Monday, April 16, 2012

"When a Blind man cries"

Spider-Man: "Hey DD, can I ask you a question that's always been bugging me?"
Daredevil: "Sure man, why not?"

Spider-Man: "You're sure that you lost your eyesight due to a chemical spill, and nothing else?"

Daredevil: "Of course! What the hell kind of question is that!? I told you that radioactive waste splashed into my eyes, blinding me."

Spider-Man: "
Okay, okay. Sorry just checking is all. I just ask since there's other ways of becoming blind."
Daredevil: "Such as?"

Spider-Man: "
You know, the other way, Masturbation."

Daredevil: "Spidey, sometimes you take the comedy too far."

Spider-Man: "
Ain't I a stinker though?"


Dan said...

Spider-Man - Asker of asks that most most thinkers just think lol

Dale Bagwell said...

You know it Dan, you know it.
Be on the looks out this week for more Spider-man inappropriate-ness.

Omega Agent1 said...

Daredevil the wack off champion...who knew?

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