Monday, August 31, 2015

So, Who Would Win?: JLA VS. Galactus

What's Up People?

Just found out that legenadry writer/director Wes Craven died recently, succumbing to brain cancer.
How very, very sad.

He's most famous for creating the Nightmare On Elm Street movie franchise, giving the world one of its best movie villains, Freddy Kruegar. Of coure he's directed more movies than just that, but those are usually the ones he's most associated with. He was only 76.

Speaking of villains who are really more forces of nature than anything else, check out who's co-headlining this week's edition of So, Who Would Win?: Galactus.

Yes Galactus, big, giant purple and blue alien with the crazy big hat with antlers who eats planets.

Today I'm piting him against the Justice League to see who ultimately be the last man standing in battle of this magnitude.

The idea came to me after seeing a commisioned sketch John Byrne did of Galactus fighting the JLA.

It really got me thinking just how a fight like that would go down and why.
Now for me, it starts off simple enough; Galactus finds the DC Universe and goes onto attempt to feed on their version of Earth.

How Galactus got into the DCU would be explored. For my scenario, he's lured and led there by Darkseid in attempt to finally get rid of Earth's superheroes once and for all.

He even probably foolishly thinks that  the JLA can and will at least weaken and wear down Galactus enough so that he can swoop/boom tube in take out Galactus himself.

Of course you can use anyone else like Lex Luthor or even Mr. Mxyzptlk to achieve the same effect, but I picked darkseid since he's a fellow Kirby creation and it just makes more sense that he'd be the one to come across a force of nature like Galactus, and attempt to use him to further his own nightmarish goals.

I would also treat this fight like its the DC/JLA version of the classic Galactus Trilogy from FF#'s48-50, meaning that all of the classic elements from that story will likewise be used in this one, even the presence of the Ultimate Nullifier.

Would the Watcher appear then to help the JLA against Galactus? Would there be a suitable replacement for him if he didn't show up?

If we were to follow closely how the FF met and dealt with Galactus, then one possible scenario goes like this:

The computers onboard the JLA's satelite base go off screaming with an alert that some powerful and weird object to hurtling super fast towards Earth. Outside of the Flash, the more logical person to use to run into the Silver Surfer would of course be Hal. Hal could either be there to see the alert, or is already previously alerted of the Surfer and Galactus' presence via his ring/Guardians of Oa.

Hal's amazed at the Surfer's speed, yet still confronts him. Surfer offers his warning that his master Galactus, is coming to their planet to feed. Hal and Surfer fight, Surfer wins.....for now.

The JL shows up to confront the surfer. He tells them that Galactus is coming to eat their world.
They take him down, but then Galactus shows up very hungry and very pissed off to see his herald beaten by these mere "ants."

And the shit is on from there.

Now of course the Watcher, or maybe even the Surfer himself, would have to mention the Ultimate Nullifier as a mention of stopping Galactus. Just has to be in there.

In place of Alicia Masters, who persuaded the Silver Surfer to turn against his master, I'd use Wonder Woman in this role. She's a beautiful and intelligent warrior who's also an ambassador. I imagine these many factors combine to help her convince Surfer to help save mankind. Maybe even have Superman, in all his big speech, inspirational glory, likewise inspire the Surfer to see the promise in humanity like he does.

Either way, hell of a battle with the eventuall Surfer face turn.

But who would win?

For the JLA's roster, I'd use the classic super seven formula of  Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter. At least intially.

Seeing that they'll need more bodies to throw at Galactus, more leaguers would show up to fight, like the Atom, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Firestorm, Hawkman and Hawkwoman.

Then seeing that that's not enough, then every superhero on earth is drafted into the fight. Maybe a good number of supervillains too. Either way, it'll be a hell of a fight.





Who Wins and Why?

Let me know who you think wins in the end and why in the comments' section. I'm really curious to see your scenarios.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Fantasy Team-Up: Adam Strange and Dr. Strange


Closing out this week, with another edition of Fantasy Team-Up.

Today, I'm pairing two well-known superheroes with the same last name, Adam Strange and Dr. Strange, even though they couldn't be farthest from each other in terms of powers(Adam Strange has none) and genre; Adam's clearly a sci-fi guy, while the good doctor's a master mystic mage.

Stil, despite the major thematic differences between the two, they do share some similarities:

-They're both educated scholars; Adam studied Archaeology, while Stephen studied Medicine. I don't remeber if Adam ever got a doctorate in his field of study, but he had to have to in order to do all that diging and exploring ancient ruins like he used to. And we all know Doc Strange isn't just called that because it sounds good.

-Both were extremely influential upon their debut; Adam Strange helped usher in the then new wave of sci-fi pulp heroes in the 50's, while Dr. Strange helped revolutionize the comics' industry in the 60's, both with Marvel Comics, and with the artisitic and innovative inspiration of artist Steve Ditko.

-Both seem to be dedicated to only one love interest even after all these years: Adam has Alanna; Stephen had Clea(although she hasn't shown up in a long while, she seemed to be his main love interest for years with no other woman successfully taking her place).

-Both represent a different breed of hero/superhero for their respective eras.
-Both aren't really typical regular superheroes; Adam's mainly a non-powered champion/explorer/space cop for his adopted planet Rann, while Dr. Strange primary duty is to safeguard all of his Earth's reality from mystic invaders.

So while initially a pairing between these two would seem weird and out of place, I think given the right in-story reasoning and explanation, I don't see why these two guys couldn't team up and have an adventure. After all, hasn't that been the premise for successful team-up books in the past like Marvel Team-Up and The Brave and the Bold? Teaming up two or characters that wouldn't normally have anything to do with each other since they normally inhabit diferent genres and social circles?

Happens all the time, especially in the real world.

So what could and would, cause these two guys with the same last name but totally different thematic heroes to team-up?

I could toss a possible scenario or two in there to see how it'd work.

1). Since Adam Strange has to wait a certain amount of time and be a specific spot when the Zeta Beam show up to transport him back to the planet Rann, then have the beam malfunction, with Adam being stuck in between dimensions, which someone gets back to Doc Strange to help since someone or something tampered with the beam, causing Adam Strange to get stuck like he did.

Maybe Baron Mordo did it in hopes of traveling to Rann to conquer it with magic since it has such a science-driven planetary community.

2). Or maybe these weird and ancient evil sorcerrors from a past mystical age in Rann have returned to take their revenge and reclaim what they think is there's. Adam needs mystical help, and somehow knows to call Dr. Strange? Idk, but it sounds plausible enough.

And you definitely have to get a joke/reference to their sharing the same last name out of way. Just have to.

Candidates for a possible creative team?

-Mark Waid
-Nick Spencer/Kieron Gillen
-Kurt Busiek
-Roger Stern

- Jesus Saiz (I loved his B&B run with JMS several years back)
-Darwyn Cooke/Dave Bullock( In place of Ditko who'd I have submit a page or a cover only)
-Paul Smith
-Alan Davis
- Pascal Ferry( He drew a previous 2005 Adam Strange mini that's worth reading)

What do you folks think? Would it work? Would it be a worthwhile story to read?
Let me know what you think in the comments' section.

Hope you guys and gals have a very good weekend......I'm outta' here.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Me So Horny

Happy Hump Day!!!!!

I'm sure this happens from time to time.....

The End

Well its not like Hellboy gets mistaken for the Blue Devil......right?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Oops, Poops

The End

Hey, it happens. happens to us all actually. Myself included, except I never shit my pants. But there was plenty of pairie-dogging/turtle-peeking though. True story;)

"Closing time. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here."

Well..... I kinda always knew this day would come, and it sure has. It's been a hell of a ride, but it's time to for it end. Ti...