Friday, August 24, 2012

Who's Hungry?

-Skallok and Medophyll come running in a panic from some unknown destination.....

Skallox: "Oh Jesus...'pant, pant'....Oh Jesus, oh sweet, sweet Jesus! I can't believe we made it!"

Medphyll: "Yeah, 'pant', for a minute there....'pant'...I thought we goners."

Hal Jordan: "Whoa fellas. What the hell happened to you guys?"

Skallox: "We were chased down by a bunch of weird, hungry aliens. The first one was living planet who called himself Ego. Then another one was a tall blue and purple humanoid called Galactus."

Hal Jordan: "Who? What?"

Medphyll: "Yeah, and the big blue and purple guy had a shiny, flying metal creature who worked for him chasing us down."

Hal Jordan:"Wait, how do you know that shiny guy was for this Galactus?"

Skallox: "Because you idiot, he was throwing barbecue sauce on me, and ranch dressing on poor Medphyll over here!"

Hal Jordan: "What!? Now why would someone do that?"

Skallox: "I just said, because Galactus wanted to eat us you ass! Eat us! Barbecue sauce for me because I look like a walking rack of ribs, and ranch dressing on Medphyll because he's made out of fucking broccoli!"

Hal Jordan: "Hmmm, yeah I guess that makes sense. Man, you know all this talk about food sure's making me hungry. So who's hungry guys? I'm buying."

Skallox and Medphyll: "Grrrrrr!"

-And elsewhere, in another part of the distant galaxy......


Classic Hal huh guys?
This skit was heavily based off this old Muppet Show sketch. The one where the Gill brothers sing "Aunt Chovy."
Some guy in the audience was waiting for them with Tartar Sauce:) Classic.

Have a good weekend people........


Omega Agent1 said...

I could never understand how a Medaphill or Mothman could even get a figure?

And when DCUC does come back I hope they do some pants for a figure or two because I'm tired of every figure having skin tight super stretch pants.

Dale Bagwell said...

I don't get it either man. Those cats over @ Mattel are a weird bunch when it comes to deciding who gets made and who doesn't. I mean, I'm glad about the diverse amount of characters already made and all, but yeah I hear ya'.

And as for pants, well the new John Constantine figure does have pants, and Kamandi has jean shorts so there's that. But yeah, there's kind of a debate going about the GA Flash, Jay Garrick figure. Depending on the artist drawing him, he either has tight pants or tights, and the figure was kind of a mix, so there's that too.

Omega Agent1 said...

Kamandi doesn't really count or at least for me to customize with. I need figures that has blue jeans, slacks hell Prince of Egypt pants to do some customs.

I haven't figured out how to disassemble marvel legends without tearing em up to bad. But they do sort of gove you more of a cargo look. Waiting on US Agent man, later.

Dale Bagwell said...

Me too, trust me. He's a figure that's long been overdue to appear in the ML line. Of course that goes for other figures like Quasar, Dazzler, Jack of Hearts, the Grim Reaper, and more.

Other swapping heads, I don't usually mess around taking figures apart myself. Like you said, that shit can get messy quick, as far as fucking up a figure goes. There are various hints and guides on the internet on how to pop them open, so look for 'em. But mostly that's about how to pop em open at the seams after leaving to set in boiling hot water for a while, which you have to do in order to swap heads and stuff. Bit again, with that type of harder plastic, breakage is almost a given, so good luck man.

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