Tuesday, September 04, 2012

"Just one of those days"

Happy Labor Day folks!

Well it's official; it's September already. This year has flown by fucking quick, as it has seemingly done for a long while now, at least to me.

I don't know about you guys, but I hell of a weekend, last weekend!
I broke my cherry, and got my first tattoo w/Starrypluto.

Here it is:
Gee, you think he's pro-Marijuana or what?:)

                               Friends shouldn't let friends try to get plastic robots drunk:)

Ha ha, yeah I had fun.

Alright on with the show.....
                  A regular day for the mighty GLC as a select few wait in the GLC commissary line......

                 When all of a sudden, Kyle accidently walks right over B'dg, tripping him out of line....
Kyle: "Oops, sorry man, I didn't see you there."

B'dg: "Oops my ass, you clumsy fucking human!"

Guy: "Uh, yeah, you better apologize to ol' B'dg, or else he's gonna' tear you  a new one."

Kyle: "I said I was sorry!"

B'dg: "You will be after I'm done with your hair-less ass!"

Guy: "Just apologize again already kid! You would't like to see B'dg when he's angry."

Kyle: "What the hell do you mean Guy?"

Guy: "You're familiar with the old saying "it's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog?" Well somebody must've had B'dg in mind when they said that. He's small, but he'll fuck you up!"
Guy: "Hell even purple-puss himself, Sinestro respects B'dg."

Kyle: "No shit huh, Sinestro?"

B'dg: "Fuck yeah Sinestro bitch, I'll own our ass straight up!

Kyle: "Hey man it was an honest mistake. We cool."

B'dg: "Maybe this time. But if it happens again I'll make you eat that ridiculous costume of yours, starting with that stupid-ass crab mask of yours!"

Kyle: "What the hell was all that about?"

Guy: "You see Stel up there with his arm missing?"

Kyle: "Yeah."

Guy: "Well he didn't lose it on account of somebody not buying the necessary figure to give him that arm. Nope, the truth is he got in a fight with B'dg, and was lucky his arm was the only thing he lost."
Kyle: "Nooooo! But I thought-"

Guy: "That's what Stel wish happened. How's the big guy gonna' explain to those big, blue egg-heads that he got his tin-plated ass handed to him by a talking squirrel?"

Kyle: "Fucking A!"

Guy: "Haw, haw!"

Stel: "Sigh"


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

so, you finally reveal yourself! i have 3 tattoos. previously 4 but i had one removed some years back. no it wasn't the name of some triflen hoe i used to date i'm not that dumb.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

oh yeah i almost forgot. mazel tove to your cherry getting popped. i'm glad it was just a tattoo and not a prison stay you're talking about. but on a more serious note be warned tattoos are addictive. after the first one your mind will be racing for the next few weeks about what else would be cool to get. my advice, wait till at least 6 months if you're considering getting another. unless it says "Don't fuck with The Shlomo" that's a good one any time.

Omega Agent1 said...

Nice tat man. Glad you were with Pluto and not those guys from the Hangover. It could have proved disasterous. Long live the Squad.

Dan said...

Hey is that the Addidas symbol? Or maybe just its origins.. Glad you had a good weekend big guy, just remember getting robots drunk gets you funny looks, getting them dancing on tables gets you kicked out. Doesn't bother me but its a facist world out there man.

Dale Bagwell said...

@Shlomo, ha thanks man:) Yeah, I was warned that they are, and I can see that now, because just like you said I'm already thinking about the next ones. I'm thinking a flame, since I'm a fire sign and love and love fire, skulls of course, the simple, black 50's Batman bat-symbol, and maybe a green lantern symbol. IDk, but it's a thought.

@Omega, oh no shit man:) I just wanted one where I could wake up the next day, and not regret getting that one, thus why I went with the pot leaf.

@Dan, ha ha, I know right? Addidas huh? Maybe I should have went with that explanation. I think I'll use that one next time.
Just to be clear though, no robots were harmed in the making of that drunken night out.....at least not by me they weren't:)

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