Thursday, October 30, 2014

So, Who Would Win?: The Legion of Monsters VS. The Creature Commandos


Another week, another edition of So Who Would Win?
This week in honor of Halloween, I decided to go with a Halloween theme. And what's Halloween without monsters right?

This week I picked teams of monsters from both companies, Marvel and DC, and this is what I came up with; The Legion of Monsters from Marvel, and  The Creature Commandos from DC.


The Legion Of Monsters:


The Creature Commandos:

So, Who Would Win? And why?
As always, leave your picks in the comments' section.

That's me for this week.
Happy Halloween and have a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

"This is Halloween! This is Halloween!"

Happy Hump Day people!

So, this Friday is apparently Halloween, and we here @ the House absolutely love this time of year.
Tricks, treats, more tricks, and plenty of horror movies galore on the tube.

You know who else enjoys Halloween a lot?
These guys.....

The End

If you hadn't already guessed it, they were all spouting various lines from the Nightmare Before Christmas;)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Bad Atom: Part 3

What's up people?

Who's up to seeing the epic conclusion to the magnificence that is the Bad Atom trilogy?
Yeah? Cool.

On with the show then....

The End

Okay, who can't see Ray doing this? I know I would;)

Speaking of Bad Ray, anyone catch last week's episode of Arrow?
Seems towards the end when Felicity left, Ray was checking out blueprints to what appeared to be pretty extensive weapons. Nuclear even. 
And then that look on his face. Is this version of Ray secretly another snake/wolf in amongst the sheep, or am I reading to much into that? Because to me, it seems like he plans on using those weapons(if that's what they are, and sure look like it) to bring abut his revitalization plan for Starling(soon to be Star)City.

I hope not, because he'd be no better than any other cliched villain.

I'd rather t be that those were plans for a miniaturization device that'll eventually turn him into the Atom.
We'll just have to wait and see.

Friday, October 24, 2014

"Is That Tough Enough?"


Okay so I was reading a random Wizard from back in the day, #70 to be exact, and re-read an interesting Top Ten list. This list was all about the top ten toughest characters around back then.

Here's who they listed as their top 10 and why:

10). The Incredible Hulk

-Despite being the strongest there is, Wizard felt that compared to the rest of the combatants on the list, the Hulk would be easily out-matched and out-powered. I'm not saying I agree, because I don't. That's just how they felt at the time.

9). Firestorm

-Yeah they really put ol' Ronnie ahead of the Hulk. The reasoning was that due to the nature of his powers, all Ronnie would really have to do is whip up an Adamantium cage out of nowhere and imprison the Hulk in it.

8). Professor X

-Apparently the Wizard staffers felt that despite arguably being the most powerful telepathic mutant alive, those same powers would not help him out once it got into dealing with Spawn's fucked up mind, magic, and a super-speed/super-strength combo.

7). Spawn

-Al was pretty powerful in his own right, but also had a very finite limit to those powers. Up against super-speed, more powerful magic than his, and the rest of the top, Al didn't rank too-too high. And I agree with that.

6). Dr. Strange

- He's up a good ways, as it should be considering his power and experience level. I just don't agree with Wally beating him, even with his considerable super-speed.

5).The Flash(Wally West)

- I'm kinda' surprised they placed Wally ahead of Dr. Strange, but otherwise I have to agree with his placing. Well I'd probably have him trade slots with Strange, but Wally did good.

4). Wonder Woman

-No surprise here that Diana ranked this high. I totally agree, as I'm sure would Karl;)

3). Superman

-No doubt this was the main hotly contested debates amongst the Wizard staffers that put this list together. You could easily make a case for why he's ranked behind Thor, as much as you could that he should be ahead of him.

2). Thor

-They said he edged out the rest due to his sheer power and combat experience. I have to agree. He is a god after all.

1). Silver Surfer
-Yeah I know. The friggin' Silver Surfer got the number one spot. I was surprised too, but once they laid out their case and explained what his powers would do to the rest of the combatants on this list, I came around to their way of thinking.

So that was how it stood back in 1997. Kyle Rayner was the Green Lantern back then, and considered too green to rank. The Thing and She-Hulk were considered a step below the Hulk, and he wind up in the #10 spot. And so on.

Now, thanks to the miracle of non-time-travel, here's my revised list, 2014-style.

10). Spawn
-It's probably because I don't think as highly of him as I did back then, but I just don't see Al beating anybody on this list. Maybe Firestorm if he can capitalize on a moment of weakness, but not likely. And I don't buy the rationale of Spawn beating Xavier due to the professor being fucked up from reading Al's mind. This is Prof. X we're talking about; he's seen war and unimaginable horrors. I just don't see Al getting he drop on him at all.

9). Firestorm
-Ronnie's got the powers and skills to be a major player. But against the rest of the guys(and gal) on this list? I don't see him getting any father in the rankings than where he is now. Sorry Firestorm.

8). Professor X
- He's the world's most powerful telepath, and yet he only ranks 8th overall. I guess if Xavier really was the heartless and cold bastard later writers have tried to portray him as, he'd rank higher. Certainly you'd think so given the range and depth of his powers. Maybe he could really put most of these guys to sleep via the power of his mind. If so, then he'd move up the ranks super-fast. Maybe he'd edge out the Hulk and Wally; maybe he wouldn't. I think I'll keep him here for now.

7). The Hulk
- Yeah I know; I normally wouldn't think of ranking Hulk this low either, but if you're ranking them in order, I don't see The Hulk getting past Wally. WW, yes. Dr. Strange? Not if the good doctor simply banishes him away. Superman? Interesting fight, but I have to give it to Supes. Thor too if Thor was played up as an actual god who kills. Poor Bruce.

6). The Flash(Wally West)
-I think this is a pretty good spot for Wally. True, he was probably destined to surpass his mentor Barry, and I believe he did speed-wise until Barry came back. Still, as powerful as he was in manipulating the Speed Force, I just don't see him getting past the rest of the pack on this list from Dr. Strange on.

5). Dr. Strange
- Like I said earlier, I'm good with the Doc placing 5th overall. Unlike Wizard that thought Dr. Strange couldn't undue the magic of the Gods, I think he could give Diana a hell of a fight. I just see his human stamina being his downfall. His body would give up before he did, thus giving WW the win. But it would't be easy, and the battle insanely long.

4). Wonder Woman
- Despite really wanting to move Dr. Strange up, I think in the end, Diana just edges him out. She's a god/part-god, so I imagine her god-like stamina(along with her other famous powers and lasso) helps her out enough in these battles to justify taking the #4 spot.

3). Superman
-I have to agree with his #3 ranking. I know a lot of his fans and supporters will be like "oh bullshit", but I betting that  JLA/AVENGERS aside, Thor just edges out the son of Krypton in combat.

2). Thor
-He's a god. A true, living, breathing god. Not just mere mortal , Thor's had millenia upon millenia of combat experience. Not to mention all of the powers and tools/weapons that were bestowed upon him by his father Odin. You're not taking him out very easily.

1). Silver Surfer
-Despite not having the strength level of the Hulk, Superman, WW, or Thor, Surfer does have the power cosmic and and nigh-indestructible body, He can play the long game long no one's business, and that's what will help him in the end; even gods can tire out, but not the Surfer.

That's my list based off Wizard's. I'd have definitely used different characters for my own tough top ten(What no Wolverine? Lobo? Captain America?)
Maybe later on someday....

Let me know what you guys think, and who you're top ten would be based of the same list of characters.

Have a good weekend guys and gals;)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

So, Who Would Win?: Nick Fury VS. Jonah Hex

Thought of this little match-up on the fly Tuesday, and it just sounds like one hell of a fight either way you look at it.

Nick Fury has no super-powers other than being a total badass. He's the ultimate spy; the guy even 007 would look up to.

He has decades upon decades of combat experience thanks to the Infinity formula keeping him alive for so long(or it did until Original Sin apparently) and is probably rivaled only by other fellow super-spies like the Black Widow in the use of firearms.
Always cunning, and always deadly, Fury's the very definition of hard to kill.

Then you have Jonah Hex.

Like Fury, he's 100% pure badass. He'd kill you just as soon as look at you, and was the prime bounty hunter of his day.
He also doesn't have any super-powers, but doesn't really need 'em, you know, 'cause he's such a badass that way.

I will say this, no matter the circumstances that forces these two to fight, it won't be pretty. It won't be nice, and it damn sure will be bloody.

Both men don't know the meaning of the word "quit", so you can imagine just how rough and violent a battle between these two grisled veterans of war will be.
It'd be like having two scorpions locked in a cage together. Yeah, it'd be that intense.

Yep, that's right. In addition to being very capable fighters, they're also both veterans of wars; Nick Fury served in WW2, and Hex in the Civil War.
So that means these men have both seen horrible things, and other men doing horrible things to each other. I imagine there's very little that would shock and surprise them.

As for how these two men might be forced to fight....IDK.
Time-Travel I guess. Either because of Kang, Immortus, or Chronos, this would be a fight for the ages.


Nick Fury


Jonah Hex

Who Would Win and Why?
As always, let me know who you think'll win in the comments' section.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"He's Got Peter Weller Eyes"

Happy Hump Day!!!!!

And now onto some purposely misinterpreted lyrics.....

The End

Yeah, I don't know why Peter Weller popped into my head either;)

Original source material anyone?
Yep, Kim Carnes' Bette Davis Eyes.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bad Atom: Part Two

 S'up Folks!

Just as I promised, more Bad Atom......

That little bastard. I never knew he had it in 'em;)

Linda Ronstadt says.....


Yeahhhh, I don't think he's going to be very at all. I mean he is a Kree soldier after all, and I highly doubt...