Friday, September 30, 2016

So, Who Would Win?: Magneto VS. Stryfe


Now this is a match up I've wanted to see for awhile now, Magneto, the master of magnetism, versus the evil clone of Cable and unleasher of the dreaded Mutant Legacy Virus, Stryfe.

And yet, these two, as far as I know, have never officially met before, even though I'm sure they know who the other is.

The X-writers always could've had them face each other, but for some reason, it never happened.
Now I know Magneto was out of commission by the time the Stryfe-centric event, the X-Cutioner's Song, rolled around in '92, with the whole thing ending in Stryfe and Cable's apparent deaths. But they both came back, and still no head-to-head with Magnus.

Well I'm righting that wrong today, as they go at it in a bid to see who the true and rightful leader and Messiah of mutants truly is.

Magneto vs. Stryfe, A master manipulator of metal vs. a master of telekinesis and telepathy.





Who wins and why?
Have a good one folks.....

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Going Ballistic

What's up people?

Been trying to keep myself busy and distracted from my fucked up laptop( it needs a new hard drive. Oh joy)
And the continuing saga of "Guess What Needs To Be Fixed Now" with my car.
So I've been re-reading the comics from my collection, and today I focused on the Indy section of my collection with Ballistic by writer Adam Egypt Mortimer and well-known artist Derrick Robinson( The Boys, Transpolitian).

If you've never heard of it, it's a true indie book that was put out in 2013 by small indie publisher Black Mask Studios.

This was, according to series writer Adam Egypt Mortimer, all came about during a discussion with a friend in which Mortimer's friend theorized if tools were alive, they wouldn't allow people to use them to harm or kill. To which Mortimer says " If our tools were alive, those tools would be as insane as we are."

So springing off that discussion, Mortimer, with the artistic help and imagery of Robinson, created the crazy and very fucked up futuristic world of Ballistic.

In this world of Repo City, people are constantly upgrading and modifying their bodies using the latest trendy technological upgrades and programs. It's like Blade Runner on acid with a dash of the Matrix thrown in.
It's very much the same theme and concept Warren Ellis has also explored in his own work, like Doktor Sleepless, for example.

Our guide into this hip and crazy ass world where you can download real porn viruses that infect you, and you can create vegetable avatars to stand in for you, is Butch, a tech-tinkerer and HVAC repairman who's partner is a drug-addicted, talking gun with an attitude named Gun (but of course it is) who cracks wise, "killing things and looking cool doing it".

Things start out already going south for Bitch and Gun when he botches what's supposed to be a simple bank robbery. From there the fun begins for the reader and doesn't stop until the last issue of the series, #5.

I highly recommend you guys look it up and seek it out for yourselves. You won't regret it.
And hey, it boasts being Grant Morrison's favorite comic of 2013. Honest!

Anyways in lieu of the incredibly big farce that is this year's elections, one quote from #5 by the main bad guy responsible for the creation and evil within Repo City, Maxwell Vanderbilt, seemed to me at least, to pretty much sum up my thoughts on the current state of America in 2016.

"Remember the United States? The land of psychotic innovation and heroically unhinged expansion?
Anyone insane enough to travel there and kill people to make a home in that land survived long enough to pass down those genes and form a whole kingdom of wing nuts. 
I know. I was in it when it lost its mind."

Yeah pretty much how I see this country right now.

Monday, September 19, 2016

So, Who Would Win?: Spider-Man VS. The Rogues

Hey folks,
Been awhile I know, and trust me I have a damn good reason why the long absence.
Long story short, I had to replace my transmission, and very shortly after, the hard drive in my laptop shit the bed, so I'm out a laptop until I can afford to fix it next month.
Now sure, I could've kept up with this blog via my cell and other devices, but it's just not the same, nor as easy to do without it.
So after this latest post, I'll be playing the waiting game until I can post again on a more regular basis.

Now, finishing up what I started earlier this month, I'm pitting Spider-Man against the Flash's Rogues, much like I did when I pitted Barry Allen against the Sinister Six.

The Rogues I'm using in this fight, are the ones usually associated with the Rogues:

- Captain Cold
- Captain Boomerang
- Heatwave
- Mirror Master
- Weather Wizard
-The Trickster

Now as I've said before, I personally feel the Rogues would be more of a challenge to Spider-Man than the Sinister Six would be to Barry.

Why? The Rogues have been conditioned to deal with someone who moves as fast as the Flash does. Due to that factor, Spider's famous speed is kinda' neutralized.

Not saying Spider-Man wouldn't win out in the end, but I think the Rogues win the first round until Spidey gets a second wind, and rebounds for the win.
But that's just me......




The Rogues

Who wins and why?

Thursday, September 01, 2016

So, Who Would Win?:The Sinister Six (original) VS. The Flash (Barry Allen)


And a Happy 1st of the month to ya' guys as well.

For this week's edition of So, Who Would Win?, I decided I'd bit Barry Allen against The Sinister Six just as next week, I'm pitting Spider-Man against the Rogues. It's a fun little challenge I think, but nothing these heroes aren't used to, as both teams are basically replacing the other in their respective scenarios.

I will say right off the bat, for me, just off first impressions, it seems like Barry might have an easier time with the 'Six, than Spidey will with the Rogues. Why? Because to me it just seems that Flash, being more the powerful of the two, would take out the Sinister Six in the first battle, whereas The Rogues might just wind up wining the first encounter with Spider-Man, then Spidey regroups and takes them out in the second go-round, But that's just me.

Now here's the original Sinister Six line-up as they first appeared in 1964:

-Doctor Octopus
-Kraven The Hunter
-The Sandman
-The Vulture

You know their powers and


The Flash


The Original Sinister Six

Who Wins and Why?
I'd love to hear your thoughts on this one.

"Closing time. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here."

Well..... I kinda always knew this day would come, and it sure has. It's been a hell of a ride, but it's time to for it end. Ti...