Monday, August 27, 2012

Odds and Ends

Well I didn't take any new pics or write any new scripts over the weekend, so here's some misc. outtakes and alternative scenes for your enjoyment. Don't worry it's not that bad:)

I'll be back on schedule this week, so..........

Anybody familiar enough with the movie Clerks 2 should know where this scene comes from.

                                 This one's dedicated to Lance Armstrong. Hang in there buddy:)

The next set is a series of variations on the same theme; namely this picture:

An old picture taken of me and Dan, or Captain Boomerang and Pyro, you decide:)
If it's Dan-O and me, you can bet your sweet asses this pic was taken after a weekend of debauchery, koala-mugging, and general naughtiness:)

Speaking of Danny-Boy, he posted recently about Rob Liefield's twitter wars with whoever he decided to attack. Amongst his latest victims were current Bat-scribe Scott Snyder and Marvel's very own info guru, Tom Brevoort.
Here's the link if you're interested in reading the whole thing, including what Liefield wrote to each person.

Personally, I think the whole thing reeks of Liefield trying to divert heat off himself for leaving the books the way that he did. At first, I was on his side since he claimed he left due to heavy editorial interference. Okay, I can buy that, especially with a big publisher like DC. Plus George Perez and other former DC writers/artists basically said the same thing. But then Liefield started go further, claiming DC has no direction with the titles. Okay, I can kinda' see that too. But then he started attacking random DC employees, with whom I'm not aware he previously had any beef with. And then he goes from there. Just crazy man.

The thing I don't get is how he keeps getting re-hired by either of the big two. Somehow his name carries some weight for things he did over 20 years ago, yet he hasn't really done anything amazing or beneficial for the industry on the whole, other than bad art, and poor writing.

I was talking to Googum about this yesterday, as I noted how he must have an extreme case of creative ADHD since he can never seem to stay on one project for very long without getting bored and jumping into/onto some other random project. Like take his own creations for example; he's got Youngblood, which he puts out basically whenever he feels like, but then gets bored with his own stuff and leaves for either of the big 2. Makes no sense. But then he's been like this for years, so its not like its surprising or anything just sad. Especially now that he's gone out of his way to kind of burn the bridges there to both companies. Crazy, just crazy.

Finally, got to give out a shout-out to one of the Five, Omega Agent. Here's the link to his kick-ass Bronze Tiger Custom figure he did. 
The paint job's excellent, as the whole thing really. Mattel needs to take notice, as they got a talented possible future sculptor here.

I'm outta' here........


Dan said...

Hey mate - don't knock Koala muggin till you try it. It gets pretty addictive fast, till you meet that rare 'savage she-hulk' type that actually chases you back...

Boomerang and Pyro? So now you are even claiming to be an Aussie even in miniature? :) Something tells me the want to be part of Aussie-nation runs deep in this one.

To me Rob is the comic version of Mariah Carey. People who don't realise the spotlight of their careers has moved on long after everyone else does. Rob could be such a powerful force behind the scenes passing on all he learned as one of the comic Beatles that first formed Image, and pushing the industry forward, as the head of Awesome Entertainment or whatever he's calling himself now or even as part of the big two.

Still mate, looks like you've picked up another fan of your commentary over on the post you're linking to back at IADW. Feel free to pop over and remind him there's a whole blog of Dale funny right here :)

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i'm way more familiar with the first Clerks movie then i am with the second so i'm drawing a complete blank on that reference. although if you had done a take off on that scene with Jay n Bob doing that Silence of the Lambs take off i would have gotten that right away. as for Roy Harper yeah his life in the old DCU was really fucked but at least he got to fuck Cheshire for a while there almost makes everything else worth it. one more thing Dale, never go from from ass to mouth, only the reverse.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan, Do I want to be an Aussie? Maybe:) I'd try it just to say I did.

But a less funny explanation for using Pyro, is well that my name is Kingflame81, I'm a Leo, which is a fire sign, and I love fire, but I'm not a pyromaniac. I leave that to the professionals:)

I need to go find that guy or gal then toot sweet then Dan. They must get the full house of fun experience:)

As for Rob, I agree w/ you on how much he could be helping the next generation of writers/artists, etc. Back in the early Image days they seemed to be all about scouting new talent. Now he's just focused on himself and his shitty work. Sad really.

@Shlomo, now that was funny. Ass to mouth indeed. Although in the second one while Dante swears up and down that you don't, his boss, played by the lovely Rosario Dawson, admits its okay in the heat of passion to do it. Funny shit, go watch the sequel man!

Dan said...

Nah mate being a Kiwi is where the funs at, like me. Being a temporary aussie is just for shits and gigs.

Speakin of your love of flame though, there's no music vid for this post? Not even a little Prodigy Firestarter or Light My Fire by The Doors?What happened to Daves Jukebox?

Im a Taurus. Dont know what that means more than that really, but its a pretty sweet ticket most of the time.

Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah I probably should've put something in there music-wise, but I was feeling lazy. Good song choices though. I'm sure I'll work those in somewhere down the line.

Kiwi huh? Cousins to Brits and Aussies right? You'll have to enlighten what Kiwis do for fun then:)

Being a Taurus just means that you're an earth sign, good with money, likes material things, steady and dependable like a rock, occasionally stubborn depending on the person.
Something like that. You're fine Danny-boy.

Omega Agent1 said...

First off, thanks for the shout out. I hope you guys really did like the custom.

And I don't know if we should stone Robbie yet. it is known that DC will hire you for a job then want to do the job they hired you for (interfere).

Dale Bagwell said...

@Omega, hey I meant it brother. That custom is sharp!

As for Rob-O, when you're a quote, unquote, "Big Name" like Liefield you usually can get away with shit like this and eventually get re-hired. So yeah, the regular rules don't apply to us common folk, thus why ass-clowns like Liefield keep getting jobs, while the rest of us sit with our hands out.

Although this time, as far as DC, and probably now Marvel, are concerned, he probably won't be invited to any Christmas parties anytime soon. I believe Didio and EIC Bob Harras, who hired Liefield, regret hiring him, so there's that.

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