Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Meanwhile back at the ranch....."

Hello people,

yes it's me again, and yes it's been awhile, but what can I do?
The computer's permantely FUBARed, and I'm forced to work from my local libarary.

Anyway, here's my attempt at new(and hopefully funny) skits for the new year. Hope you all enjoy.

The 1st one's a short I call "Wasted Time."

Captain Cold
"Where the hell is he!? I've been waiting here for over an hour!"

"Hey Cold, fancy meeting you here."    

Captain Cold
: "'Goblin? What the hell are you doing here?"

Hobgoblin: "I'm here on business if you know what I mean. Afterwards, I figure I'll go out fo a ho and and a show HA ha ha ha!"

: "By the way, have I ever told you how much I just simply love your outfit? What are you supposed to be anyway, some Eskimo-fucker or Eskimo slave-master or something?"


Captain Cold
 "Yeah I'm being given fashion tips from an idiot who still dresses up like it's Halloween all-year 'round, and walks around with a big 'ol Grandma purse! Hell you're so cheap, I bet that big ol' pocketbook of your's isn't even real, it's probably a knock-off!"
Hobgoblin  "Now you see here Captain Parka, this man-purse of mine is very handy and chic. Tim Gunn said so himself! Besides it isn't a knock-off, and I'll prove it to you..."

Captain Cold
"Well smart guy, out with it!"
Hobgoblin: "Damn it to all hell, I've been sold a knock-off! It's not a Berkin bag after all! I'm gonna' track that loser who sold this to me and kill him!"

The next one is simply titlted "Thank you for smoking." Hey I like the movie, and it applies to this skit, honest!

 Hey folks, it's your kinda-friendly-depending on what day it is-favorite assassin here, and I figured I'd take time out of my busy scheduhle to talk to you about one of my favorite vices besides killing people."

"Yessir, when it all gets too stressful, or after a successful mission, be it Suicidal or otherwise, I like to relax with a good smoke.

"And that's why I only smoke these bad boys, and not Brand X. No sir, no shit-ass, second-rate cigerette pack for me, only these bad mama-jamas!"

Catman: "Floyd, what the hell are you doing man?"
Deadshot:" making some quick and easy cash buddy man!"

Deadshot: " Besides I have to salvage my rep anyway I can without taking anymore lumps from Batman or Dan Didio. Seriously Blake, have you even read how bad Sucicide Squad is?"
Catman: "No, I just use all those NuDCU titles for my Litter Box, which I don't use for myself...very often."

Friday, January 06, 2012

Happy New Year Bitches!!!!

A brief update kids!

I do continue to read this blog and comments section, so don't worry I'm still know like a bad fart in an elevator.

I think I might try posting new skits by doing the following:

I'll post the pics, and write the captions underneath to go along with the pic, since I still can't use mspaint.

By doing this, (the skits)it'll essentially become a prose piece, you know like famous writers and Grant Morrison have done in the past. Idk know how it'll all work, or even if it will, but I have try something since not posting a new blog is killing me(well not really, but it's damn frustrating!)

So bar with me as I go medievil in this new year.

have a great weekend guys

PS. if this doesn't work, blame googum!
Not don't, he's cool!

"Closing time. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here."

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