Thursday, January 17, 2019

Dream Waves: X-Force


What's up people?
Welcome to another edition of

The feature where I discuss and present my ideas for potential waves of action figures, in particular potential waves for the Marvel Legends toy line from Hasbro.

This time I'm rolling out my designs for an X-Force wave or two of figures.

Ah yes, X-Force. If there was ever a team and team name that screamed and reeked of the 1990's, it would be X-Force, the brainchild of the man who hates drawing feet more than Trump hates telling the truth, Rob F'N Liefield.

I was regular reader of X-Force for at least the first 2 years, and then my attention waned, with me coming back periodically throughout the rest of the run.

If you look back at the long publishing history of X-Force, you'll notice they tended to change creative teams as much if not more, than they changed rosters.

As the 90's ended and the 00's began, Warren Ellis briefly took over the book and changed it completely to suit his story, and then Peter Milligan took it over and changed it into a completely different animal, complete with totally original new characters taking the name from the old crew.

After that X-Force became Cyclops' personal mutant militant hit squad, attacking and eliminating threats before they had a chance to attack the X-Men.

After a few years of that it kind of went back to being Cable's team again, before the series was eventually cancelled again.

It's since come back again, reuniting some of the original members with a member or two of the other versions, all in a bid for revenge for the death of Cable. Yes he's dead again for now, but hey there's a younger Cable running around, so there's that, even if he;s the one that killed off the Cable we all know and love.

Comics, gotta' love em' right?

Anyhoo, here's idea for at least a solid good 2 waves' worth of X-Force figures that Hasbro could make and sell on the market to collectors.

-X-Force Wave 1:

1). Cable (1st Appearance) 

2). Cannonball

3). Boom Boom

I'll go with either of these costumes.

4). Sunspot

5). Rictor 

6). Feral

7). Warpath

I'll take either version of him from his early X-Force days. Unless we FINALLY get a Thunderbird figure, than I guess I'm leaning on that particular version of Warpath. Again, I'll be happy with either of these looks honestly.

BAF: Forearm

-X-Force Wave 2:

1). Siryn

2). Kane (Weapon X)

I'll honestly go with any design, but I do like the classic one the most.

3). Domino (1st Appearance) 

As an added bonus I'd throw in alternate head. That of Copycat so that collectors can replicate that time Copycat infiltrated X-Force and posed as Domino.

4). X-Force Nightcrawler

Hell I'd love to see a new Hasbro version of Nightcrawler (as does his #1 fan, my buddy Googum) but I'd also like to see this version of Nightcrawler since more than likely we probably won't get a figure of his AoA look.  And shit, there's already a precedent for it since an official X-Force Nightcrawler figure was already released in wave 24 of the 3 and 3/4 inch Marvel Universe figure line.

 Might as well give the ML fans a proper 6 inch version as well I say.

5). Gideon

6). Reignfire

7). Dani Moonstar

Ok, sure, technically this isn't the costume she used during her time on the team, but I honestly like it better than either of the two looks she was sporting back then, both as a member of the MLF and later on as an official member of the team.

BAF: The Blob

Yes we already have a BAF Blob figure that was put out by Hasbro over 10 years ago. And he was fine for the time. Truly he was. I just think to help make things easier on collectors who don't feel like paying a high price when scrambling to get him, that Hasbro makes a new and improved BAF Blob figure. Might as well.  And in the name of fun, let 'em through in the same kind of food accessories that came with his old 90's Toybiz figure.

-X-Force Wave 3:

1). Sunspot 

2). Cannonball

I figure either of these two would be okay choices to use for another version of Sam during his X-Force days.

3). Wolfsbane (X-Force)

Personally if and when Hasbro ever gets around to making a Wolfsbane figure I'd rather see her in her X-Factor costume as I've previously mentioned in my X-Factor dream waves article. That being said, this one's more for the X-Force completists of the hit squad era which received their own box set of figures, they just happened to exclude Wolfsbane for some reason. This inclusion would rectify that mistake.

4).  Wildside

5). Tempo 

6). Reaper

I'll take either look.

7). Zero

Ok, this one may admittedly be a hard sell for Hasbro. I mean look at him. Sure he may be one of the easiest designs and paint app figures to ever produce, but he's also kind of.....well, boring.


He's also a crucial part of X-Force's early years, since he was one of the original members of Stryfe's MLF as well as being Stryfe's right hand man during that time period.

BAF: Nimrod

How we haven't already gotten a Nimrod figure yet I don't know, but we should, especially since there's already been two official Separate Sentinel figures already put out. 
I'm not sure how they'd translate him into figure-form, but I'm sure as long as they stay fairly faithful to the main design, he'll look just fine.

So that's it. That's 3 waves' worth of potential X-Force figures.
What do you guys think? Is there anyone I accidentally left out or didn't think to include that I should've?

I will admit to leaving out the X-Force versions of Forge, Domino, Colossus, Marrow, and Dr. Nemesis. I myself just wasn't all that interested in seeing figures of them, and since this IS my list, that's fine. Maybe you want to see those versions. That's cool too. Hound Hasbro for them.

I will say though that there is to be released this year a single ML X-Force wave.


It's only going to have 6 figures in it, and more than likely they'll mostly be repaints of existing figures. That and there's no BAF included.

That makes me and some others think that those 6 figures will wind up being a edition of the Rick Remender-era X-Force, that will include previously-released figures from the X-Force box set, but with the addition of the new Deathlok figure painted in his X-Force look.

We'll see what happens, but that's the word on the streets so far.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

He really should go see a doctor about that....

The image is the cover to issue 4 of the Hellstorm:Son of Satan Marvel MAX mini-series. I read the entire thing on and it was pretty good actually. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

So, Who Would Win?: The Sinister Six VS. The Rogues

I remember Wizard Magazine did an article on this particular match up, except it was ALL of  the  Flash's rogues versus ALL of Spider-Man's villains....and Wizard decided DC would've won it.

                                                     I disagreed then, and I still disagree now.

That's why I'm doing this my way, and pitting the definitive versions of both of villain teams against each other in a fight to the death. That's right a fight to the death.

I know the Rogues have their own code when it comes to killing, as far as they only do it when they absolutely have to, and when it's out of vengeance/revenge.

I also know the Sinister Six, any variation of the Sinister Six, is more lax about killing, and usually go for the kill against whoever it is they're after, ESPECIALLY Spider-Man.

So, that being said, I'm going to make things easy on myself and only use original members only.

Here's how they stack up:

-The (original) Sinister Six:

1). Doctor Octopus
Abilities(As Doctor Octopus/Superior Octopus):
  • Brilliant engineer and inventor
  • Genius-level intellect
  • Superb strategist
  • Wears super-strong and durable mechanical appendages
  • Telepathic control over his mechanical arms

2). The Vulture 
AbilitiesGenius electrical engineer
Electromagnetic tailored body-harness grants:
Enhanced physical attributes

3). Electro
  • Electric manipulation
  • Flight
  • Superhuman strength and speed when fully charged

4). Sandman
AbilitiesSize and mass manipulation
Earth manipulation Superhuman strength, durability and endurance
Density control
Flight (in sandstorm form)

5). Kraven the Hunter 
  • Ultra Instinct

6). Mysterio 

-The Rogues: 

1). Captain Cold
AbilitiesMaster tactician, Master Thief and strategist
Extensive knowledge of cryonics
Skilled marksman
Possesses a 'cold gun' that allows him to freeze objects to absolute zero temperatures

2). Mirror Master
AbilitiesVarious powers over mirrors, including the ability to travel through them and trap others within them.

3). Heatwave
AbilitiesPossesses a handgun sized flamethrower and knowledge of pyrotechnics and combustibles
Wears an asbestos suit that protects him from fire and heat
Pipe attached to his left arm that allows him to put out fires

4). Captain Boomerang

5). Weather Wizard
AbilitiesWeather manipulation via weather wand
Limited magnetic manipulation

6). The Trickster 
Skilled acrobat and con-artist
Above-average intelligence
Gadgets that give him the ability to perform amazing tricks like walking on air

Now of course I had to leave some members of the Rogues out of this to make it a fair fight, otherwise, The Pied Piper and The Top would be in this as well.

But again, for the sake of fairness, I chose to keep it a strictly 6-on-6 fight to the finish with no advantages in the numbers' department.

And there it is.
A fight to the bitter end between two very famous/infamous teams of supervillains, battling it out for bragging rights.


The Sinister Six


The Rogues

Who wins and why?
Let me know who you think are the last rogues standing after all's said and done.

Dream Waves: X-Force

TGIT!!!!! What's up people? Welcome to another edition of The feature where I discuss and present my ideas for potential waves of...