Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Give a hoot

Hey people.
For this skit I decided to finally use my DCUC Dr.Midnight figure and his pet owl side-kick Hootie. Yeah I know, but it was a different time back then. A time where it wasn't uncommon to allow young pre-pubescent boys and all kinds of animals to accompany grown men in costumes to fight other grown men in costumes.
Weren't the 30's and 40's great?

Anyways sit back, and enjoy the show:

-Dr.Midnight talking to his pet owl Hootie.
Dr.Midnight: "And the man said what!? Ha ha! Oh Hootie, your're such a hoot."

Hootie: "Hoot, hoot."

Spectre: "Must....refrain...from killing...that....damn owl!"

Dr. Midnight: "What was that Hootie? Yeah it sure has gotten awfully cold all of a sudden. Come on, let's go someplace warmer.  Now Who's a good owl? Yes you are, yes you are a good owl."

Hootie: "Hootie hoot, hoot!"

Spectre: "Oh the hell with this! God'll let me slide on this one, this one time."

-Something bad happens to hootie.

Dr. Midnight: "Hootie? Hootie? Speak to me! What happened? Oh, oh no, no! Don't go into the light! Don't go into the light! 'Sob'."

Hootie: "*..........."

Spectre: "Yesssss!"

Dr.Midnight: " 'sob' Shine on you crazy diamond, 'sob, sob' "

-Looking up at God
Spectre: "What? You let me do it."

We all know people who not just love their pets, but looooooove their pets. They go into baby talk mode, and it can get just fucking unbelievable and embarrassing how far they'll go. Not that you shouldn't show love and affection to your pets and all, but damn, Sometimes the baby/pet talk can get annoying realllll quick.

"I do not endorse this skit, nor it's missuse and death of Hootie the Owl."

Yeah, about that Darius. How in the hell did you go from this:

To this:

Yeah, my thoughts exactly!


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

hey check it out it's Darius Rucker from Hootie and the Suck Fish :) these photos so remind me of Don Cheadle's character from Boogey Nights. ya know what i'm talking about right Dale TeaBagwell? thanks for the comment on the re-cornered blog. that one along with the re-paneled blog and re-covered blog are some great places to find some innovative fan art. i thought they were long in need of having the Suicide Squad thrown into the mix. the re-paneled blog also recently featured something i sent them and i also sent a submission to the re-covered blog but that one hasn't gotten posted yet. i have this idea for an upcoming posting where i collect people's head shots and photoshop them on the Checkmate Knight figure just like i did with me and put them all together.

Dale Bagwell said...

Mad props to you Ben on the clever wordplay with TeaBagwell. I've never heard that one before if you can believe that,so you've made my day.

As for Mr.I-m-a-country-singer-now Rucker, I figured the Band name and Mr.Midnight's pet owl's name was too good to pass up on. Yeah it's lazy, but funny lazy to me.

I look forward to your photoshopping project, as I'm sure that'll be a sight to see.

Dan said...

Nice post. I used to live with the female version of that Dr Midnight. While I didn't have the Spectres connections I did try to vader choke her pets once or twice. Yip that's me Dr Dolittle.

Dale Bagwell said...

That's turrible Dannnnnnn! Ha!

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