Tuesday, April 03, 2012

"How do my nails look?"

I told you all I'd be back. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

And now on to our feature skit titled, "How do my nails look?":

Nite-Lik: "I, Nite-Lik of the mighty Red Lantern Corps,  doth declare a pox on both your houses!"

Low: "Screw you ugly!"
Maash: "Yeah, shut it ugly!"

Nite-Lik: "Ugly? Ugly!? Who the hell are you guys to call me ugly!? Look in the mirror much you two?"

Low: "Yo' momma bitch, that's who."
Maash: "Ha ha, that's telling him."

Nite-Lik: (Pointing to both) "I say again, a pox on both your-"

Nite-Lik: "Oh what's this? Ooh, I'm so long overdue for a manicure. I wonder if Pai Meng accepts walk-ins 'cause I need to get my nails did"

Low: "What!?  And here I thought he was supposed to be tough."
Maash: "No, more like his breath is, the fucking fetus-head lookin' queen."
Both: "Ha ha ha ha."

Seems like a rough night to need to get your nails did huh?
Until next week guys, keep it cool, keep it classy.


StarryPluto said...

LOL. This is funny man. Let me know if you need to borrow the camera again! I bet you can't wait until the computer is fixed?

googum said...

Hey, quit making those guys look good! I somehow avoided buying 'em, I don't wanna have to go back now!

Dale Bagwell said...

Hey Goo, it's what I do baby! Ha!

-Starry, I will.

Thanks for the comments guys!

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