Saturday, April 07, 2012

"(Super) Perfect Strangers"

Special Weekend edition folks! Yes, I got my computer fixed, so I'm ready and willing to corrupt the minds of future generations. You have been warned!

Now, you're probably asking, "What the hell's up with the title?" Simple. Anyone from my generation that watched a lot of TV in the 80's knows the title is a play/joke on a sitcom from the 80's called Perfect Strangers. If you don't know, then to to YouTube you must go!

 Go ahead, I'll wait. Watched it yet? Alright then enough of that and on to the feature skit:

-Cap and OMAC both stare at each other, meeting for the 1st time ever.

Captain America: "So...."

OMAC: "So....."

Cap: "OMAC right? I've heard of you before. You're some super-soldier from the future right?"
OMAC: "Yeah something like that. And you're Captain America, the famous super-soldier from WW2 correct?"

Cap: "Yes I am. Can't believe we've never met before even though we share the same creator, papa Jack Kirby."
OMAC: "I know right? Small world. So....."

CAP: "So...nice hair."
OMAC: "Thanks. Would you believe it's as strong as your shield? At least that's what I've heard."

Cap: "No kidding huh? So you come from the future right? Can you tell me about it?"
OMAC: "Yeah, let's not go there. Too many bad memories."

Cap: "PTSD?"
OMAC: "Oh yeah!"

Cap: "I heard that. War really is hell isn't it?"
OMAC: "Brother, don't I know it! You have a kid sidekick too?"
Cap: "Yeah, like you said, let's not go there."


David H. said...

Dale, i coincidentally borrowed a page from your blog game book (skits with action figures)for a posting on the SS blog yesterday which made me think of you naturally. i'm looking at your blog now for the first time since i left the last comment some months back other wise i would have said something earlier. i'm glad you replied and didn't just delete it. it seems that the time lapse between now and that unfortunate incident has done some good as far as cooling hot tempers. i liked your Deadshot/Catman skit. especially since i picked up and read all 6 issues of Villains United (Secret 6 origin basically).

Dan said...

Hey when's a skit with a dude with a mohawk not cool. Next will he be meeting Mohawk Storm? Again nice job mate. Always love reading ya skits. Dead funny they are!

Dale Bagwell said...

-David. No problem man. Time heals all wounds and stuff right. And by all means create away with skits. I don't own the patent to that idea, as I think we all have been influenced by Toyfare and Robot Chicken to a large extent. I'll be sure to check yours out.

-Dan, You beautiful bastard you! Thanks for the love and nice comments. I think it's your turn to try your hand at this. Whatta' 'ya say?

googum said...

If the new ML USAgent comes out before the Fourth of July, I'm totally stealing from this bit...

By the way, it always takes me like four tries to prove I'm not a robot...hmm.

Dan said...

I would mate but I don't have that many action figures except for War Machine, Thor, Daredevil and a Batman - and they're all in NZ in storage!

Maybe next time the toy shop has a clearance I'll grab a Dr Fate or three and put something together. I mean, there's always a few of that guy left on the shelf isn't there!

Dale Bagwell said...

-Goo, go ahead I won't cock block just as long as you send me one too!

-Dan, good luck on getting Dr.Fate; I don't know about e-bay, but on, expect to shell out at least $70 for a decent one. You've been warned.

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