have to do is keep the fact that they were another alien races genetically-designed weapons and you'd have another interesting addition to the DCU. Maybe they could be the results of experiments done by either The Controllers or Brainiac....Either way I can't wait to see their interactions with the JLA and other Kirby creations such as the New Gods.

6). The Eternals 

Had Kirby stayed at DC in the late 70's, I have no doubt that you'd have seen the Eternals be created in the DCU rather than at Marvel where no one over there still doesn't know what to do with them outside of maybe Stern and Gaiman. Maybe DC's writers could do better.

7). The Watcher 
 Well you can't have Galactus and the Silver Surfer around in the DCU w/o this guy. Remember, his main thing is that he sees and observes all and only shows up to humans when some major shit's about to go down. Here's a personal challenge from me to him; Sure you're all-seeing, but can you see what lies past the impenetrable Source Wall?

8). Adam Warlock
Man I just keep rolling out the Kirby characters today don't I? Adam Warlock's another space guy who would work out very well in the DCU regardless of his creators. Instead of the Conclave, it could easily also be S.T.A.R. Labs, Project Cadmus, the H.I.V.E. or any other super-science group or organization. And yes I'd make sure Jim Starlin was there to write him as well. 

9). Shang-Chi, Master of Kung-Fu

Finally a Marvel character who ISN'T a Kirby creation who I personally feel would work out just fine in the DCU. Why? I'm sure you can find or create a Fu Manchu-like character to be his evil father, or, or, and go with me on this, what if his dad turned out to be Ra's Al Guhl? Yeah, sounds intriguing doesn't it? Plus it opens up all sorts of new and exciting storylines and team-ups with Batman. Now Doug Moench and Englehart really made this character work like no other, so you'd have to find a writer or writers that could really do ol' Shang Chi justice. I think much like his heyday at Marvel during the 70's, he'd also thrive during that time period over at DC, but given the Manhunter treatment that Archie Goodwin and Walt Simonson gave the Manhunter. There you go.

10). Deathlok 

The original premise that creators Rich Buckler and Doug Moench laid out for the cybernetically-enhanced against his own will super-soldier Deathlok could and most certainly would, work at DC. Making some slight adjustment as such maybe make S.T.A.R. Labs or Project Cadimus responsible for 'Lok's creation would work just as well as the original one Roxxon. And it doesn't even have to be S.T.A.R. Labs or Cadimus, could be ANY evil corporation really. Same goes for which incarnation of Deathlok DC wants to use; Luther Manning, Michael Collins, or somebody else. Either way, the Deathlok concept is unique enough to work in the DCU just as well as it does at Marvel.

So that's that. That's my list of 10 Marvel heroes that I feel could work if they were to be sent to permanently live in the DC Universe.

Here's a couple honorable mentions that just didn't make the cut for various reasons:

1). Daredevil  2). Nick Fury  3). Black Panther 4). Nova 5). Quasar 6). Ghost Rider 7). The X-Men 

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Top 10 DC Villains I'd Send To Marvel

That's right folks, continuing on from yesterday's theme,  today I'm going to present villains from the DCU I think would probably work out well in the MU.

Honestly these are really right off the top of my head

-Top 10 DC Villains I'd Send To Marvel:

1). Parasite

I know he's primarily a Superman villain, but given his origins due to radioactive waste, there's no reason why he couldn't exist with the same beginnings in the MU.

2). Count Vertigo

He could still work as the heir to a made up country, or some European country in the MU. Hell I think he could a Hydra agent in league with Baron Zemo. So there you go.

3).  The Atomic Skull

You can't tell me an evil scientist who gains powers wouldn't work in the MU. I mean shit, the Ghost, Radioactive Man, Plantman and the Living Laser more than prove that. Swap out Star Labs for either AIM or Hydra, and the Atomic Skull would work.

4). Solomon Grundy

Well, I guess now that the Hulk's an Immortal zombie of sorts this choice could be made redundant, but we all know that particular incarnation of the Hulk's not going to last long, so fuck it, Grundy's on the list. And he'd be a great addition too, since he can die and be constantly reborn with a new personality, that's plenty of good story and match up possibilities right there. 

5). The Flash Rogues (Captain Cold, Heatwave, Captain Boomerang, Weather Wizard, Abra Kadabra, The Trickster, The Top, and The Pied Piper)

I say why not the Flash's Rogues? Swap Flash out for Spider-Man and I see them working out really well in MU. I mean they could work for themselves, work for the Kingpin, or even the Hood, but yeah in place of the Sinister Six, or with them, the Rogues could be a major cause of problems for the Marvel Universe.

6). Dr. Destiny 

The MU doesn't really have a guy that specifically targets the dreams of their enemies, outside of Nightmare. But since he's not the type that started out as an team offender guy, I think it's okay to use Dr. Destiny. Hey the visual alone of Dr. Destiny unleashing his powers on the Avengers is worth his inclusion to me I say.

7). Eclipso

If you dropped his origin as the original angel of death and spirit of vengeance in the DCU during their biblical times, and just went with his original origin story, Eclipso and his duel heroic identity as Bruce Gordon should work out just fine. 

8).  Mongul 

Okay he does seem like a Thanos-like character, but he's enough of his own character to work out fine existing in the cosmic side of the MU. He also brings Warworld and the Black Mercy plant with him as valuable story fodder. Imagine him tackling Thor, The Avengers, The Inhumans and especially the Guardians of the Galaxy.

9). The Gentlemen Ghost

Instead of being a Hawkman villain, 1800's journeyman turned spectral villain "Gentleman" Jim Craddock would probably work as a GR or Dr. Strange villain. Hell he'd be a trip in the hands of a writer like Steve Gerber, especially during his Man-Thing and Defenders' days.

10). Doomsday

Yes he's primarily a Superman villain, but only because he was specifically created to be the Macguffin to kill him. Otherwise, he doesn't necessarily have to have Kryptonian origins. He could recieve some minor twerking and still work. He could either be an experiment of Thanos' that escaped, or be found in the Collector's collection and escape that to raise all sorts of hell. He's not the Hulk and he's not Maestro or the Abomination, so I don't feel as though he's simply a derivative of an existing Marvel character.

Those I also considered, but figured would be repetitive or redundant due to the nature of their powers are:
Dr.Polaris, Amazo, Darkseid, Prometheus, Harley Quinn, Deathstroke, Deadshot and Catwoman just to name a few.

Again, this is just my own personal list, so if you have any other suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments' section.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Top 10: DC Heroes I'd Send to Marvel

What's up people?
How was your Thanksgiving week/weekend? Do you join the ranks of the Black Friday mobs or did you simply stay in a food-induced coma for most of it all?

I myself I ate myself silly, but have no regrets whatsoever. I could probably use the extra pounds I no doubt gained. Living off left-over and home made gluten-free New York-style Cheesecake will do that to ya' you know.

This previous Saturday night I was surprised by my girlfriend giving me a Christmas gift early and buying the new WWE 2K19 wrestling game, which was on sale @ Gamestop for $27.99 (from $60) With a deal that good neither of us could pass it up, so she got for me now since more than likely it won't get any lower in price.

And this little beauty I found over in the Marvel Legends section of the store:

              (Courtesy of 

The new  X-men Apocalypse BAF Wave ML Psylocke, and the purple-haired variant to boot!
I had to get her since I didn't have the previous Toybiz version or any version of her, so grab her I did. They did also have the Magneto, Wolverine, Sabertooth and Multiple Man figures from that wave, but I reasoned that I wouldn't find Psylocke (especially that version of her) at that low of price of $22.99 online (She currently goes for $27 and $28 dollars at Amazon and respectively)
So I passed up the rest of them since I'll should still be able get them later for relatively cheap.

So check this out, I was just randomly thinking about this a couple of days ago of who in the DC Universe I'd send over to the Marvel Universe, you know in a sort of swapping wives way but more permanent.

Of all the DC characters that exist over there in Time Warner-Land these are my top 10 picks for who I feel would fit the best over there and might even thrive. Of course knowing me, I couldn't just be ok with not getting the most of my picks and not divide them up into two categories; heroes and villains. Trust me, it helps A LOT with the picking process if I give myself freedom like that.

-Top 10 DC Heroes I'd Send To Marvel:

1). Firestorm

When you think of DC characters that could easily be Marvel characters, you obviously have to think of this guy right? I mean he basically already IS a Marvel character living in the DCU considering who created him (Marvel mainstays Gerry Conway and Al Migrom) and his whole everyman shtick that makes him more closer to a Peter Parker than a Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne.
I'd like to think if Stan Lee had created him, he'd really love working with the unique dualistic natures of Prof. Martin Stein and Ronnie Raymond and how they interact and play off each other. I'm sure the fact that they share the same mind and body matrix would be pure story fodder for Stan, not to mention how based in real science (for the most part) Firestorm is.

If there's a more typical example of a Marvel character that lives in the DC other than Firestorm, I'd like to see him.

2). Animal Man 

Personally I feel ol' Buddy would do just fine for himself in the world just outside your window. His powers would translate well and they'd actually be pretty unique and valuable considering there's really not a lot MU characters currently running around that have the ability to tap into different animal powers. The fact that Buddy's one of those everymen with a family whilst doubling as a superhero would make him a perfect addition to the MU. Hell I can already see him possibly becoming besties with either Spider-Man or even Scott Lang.

3). Ted Kord Blue Beetle

The start of the trend of including the Sons of Ditko starts with Ted Kord. I feel between his fun-loving personality paired with his extensive scientific genius and knowhow, Ted would fit in nicely in the MU alongside fellow peers like Tony, Reed, Spidey, and Hank( both of them).

And of course you can't leave out the other half of the hilarious Blue and Gold team without....

4). Booster Gold 

Now of course his origin would have to be tweaked a little like they did with Neil Gaiman's Angela, but I think it'll only take a couple minor details being fixed and sorted out. Like say he still comes from the future, but instead of the LEGION, he steals his suit and Skeets from either the original 30th Century GoTG or even Kang/Immortus himself. Just a thought.

Shit man, just imagine the 4-way pairing of Spider-Man/Deadpool w/ Ted and Booster.
Oh the comedic potential alone would be off the fucking charts!

Oh fuck what about the current incarnation of the GoTG based off the movies? Seeing Booster interact with all them, especially a battle of the wise-ass screw-ups like him and Starlord, Skeets interacting w/ Rocket and Groot, and of course Booster hitting on Gamora while making fun of Drax....this shit practically writes itself.

5). The Question (Vic Sage) 

Another son of Ditko, Vic Sage does seem like an interesting and maybe odd choice to swap over to the DCU, but hear me out. His unique viewpoint on the world as the DCU's resident superhero conspiracy nut would work out well enough at Marvel. I mean he could still be employed as reporter for either the Daily Bugle or any news station. It's not like a new one can't be made up specifically for Vic. Plus, I'd love to see his interactions with Spidey, The Punisher, and especially Moon Knight. Somehow I think those two would just LOVE hanging out with each other. Just a feeling I guess.

6). The Creeper 

Personally I feel a strange-looking jokester like the Creeper would do well alongside his fellow Ditko brothers and sister in the MU. Of course, he does risk being redundant in world that also has other wise-asses there like Spider-Man, Deadpool, Gwenpool, Madcap, and Slapstick. Now there's a hell of a comedy troupe for you right? Just watching Creeper play off characters like The Thing, Hulk, Wolverine, Cap and more would be funny as fuck, especially since they should be used to a humorous guy like him since they do deal with Wade all the time. Also, just like his fellow Son of Ditko, The Question, the Creeper in his civilian identity of Jack Ryder could also either work at the Daily Bugle or some random news channel. Again, whichever works best for that aspect of the character.

7). Hawk & Dove 

Honestly I feel either version could work, so I'm including both the original incarnation with brothers Hank and Don and the current one with Hank and Dawn.

More than anything I'm curious with how their dynamic would work in a world like the MU, and in particular, how Stan Lee would've had a field day working with the whole "War Hawk" and "Peace Dove" mentalities of the Hall brothers. That's pathos he would've eaten up with a spoon.

8). The Doom Patrol 

Ok I guess this really is a cheat of sorts and also a pick that's entirely biased on my part as well as a bit redundant since you already have a family of freaks in the FF, except there, The Thing's the only one that looks disfigured, while the others still look like normal people. That being said, I'm curious to see how someone like the Chief, as much of a mad scientist genius as he is as well as a control freak, would play well with the other geniuses of the MU like Reed, Hank, T'Challa, and the others. Oh shit especially Prof. X! Imagine that meeting right? It'd be a battle of the retconned dicks to their students/teammates kind of deal.  Fuck it, they're staying right here. Plus all sorts of fun could be mined by their unique set of villains. Oh and Danny The Street. Motherfucking Danny the Street. The MU would LOVE him.

                                              Oh and Crazy Jane. Can't forget her too!

 Oh and Flex Mentallo too. Yeah definitely Flex too....

9). Kyle Rayner 

Kyle's another example of a Marvel-like character that exists in the DCU. He's just your basic everyman in the tradition of Peter Parker, except he's an artist and not a scientist. So That makes him even more like an everyman to me. Let's see how well he'd do in a world that might just be more to his liking. Of course we'd have to do something about his source of powers though. because the few limits he does have on his GL ring would make things REALLY interesting to see play out.

10). The Ray (Ray Terril) 

I like Ray. I like Ray a lot. I've liked ever since I was introduced to his stuff around 1994. I thought he had a really cool visual look (the fact he rocks my favorite colors, black and yellow go a long way sealing my interest) and nice array of super powers. I don't even mind that DC recently turned him gay because they probably couldn't think of anything else interesting to do with him. I don't mind and I guess it helps his characters stand out more....I think.

Hell, they can even keep his history as a legacy character of they wanted since his dad was the original Golden Age Ray. I guess you'd be moving him to the MU as well, or they could choice to leave that part out completely and give him a slightly different, newer origin, or even tie him into other past golden age characters. Whichever works for Ray the best.

Oh and I just have to squeeze in one more before I go, and he's one that originally made the list before I gave Ray his spot, it's the Blue Devil....

10a). The Blue Devil

Yup, something tells me a character just like 'Devil, with his alter ego of former hollywood special fx and stuntman David Cassidy would be a good fit for the Marvel Universe. His unusual look and humorous outlook on his weird life would allow him to adjust easily enough. At least that's what I think. As for him joining teams, I see groups like the original Defenders, original Champions and if he just has to be on the Avengers, than I'd rather he be on a team like the West Coast Avengers. As you can see I'm keeping him out on the west coast because New York is already too damn crowded with superheroes as it is, so I say, to fit his job, base him out of good ol' Cali.

So that's my list of the top 10 DC Heroes I personally feel could be traded off to the DCU and adjust pretty well for themselves. 

And now that I think about it, there's at least probably 10 more I can think of, like Zatanna, Swamp Thing, Lobo, Black Lighting, Adam Strange, The Atom, and The Demon. 

But that's enough for now. Tomorrow I'll roll out my top 10 DC villains that I feel would work out well enough at Marvel. Be sure to check it out, and feel free to leave your suggestions for who you think from the DC Universe would adapt well to existing in the Marvel Universe in the comments' section. 

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Happy Thanksgiving People!!!


From all of us crazy fuckers here @ The House of Fun, wishing you all a very Happy and unhealthy (ha ha) Thanksgiving. Be safe out there.

"Closing time. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here."

Well..... I kinda always knew this day would come, and it sure has. It's been a hell of a ride, but it's time to for it end. Ti...