Monday, August 13, 2012

"Birds of a feather"

And how was your weekend?

Mine was fan-fucking-tastic people!

Hung out w/StarryPluto and got crazy drunk:)  Trust me when I say a little pub-crawling never hurt anyone, but damn did my money go! Ha ha. Trust me I was so smashed throughout the night, that if you'd ask me for $5, I probably would have handed you one. That's just how messed up I got. But I had fun, so no harm, no foul:)

Before all that though, I went to my favorite comic store.....and was massively disappointed. The figure selection(for me anyway) was abysmal, so no luck there. Not even on the loose stuff.

But I didn't come away empty-handed. No sir. I actually lucked out with some nice swag actually, courtesy of the dollar bin.

This is what I bought, and what an eclectic selection of goodies it is.

Starting off, I got three issues of the Bulletproof Coffin:Disinterred mini-series by David Hines and Shaky Kane. I was already aware of this series, but never had the chance to pick up an issue. I was hooked by the incredible and colorful Shaky Kane covers, and stayed around because of the really amazing stories inside. I'm convinced that this is one of those criminally underrated titles you hear or read people talking about, and BC is definitely one of them. 

Why? you might ask. It's an alternative to the type of stuff that's already currently flooding the market due courtesy of the big two. So thank god there's an Image Comics, and books like these out there, that doesn't depend on Events or line-up shake ups to sell them. This is totally original innovative stuff, all the way from how the book's put together via panel layout(such as the issue 4), and the creepy, yet imaginative parts that keep the reader guessing just what the hell it was they just read.  I like that, and if you give this title a try, I'm confident you will too.

Yep, I just got all Reading Rainbow on your asses!

Speaking off underrated, Mark Waid/Barry Kitson's The Brave and the Bold: Flash and GL mini is also a damn good under-appreciated read. To me this gem from late 1999/early 2000 seems like a love letter from Waid about the silver age heroes who excited him as a kid. Combined with the series he did before this one, JLA:Year One, you just get the sense that these guys are safe in the writer's hands because he has so much love and respect for them. Geoff Johns really should have read or re-read this series, because unlike Johns, Waid knows how to tell amazing and interesting yesteryear stories of these guys without resorting to ret-coning in unnecessary plot elements like rape and torture just to give them a "modern" feel. Nope, Waid just gives us stories and adventures we can feel good in reading, and thus why Waid's in such demand. Hell he's doing that right now in his acclaimed Daredevil run, which is an alternative in itself, from the same company obsessed with pumping out "Event" comics.

I also was able to finally check out an old favorite series of mine, that's recently restarted, Transformers:Regeneration One. This series continues the adventures of the last true Marvel series, and keeps the same numbering , with issue 81 and on. I really dig the different covers, as two iconic TF artists handle a cover each in Andrew Wildman and Geoff Senior.

The writing and art was just as good if not better as it was when it was cancelled. Of course having the same creative team from round the same time period helps too:)

If you were a fan of the series around the time it was cancelled, or if you're just a TF fan period, then you owe it to yourself to pick up this little treasure from yesteryear.

Then there's an issue I've been looking forward to for a long time now, in JMS/Chris Weston's The Twelve. It's been many, many moons since we've gotten any new Twelve material, but fear not, because he last two issues are coming out. I snagged this one, and despite missing out on the previous two, was still a damn good read that prepares the reader for the last issue period. Dynamite Man, the villain of the story, is finally dealt with in a satisfactory way. The person who takes him out is as surprising as how its done. I won't spoil it, so pick it up for yourself.

Now while I know Marvel hasn't used these characters more probably because the maxi's not finished yet, it still would have been nice to see more interaction with the mainstream MU instead of isolating them. Maybe they will later. Well, those who've survived that is.

Lastly, I picked up the infamous therapy session issue of Peter David's X-Factor#87. It really is as good as it's been hyped.

And that was my swag. Not bad. But hopefully the store will have more stuff there figure-wise this coming fall.

Alright, on to today's skit. 


DC Direct Hawkman: "Sheira, what are you doing with him!?"

Sheira: "Sorry Carter, but I'm with this big handsome man now. Carter, meet Carter Hall 2.0"

Hawkman: "Ha ha. Step aside weakling. Sheira's just upgraded to a real man!"

DCD Hawkman: "But, but I'm Hawkman."

Shiera: "Sorry honey, but this Carter's way more flexible and stronger than you in all the right places. Isn't that right baby?"

Hawkman: "You know it dirty bird. Beat it stiffy, and let a real man show you how its done."

DCD Hawkman: "Never! Have at thee. For Sheira, for Thanagar, for-"

-Hawkman lays the smackdown on DCD Hawkman, and knocks him out.......with one punch.

Hawkman: "I hated to for you to have to see me do that, but it needed to be done."

Sheira: "I hope you didn't wear yourself out with that puny bird, 'cause mama's in need of some feather-plucking."

Hawkman: "That's a big 10-4, dirty bird!"

I imagine this Hawkman is built like that Old Spice guy, and shit just appears out of thin air whenever he poses:)

I'll leave you with a song that's been stuck in my brain for the last few days. I liked it so much, it became my unofficial  official anthem for this previous Saturday's drink-fest party.

Yes, it's current and poppy, and yes it's by one of those bands that only appeals to 'tweens, but I like this one. It fits, trust me.

Here's Grouplove with "Tongue-tied."


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i can't say i'm familiar with the titles you mentioned in this posting but i'm glad some body other then me is talking about what they're finding in those one dollar bins for a change. there's this store in Alameda that sells a ton of vintage collectable toys. they've got a lot of those bins that have random loose figures you'd love that place. but there's at least a couple of comic shops around here that have some too but in general there's not as many places these days that carry as many vintage action figures as there used to be. back in the 90s there used to be toy show expos around here all the time. those were awesome to go to with my friends and find all kinds of vintage sci-fi and comic book based toys. it was so cool just to be waiting in line and see some of the stuff in the exhibit hall and have that sense of anticipation of getting inside. man i fucken miss those days!

Dale Bagwell said...

Hey the $ bin is where it's at man!

At I highly recommend Bulletproof Coffin because it really is out there, and not an average, mainstream book. In fact if anything, it makes fun off the traditional comic conventions while looking damn good doing it.

Hey I miss my comic collecting days of yore too. It seems as each year passes, I get more and more unenthusiastic about comics, while my addiction to DCUC/ML figures increases. It's weird how happened, but I will say this, even though you really have to look beyond the crap that takes up space on the shelf, the industry on the whole, is still producing better products than it did awhile ago. It just doesn't always seem that way at the time.

Omega Agent1 said...

those guys in the video seem to be acid tripping. I want to see another one of there video's, this was a good laugh for me. Dude was running backwards, colorful blurs of the nights events and Mr. wrestling numberII was waiting on him at the party for who knows what.

And boy what woud have been even funnier is if while the birds were fighting, Sheira left with John Steward.

Dan said...

im glad you like Waid and Kitsons Brave and The Bold. Empire, JLA Year One, whatever these two touch is gold.

As fer Image, I'm with you on that. Solo, Fatale, Manhattan Projects are my top three reads right now and Image makes up the bulk of my pull list. Youre right it is a refreashing change.

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