Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fun With Pictures

Hey folks and welcome to an  unveiling of  a new disaster piece.
Before the new official sketch based off these pictures gets its proper debut, I was feeling suddenly creative(wasted) and started messing around with the aforementioned pics, and then this stuff came out.

You are forewarned to the sick sorts of test photos that emerged from this creative session.
So don't blame me if you happen to piss, shit, or spew liquids from your bodies while looking at these.

Enough with the court-mandated warning, and on to the show, Fun With Pictures WTF!? Edition:

"You know, Skid Row was right; It really is just wasting time."
"Just, just dance, it'll be okay. Spin that record baby, and just dance."

"Did you bring the condoms this time?"

"Whoops, sorry."
"Fill my eyes, with that double vision. There's no disguise, for that double vision."
"You got my money bitch? You have enough money to buy a fake mustache, but you can't pay me back my money?"
"Kind of bright in here isn't it?"

"No, seems fine in here to me."

"I tried to get you your half of everything Bob, but your ex-wife's lawyer is a real bitch! She really did want an arm and a leg."

In the Spiritual Mosh pit
"Bounce! pogo, pogo, pogo, pogo, bounce!"

"I said no more teabags Larry! If I get caught doing it one more time, Mr. Wayne's gonna' fire my ass!"

"For the last time, no sex in the champagne room!"

Well I hope you all enjoyed these little bits of heaven, because I sure had fun making 'em.
Have a good weekend people.

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