Thursday, June 28, 2018

Super Powers!? What Super Powers!?


Seriously, you don't have super powers, unless of course you mean you've lost your massive fortune and are broke as fuck.
And here I thought he had a back up plan for EVERYTHING....

And Ollie, that mean you can't hit the broad side of a barn now?

And Red Tornado's an android.....merged with a wind elemental and all, but still. He got separated from said elemental all of a sudden? Then wouldn't he be, you know, dead for reals then?

Silly Batman....

The sad look on Aquaman's face is priceless. It's like he's resigned himself to be the team's comedy relief (more so than usual) by making sad fish faces and blowing bubbles while wearing a giant fish bowl.

I can't even imagine how happy he was when Geoff Johns decided to rehabilitate his public image decades later.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

"Say, don't I know you from somewhere?"

Haven't made one of these in awhile, but here it is, here's a brand new skit before the month ends featuring Deadpool and Swamp Thing......

Pretty much. But hey, a gig's a gig, especially if it's a steady one, right?

Monday, June 25, 2018

Fixed It: Knights In Trump's Service

   I'm starting the week off continuing with my new feature, (There)Fixed It, where I find a random panel from a random comic that inspires me to "fix" said panel with my own unique take on it.

Today I go after our esteemed Commander-In-Thief, Pres Trump all thanks to finding a random panel from an issue of Jack Kirby's The Demon comic.

     Here's the original:

     There, Fixed It:

That's so on the nose it's not even funny......and yet it still is.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Marvel Comics gets "Warped"


So apparently the new "it" thing (well, not THAT new really) over at the "House of Ideas" is to start taking some of their popular, known heroes and villains, and mash them together Amalgam Comics-style.

Sure it started out with slow with Red Hulks facing off against the Green ones, and then it just escalated from there with the latest one coming from Dan Slott in the form of the Red Goblin, a mash-up of the Green Goblin and Carnage.

Well now it seems Marvel's really going for broke with the mash-up gimmick and has just released information about a new "event" called Infinity Warps, where they really go all-in on this new phase of theirs.

Here's a link to an article by where they explain everything....for now:

I know Googum and I have talked in length many times about this, but it seems to remain a relevant criticism, especially over at Marvel, that since no one really make good, new characters anymore since the creative team that creates wouldn't own them, there's little to no incentive to create new characters/properties, and that more and more derivatives of old characters are "created" instead.

This of course is all still lazy as fuck as far as I'm concerned. Sure I understand the hesitance for creating new material, but still, there's only so many times you can cannibalize your older creations before it all becomes one giant parody of itself.

Still, that being said, I do like the Warped combos they've showed off so far, well visually if nothing else. Seriously though, I'll have to admit that they all look really cool design-wise, and the names...aren't that bad. Could be a lot worse honestly. Well they could.

Here, check them out for yourselves and see what you think of these pairings:

And the group shot:

 I'm sure it's all really short term stuff to further cash in the Infinity War movie, as they have been recently doing with all those Infinity War-related minis, one-shots and specials. And I guess as a company they'd be fools for not milking the shit out of that particular cash cow that Jim Starlin and Co so generously gave them....

....but still....Will the House of Ideas ever produce truly new ideas rather than continuing on recycling, remaking, and cannibalizing old ideas in the absence of new ones?

We'll see I guess.

At least DC is trying new things and introducing new ideas and characters via that whole Dark Metal event series.

Have a good rest of your week and weekend folks......

Monday, June 18, 2018

Remember when they turned Batman in a walking Pog dispenser?

I do. 

Pepperidge Farms remembers too.

   Just saying......


Friday, June 15, 2018

This really should be a regular feature here.....


      Source: Marvel Two-In-One Annual #1

      There, fixed it....

Hmm, I wonder what other panels I can fix.....

Monday, June 11, 2018

Updates and General Observations.....

Well after a good while of Shlomo telling me how good it was, I finally watched the DC animated movie Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay.

It was really, really good, and well-worth the movie rental.

Lots of twists and turns that actually made sense, some cool cameos, and even a little hint of some sweet, sweet HLA (Hot Lesbian Action) via some quick nipple slips.

                             Thanks for the (all-too brief) show ladies.

What I didn't see coming was the final death(s) at the end, which I won't spoil for anyone who hasn't watched it yet.

Very cool character bits though, with a very satisfying ending that made sense and continued, in a sense, from the last 'Squad animated movie and another one in Flashpoint.

Batman: Gotham By Gaslight was just as solid of a movie, being an adaptation of a popular Elseworld's story set in the late 1800's during the heart of the nightmarish reign of terror by the infamous Jack the Ripper by the creative team of Brian Augustyn and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, with inks by P. Craig Russell.

Did NOT know who "Jack" was going to turn out to be, thinking it'd be Harvey Dent, but it wasn't, it was *rhymes with Him Blordon*

Don't know why I don't see that one coming, but then I never really read all of the source material or ending, so I was definitely shocked. Especially since they went with a different character being revealed as Jack, and not who they went with in the movie.

Hell of a fighter. Goddamn, what a final fight scene!

I guess "Uncle Jake" Jacob Pecker didn't rate being in the movie.

I wonder if they'll ever adapt the sequel to Gaslight, Master of the World? Hmmm.

Again, all this does is prove my point that when it comes to movies, DC/WB should stick to making animated movies, because that's where they continue to deliver each and every time.

Not so much on the live-action end.

Really, until they make the same effort into crafting their big screen stuff with how well they make their animated films, they'll always be stuck playing catch-up to how well Marvel's doing in that area.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Well folks, that app that allows you to sell your shit, Let Go, has finally been very good to yours truly.

I sold pretty much all of singular Superman comics, some old digests, and 100$' worth of figures I needed to get rid of.

Still have more things to sell, like some old 70's black and white horror magazines like Dracula and Morbius, as well as 70's reprints of classic Will Eisner The Spirit stories.

We'll see how long they last.

The issue for me, seems to be seems things tend to sell better than others, and only true collectors understand what certain things are worth.

Also, if you're going to sell something, make sure you're prepared to do a little travelling depending on where you and the potential seller live. Sometimes it's just not worth making a 45-60 minute trip just for the sake of only making your gas money back.

So far, so good, but now it looks like I'm gonna' have to dig deep to make some extra cash this summer.

Did buy a new Marvel Legends figure though last week:

The new Deadpool/X-Force wave Cable figure.

He's mostly new stuff, like the pouches, guns, arms and head. But the bottom half is all from the Nuke figure.

He's damn good, solid figure, who reminds me of those early X-Force comics I used to buy off the spinner rack back in the day.

                                                              Good times. Good times.....

"Closing time. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here."

Well..... I kinda always knew this day would come, and it sure has. It's been a hell of a ride, but it's time to for it end. Ti...