Friday, April 20, 2012

"Who ordered the Chicken Salad?"

Before I start off with today's skit, I wanted to address yesterday's post. Going back and looking at it, I think perhaps I crossed a line I didn't intend to cross at the time. Perhaps it was a bit too mature and adult for some and I accept that. I intended to start being a little more adult in humor, but not so adult, you'd have to slip a warning label on this blog.  I had forgotten, that sometimes/usually, that clever innuendos are the best method of being more adult in content without stepping over the line. Who amongst us haven't laughed or giggled(who giggles anymore?) out loud at the song lyrics by Aerosmith,  Van Halen, and especially Led Zeppelin and The Doors that were drenched in innuendos.

So from here on out, I won't get too dirty, but just enough to make you laugh at inappropriate stuff, because after all, we're all adults here right? Good. I haven't had any reprisals by Google or Blogger, this is merely me just checking myself, and saying, "yeah, I shouldn't have went there."

Alright, now on with the show:

The Joker: " Hey, chicken-fucker!"

Hawkman: "

            The Joker: "Ha Ha, Ha! I saaaaidddd Hey, chicken-fucker! Ha Ha!"

            Hawkman: "What in the hell did he mean by that?"

-Hawkman looks himself over in confusion.

Hawkman: "Oh yeah...I guess I can see it. Damn that Joker!"

And that was a tribute to the movie Super Troopers
 Here's the scene where it comes from, you know, just in case any of you haven't even seen this movie, which is a crime in and of itself:

I still can't believe it's been over 10 years since this has come out! Damn that makes me feel old(er).
And if I can go all George Carlin on you guys for a minute, where did the term "Time flies" come from anyway?

Has anyone seen Time litteraly fly? If it does indeed fly, where does it go? Does it have to go through the TSA in order to get where it's going? Things to ponder people, things to ponder.

Alright well that's all for today folks. Have a great weekend, and don't do anything too crazy....

Oh yeah, Happy 4/20 guys! You know......


Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

i like how you go from your adult language disclaimer to all this "chicken fucker" stuff. i think that's the same Joker figure that was in my posting?
by the way i have a request. i fucken hate Green Lantern in the Justice League relaunch book he's an even bigger asshole then Guy Gardner was in the old DCU. i'd love to see a skit where Batman knocks his ass out cold like he did Gardner back in the late 80s. you know what punch i'm talking about right?

Dale Bagwell said...

You liked that one huh? Just saying maybe having Spider-Man debate who gets to screw MJ, while Black Spidey mentions he prefers Anal was perhaps going a little too raunchy. Trust me, the first bit of dialogue I wrote was even worse.

Different Jokers Ben. Mine is the Batman:Legacy Golden Age Joker. It's all I had to choose from since I skipped out on the MA one, which I know regret, but it all worked out in the end.

As for hating GL, I hear you, but I am liking where Johns is finally going with the Indigo Tribe(which reminds of a bad Indigo Girls Lesbo joke) and how they're really connected to Abin Sur. Not to mention the Black Hand's gonna
be back and very pissed off!

Other than that, well On the whole(ha ha) I can't stand any of the other NuDCu titles or the NuDcU-verse. I've said countless times before, and I haven't changed my mind.

As for the skit of Batman knocking out head-injury prone Hal, sure why not. I have a Guy figure as well so I could easily throw him into the mix as well, I'll do just for you, how about that?

Dan said...

I laughed at the first words of the 'after embracing a PG rating' Dale to include Chicken Fucker as well - classic stuff!

And yeah the genius of Super Troopers is sadly ten years old. Mind you that's not as bad as the fact Nirvana now plays here on the 'classic rock' station. Somedays it seems the media just wants you to feel old so you'll stay inside and watch more tv commercials.

For me the best titles of the revamped DCU are Aquaman with the Others and Black Manta, Grant on Superman, and Brian on Wonder Woman. Aquaman and Wonder Woman mainly because they are the only ones that really feel like anything has actually changed.

Aquaman's change is more from a writer who a can buld and b DC editorial won't kick off when he's just getting started so he can plan big things, and well the writer of 100 Bullets on Wonder Woman has just flipped that book in all kinds of crazy cool ways.

Diana now the bastard child of Zeus and hated by Athena for representing her husbands inability to stay faithful. It's like it's right out of Greek myth.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Greek myth? Dan, that sorta stuff happens with us mere mortals a plenty don't you guys get Jerry Springer there Down Under?
Dale, i'll just paste below what i replied to your last comment with on the SS blog:
speaking of raunchy that whole Spider anal man bit is nothing compared to this. you can if you want to but you don't even need to look past the masthead. the guy who runs this blog is from France and his previous version of this blog got yanked from blogger for being too over the top:

Omega Agent1 said...

Dale, man the Joker is a fool. I don't know why I kept pictureing Hawkman holding a rhode island red. Feathers flying everywhere.

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

Dale, do you like that cartoon Young Justice? i love it and i wanna pass this on to you in case you like it as much as i do. here are all the links to this week's episode on Youtube. it was absolute bad ass!

Shlomo Ben Hungstien said...

there's one more part:

Dale Bagwell said...

Hey Ben/Dave, pick a name and stick to it why don't you? Ha ha! Yes I have watched Young Justice and Green Lantern, and love both. Goo and I discuss them both on a regular basis, and especially dig the last couple of episodes of YJ. They're really engaging and moving right along with the current awesome story-line.

Great stuff. Now I need to catch up on The Avengers' series on youtube since Goo's been constantly recommending it to me.

Dale Bagwell said...

-Omega, yeah an image with Hawkman holding and loving a Rhode Island Red would be funny as hell. Wish I'd thought of it. Maybe later....

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