Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Dude, where's my trident?"

Aquaman: "Prince Namor, it's sure been awhile."
Namor: "Yes it has King of Atlantis."

Aquaman: "We're not really going through this again are we?"

Namor: "No, I just find it funny that we're both relatively kings of our respective Atlantises is all. By the way, nice trident."

Aquaman: "What, this old thing? It's practically an heirloom."
Namor: "Yes I see that. It does seem to have that antiquated, but showy, Liberace look to it."

Aquaman: "Showy?"
Namor: "Yes, it, as the surface-dwellers are so fond of saying, looks fucking gay!"

Aquaman: "What!? I just don't see it. Here you hold this and see how gay it looks Mr. Spock."
Namor: "Oh alright, if you insist."

Namor: "Seriously Arthur, this looks extremely phallic and homoerotic! I want it!"

Aquaman: "I thought you just said it looked gay."
Namor: "Yeah, well I just didn't want you to have it is all. Since I'm the older of the two of us, I should have this."

Aquaman: "Like Hell! besides, you just want to to trade tridents because your's is smaller."
Namor: "As we true Atlantians say, Fuck You!"

So folks, did you enjoy that one?
I'll admit some if these sound a lot better at first, but then seem to fizzle out upon writing them down. That's why from here on out, I promise better, funnier strips.

As a way of making amends, how about a quick viewing of the outtakes from this strip? Everybody loves cut scenes, so what the hell. Enjoy.

Aquaman: "Oh, hello Leonard Nimoy. I didn't know you were supposed to show up.
Namor: "You idiot! I'm Namor!"
Aquaman: "Oops, sorry. You both look so alike and everything it's hard to tell the difference.


Namor: "Yes my precious! Finally we're united again!"
Aquaman: "What the hell are you talking about man? That's not in the script."


Namor: "What the hell kind of shirt is that? Is that FUBU?"
Aquaman: "What? No, and what the hell is a FUBU? Is that some kind of sea-monster in your world?"



StarryPluto said...

You should have had them get into a gay wrestling match! I see you're talking to your Rush loving Jewish friend again! Wow that dude really has a man crush hard-on for you, doesn't he???? xoxo

Dale Bagwell said...

Oh you! Thanks for watching, and no they will not gay-wrestle. Not on my watch anyways.

Dan said...

There are so many jokes that would come from two Atlanteans and a Trident - wait that sounds like an American sitcom all on it's own!

While the guy who fought through WWII in a pair of speedos could always beat Aquaman, "Atlantises" is now the newest addition to my vocab - it's just that cool.

Dale Bagwell said...

-Dan, Ha! I could contribute the delinquency of a friend.

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