Thursday, August 30, 2012

Still hungry.....

I could have sworn that I posted that last skit piece yesterday, but when I went to go check on the comments, it was still listed as being in the draft stage. That's fucking weird!

 It wasn't intentional, but here's a sorta sequel to Who's Hungry?

Enjoy folks!

Red Arrow: "Man I'm really hungry! I mean I got a serious case of the munchies after all that pot and heroin I just did. And I really need something to coat my stomach, so I wonder what the hell should I eat.
Hmmm, maybe Mexican."

El Dorado: "Hola Amigo! ?Como esta usted? Looking for some Mexican Senor?"

Red Arrow: "Well yeah, but how did you know?"

El Dorado: "No say, pero how about some nice chicken fajita strips and some of my homemade salsa?"

Red Arrow: "Uhhh yeah, I'll pass El Dorito. I learned my lesson the hard way after the last time I ate something "homemade. I'll tell you what, I'll never eat "homemade Alfredo sauce"from a stranger for drugs ever again! Now vamoose, Va mos! "

El Dorado: "But how about some nice tasty pico de gallo?"

Red Arrow: "Alright, what's next? Hmm, how about some nice Sushi?"

Samurai: "Konichiwa Red Junkie-San. Might I interest you in some nice Sushi?"

Red Arrow: "Yeah sure thing Tojo. Is it homemade?"

Samurai: "But of course Super Heroin-San. The fish are-"

Red Arrow: "Yeah, that's cool Judge Ito. I'll pass."

Samurai: "I am not Judge Ito, I am the honorable Samurai from the Super-Friends!"

Red Arrow: "Sure, sure. And that was how long ago? They only let you in because they had a minority quota to fill, and were hungry for some Tuna rolls. Don't get it twisted Mr. Sulu."

Samurai: "I am not Mr. Sulu! Continue to disrespect me and I will choppy-choppy your pee-pee!"

Red Arrow: "Whatever man. You might as well since it's like a taffy pull anyways."

Twenty minutes later.......
Red Arrow: "Damnit I really hungry! What else is there to eat? I guess I could go Vegan."

Medphyll: "Don't even think about it!"

Red Arrow: "Whaaaaat!?"

Food songs. Lots of 'em around, so might as well go for one obvious one, and one maybe not so obvious.
The obvious one:
"Eat It" by Weird Al

and the not so obvious one:
"Hungry Eyes" by Eric Carmen

Have a good weekend folks!:)


Omega Agent1 said...

Didn't know Red Arrow was the bag man. I'll never look at him the same again.

Dale Bagwell said...

Oh you know it Omega. As long as I can come up with stoner or drug jokes, you can bet your sweet ass Roy Harper will be the butt of them.

He would have wanted it that way:)

Drugs are bad, umkay!

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

man it's like Roy Harper everywhere all of a sudden i got him coming up again in my next posting. that would be cool if there was a version of that figure with his bionic arm? hey Dale, i'm gonna come over to your house and drop an info. dump how does that sound?

Dale Bagwell said...

I see someone's found their sense of humor today:)

No, it's cool go ahead and dump away, just please bring some spray, and clean up after you're done. I still have nightmares of cleaning up the bathroom from the last time Dan was in there. Sweet god, I swear he took a hairy dump that looked like a dead koala!:0

Dale Bagwell said...

And yeah, a bionic Roy figure wouldn't look too bad. I guess someone could always make a custom figure like that using a Winter Soldier figure w/a Red Arrow, or Speedy head swap.

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