Thursday, August 09, 2012

BAM! POW! There goes my colon!

A short one today folks, because you know...I can:)

This is kind of based off what Batman and Robin would really look like in real time. Or to go in another direction, just imagine this is what Adam West and Burt Ward would look like if they decided to put those the bat-tights back on.

Batman: "Quick Robin! To the Bat-mobile!  Cesar Romero, uh I mean, the Joker's on the loose again!"

Robin: "Holy Colon-Blow Batman! We better hurry before those bat-laxatives we just took kick in  and we float on down to downtown Gotham City in a mudslide!"

Batman: "Too late Robin! Ugh! They! Oh my! I just took a bat-dump in my belfry!"

Robin: "Holy AARP membership! That smells awful! Looks like the Joker's gonna' get away this time, and not because the Bat-mobile broke a wheel either."

Batman: "Quick Dick! Get Alfred! Tell 'em it's going be long, messy night. Ohhhhh!"

Looks like there really is no country for old men. Even in Gotham City:)

Have a good weekend folks!

And on an unrelated note, here's a funny-ass scene, and one of my favorites, from Cheech and Chong's movie Up in smoke.
 It's probably just me, but I love the way Chong's movie dad says "Son of a Bitch!" 
Fucking priceless!


Dan said...

LOL Bat-laxatives? Now there's a weapon no villain can shield themselves against! Batarang - your days may be numbered!

Have a good weekend Dale!

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

yeah let's see you do postings like this when your pushing 50 and getting more grey hairs on your balls.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Dan. Ha! Thanks man, hope you did too!

@Shlomo, is that a challenge I smell?
Already getting grey hair myself, just not on my balls. Yet:)

Omega Agent1 said...

@last mudslides for everybody.

I don't know, just wanted to use the @ symbol.

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