Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Devil Inside

Today's going be a real, shorty-short one folks.
Why you my ask? Well I'm feeling a little lazy, but I also have to pack for my birthday weekend trip, so there.

Oh don't worry, I'll be back by Monday. And if not, well then I guess one of the fab Four(no not those fab four) can play rocks, paper, scissors to see who gets to run the House.

Knowing them, they'll just turn it into a frat house filled with strippers, loose women, and all the beer you can drink.

Well that just sucks; throwing a kick-ass party like that only after I'm gone. Some friends:(

today's short-shot involves the Blue Devil, so enjoy!

-Blue Devil climbs up out of the dark chamber.
Blue Devil: "Whew! Damn, that was some work climbing up out of there. Ugh! I think I saw my dignity and Dan Didio's soul down there. Coincidence? I think not."

-Blue Devil looks back down
"Yep. They're down there all right. And look, there's the entire pre-rebooted DCU continuity down there too. Huh. Far out. Sad, but far out."
What? Hey I feel as a paying customer, and yes I still do occasionally buy DC Comics,( But more often than not its the trades I buy nowadays) that I can readily and willfully rip on books that out right suck.

If you've followed this blog long enough, then it should be no surprise that I openly have disdain for Dan Didio and the current editorial regime over there. I'm not blaming, nor do I have issues with the characters themselves. I'm not because they're simply imaginary characters subject to the whim of the very company that owns them. So it's not their fault when they act uncharacteristically and say and do shit they wouldn't normally do(i.e. the current Justice League title). And no, I can't blame the entire company, since that entails blaming the production staff, trade paperback staff, and various other groups of workers. So I won't, although I will throw the crew responsible for the DCUC toy line in there based off the repeatedly stupid and asinine decisions they've made lately regarding that line's fate.
But that's besides the point.

I know I've bitched about this repeatedly, so I'll stop for now, but I abso-fucking-lutley hate the reboot! I don't care what people or some comic professionals say, the reboot makes no sense and is completely unnecessary. I'll leave it to other, more comic industry-oriented websites like can supply you with the exact sales figures, but by and large they haven't super-boosted the industry. Some say it was the shot in the arm, the industry needed. Really? 30-odd years of continuity flushed down the drain just so the company could justify new shiny #1's and ugly costumes?

That and they needed to reboot everything just to publish digital comics?  I'm pretty sure they could have done that and left things they way they were. And aside from the horrible Teen Titans and Superboy rebooted relaunches, you honestly expect me to believe they couldn't have told the types of stories they have so far and put out the types of books they had without having to go through the rebooting process?

 Not buying it. Especially when you see titles like GL, Batman, and even Aquaman go on like nothing's really happened.

But I digress. I know, I know, I just have to get over it like everyone else did, but still......

Anyhoo, I'll leave you guys with something positive and fun, since I am Mr. Morbid and not Mr. Angry, and this is the House of Fun, and not the House of complaining. So with that in mind, here's some INXS, and their hit "Devil Inside."

Take it away boys!

Have a good weekend folks!


Dan said...

First Australian slang, now INXS - you really are training to come down under aren't you?

You are right that anything touched by Geoff or Batman got to go on unchanged - I wonder if that was his deal for writing 'Tastes Like Justice League'.

Loved the BD skit though - very clever way of gettin ya point across mate. Have a good one.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan, Ha,ha! No not intentionally, but I guess I'm off to a good start huh?

I think to really train to be Australian, I need to chuck an entire 6-pack of Fosters while in a 'Roo's pouch, kick a koala, and toss a 'Rang, all while in the 'Roo's pouch. At least that's what the guide book told me:)

I knew you'd get a kick out of Blue Devil, so that and the fact that he's the latest victim of the reboot makes sense. I'll try and see about including him in future skits, as I have a ton of figures I haven't even used yet. So wait and see.

Speaking of, enough with the teasing, what figure did you get? and will he go down under?:)

Ha ha, you da' man Dan!
Thanks for stopping by, and cheers you dinkum billabong!

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

for me the issue with the reboot is not so much that they did it but more the way it's been handled. they shouldn't have made so many changes. of course you know all about the SS but they really fucked over the classic origins of the Swamp Thing too which is what caused me to drop that title after a few issues. i'm not buying any new books anymore neither DC or Marvel have anything i'm interested in these days.
considering how problematic Spiderman was for you guys i'm surprised what they did with the Bane character didn't urck you guys as well in the new Batman. i really don't like how that mask was something that was feeding him some a pain killer. i was looking forward to seeing Bane get juiced on venom. i didn't want to see anything so dramatic as his muscles noticeably bulging or anything like that. but maybe just like something that temporarily stimulates your adrenaline glands so you have greater then average strength for a short while much like you hear sometimes with people during times of panic and or when their freaking out while high on something.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo, yeah you bring up a good point, but that honestly didn't bother me because I was so into the movie it didn't distract me. True, I didn't, and still don't care for that version of his mask, but it did serve as the deus ex machina at the end, so there's that. I respect Nolan, and understand that he was going for a more realistic take on the Bat-Universe, thus probably why Bane's mask looked that way. But yeah, with all sorts of steroids out there on the market, it wouldn't have killed him to put that in there too. But hey, ever since Shumacher's god awful version of Bane that literally burst from the comics, I don't blame Nolan for the direction he took.

As for the reboot, I swear I'm done going on a full-on rant on that shit. Nope, from now on I'll be my typical, lovable smart-ass self, and provide plenty of snide/snarky comments whenever even a hint of that shit rears its ugly head:)

But yeah, how ugly is Swamp Thing;s new look? G**Damn, he looks like he's either trying to role/cos-play the game of thrones, or he was the product of Madame Heap from Fraggle Rock and Trigon from the the Teen Titans getting together,getting drunk, and fucking.

Yes, I just referenced Fraggle Rock. Be afraid, be very afraid:)

Dan said...

Hey Jim Henson's work is like Kirby its awesome because they are, so no need for nightmares unless youre dreaming of dozers building cages around you and talking trash heaps, then I get your point :)

For Bane I actually think they did a great job converting him over, lifting him from the big batcrossover Legacy was cool too as that was an awesome storyline by Chuck Dixon and the crew where his boss was well who it is in the movie. That one element fixes Bane's main flaw as a character he has no real purpose. To be the best and break the rest is fine but after the back of the bat it gives you few stories to extract, unlike a guy who lives to induce fear, or an environmental nut bag hottie and joker already has chaos for chaos sake covered.

but make him the muscle for someones cause and you win just like in Secret Six And DKR because he then has purpose.

As for being an aussie after riding a roo... well you could do that but there are easier ways!

Dale Bagwell said...

If I had hair, I could add some Roo' to my do, but I don't, so I can't:(

An easier way you say? Does it require me to find an aussie hottie, and ask her if she has any American in her, and would she like some?

Love, love Fraggle Rock, as that was an early childhood favorite, right along with the original Muppet Show. Funny enough to entertain the kids, but filled with various social commentary that the even the adults can enjoy.

Dan said...

The muppets were my first real relationship. two old men in a booth introduced me to sarcasim and my world has never been the same. actually that sounds alot like a gay porn plot when you read it back but im too tired to reword so i'll let it run.

right now you could get into aussie by offering a medal as they are kinda low on that tally. unlike my homeland of new zealand - go the mighty kiwis!!

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