Monday, May 07, 2012

"Nok, nok, Who's there?"

Hey folks.
Did you guys survive Cinco de Mayo?

I was talking to Goo this weekend, and he mentioned that he was working on a skit with the Atom and Black Hand, and I had completed this one about with the same characters, so I knew I had to hussle and put this baby out quick before he posted his.

So without further ado-doo, "Nok, nok, who's there?"

Black Hand: "Ah, greetings Brother Atom."

Atom: "Black hand? What are you doing here? I thought you were dead?"

Black Hand: "I thought you knew. I'm a member of the Indigo Tribe, Indigo Girls, something like that, just like you now. I'd throw up a peace sign, but my hands are unfortunately stuck like this. So peace to you brother."

Atom: "What, Indigo Girls?"

Black Hand: "Yeah, the Indigo Girls. You know; 90's Alternative-Rock Lesbo group? Lilth Fair? Any of this ringing any bells?"

Atom: "Sorry, I'm more of a Country western fan myself."

Black Hand: "By the look of your attire I'll bet. Anyways...nok, nok, and all that."

Black Hand: "You know all this nok, nok stuff seems like a set-up for a stupid knock-knock joke, except not as funny."

Atom: "You know, now that you mention it it sure does doesn't it? Oh man, what in the hell was Geoff Johns smoking when he made up that whole thing?"

Black Hand: "Probably the same stuff you were when you put that outfit together Nature Boy."

Ric Flair: "Did someone say Nature Boy? Woooooooo!"

The ever lovin' end.


googum said...

Seriously, does compassion make you inarticulate? Or just high?
I feel like I should look up what the indigo rings can actually do,

Dale Bagwell said...

From what I gather about the Indigo "rings" Goo, they force/strongly encourage you to feel compassion/give a damn about your fellow man.

Basically if you're a piece of shit/dick, then you'll become less-dickish by actually feeling empathy for whoever you were dickish too. Or something like that. Yeah, Johns hasn't really finished fleshing them out yet, but that's what the current storyline in GL is supposed to do.

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