Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Careful with that ax, Commissioner!"

I'm only doing this because I love you guys,
so yes, it's a special weekend edition of the House.

I was thinking about what kind of skit to do with my Commissioner Gordon figure and the Joker, and then thought up this little chestnut.


The Joker: "Careful with that ax, Commissioner! Ha ha ha ha!"

Commissioner Gordon: "And exactly how long have you been waiting to say that line Joker?"

The Joker: "About as long as it took you to find your groove with that ax, commish!"

Commissioner Gordon: "Funny guy huh? I see Gotham's just full of you comedians lately."

The Joker: "Nope. I killed them all tee hee. It's official, I'm the last of the mohicans. Ha ha!"

                                                    Commissioner Gordon: "Sigh!"


So, anyone catch the Pink Floyd Reference? It's in the title. It's based off one of my favorites, "Careful with that ax, Eugene."

And the other pic's based off of the David Bowie song, "John, I'm only dancing!"

See, who says you can't learn anything here @ The House:)

Have a good weekend folks!


Omega Agent1 said...

Thanks my friend, have a good one yourself. Looking for Joker vs Creeper.

Dale Bagwell said...

Thanks Omega. Yeah I do need to get around to making that one. Shouldn't be too hard once I have the appropriate jokes lined up.

So many to choice from, ranging from clean, too straight-up dirty:)

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

sorry man i didn't pick up on that PF reference. when i first saw this posting title i thought it was gonna be an Axe Body Wash take off.

Dale Bagwell said...

Ha ha. That sounds like a good idea actually. No, I don't expect everyone to get that reference. I guess it's me just showing off my useless amount of rock trivia. No worries, right?

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