Wednesday, April 25, 2012

File this under Re-goddamn-diculous!

Breaking News!
Marvel's turning Nick Fury Black!


No, not like that time they/Marvel turned The Punisher black for two issues due to Frank getting a face/skin-change from a junkie ex-surgeon, no "This is Real! This is Damn Real!" as Kurt Angle would say.

In case you haven't already seen them, here's the new pics of Marcus Johnson, a.k.a Black Fury(No that's not his name, but I'm surprised it's not. maybe if this was 1972 Marvel would actually have the balls to call him that.)

Yep it's Sam L. Fury, uh, I mean Marcus Johnson as the new (Black)Nick Fury. I wonder if Mark Millar knows about this. Yeah, he probably does. It was probably his own idea to really mess the fans of the MU, and of course, cash another check.

"Bloody Brilliant!"
Isn't that what they say over there after a job well done?

How nice of Marvel to recycle that cool Super-Soldier costume that Cap used to have and give it to new Fury. I guess I'll have to somehow make a custom (Black)Nick Fury out of the new Steve Rogers, Super-Soldier figure I have and tell you all how I did.

And oh look,
Black Fury's brought a friend with him. That's nice. Apparently he's Agent Coulson from the Marvel movies, except now he's officially in 616 Marvel continuity, or to quote the movie Brother, Where Art Thou? "He's Bonifide."

Yes folks, meet Marvel's new creation,
Power Man and Iron Fist 2.0/The new Millennium's Luke Cage and Danny Rand!

And here's where it all starts:

You've been warned! And Marvel you're welcome for the free publicity. Now where's my check? No..just kidding.


Omega Agent1 said...

HEY!!! my names Marcus Johnson. WTF you trying to say?!?

I'M....I'M joking...kekeke. See you even get sold out for a dollar. But the whole thing is really funny (on sooo many levels).

Don't you want to be a white sidekick? At least your doing something. Don't you you like it? NO? And you don't like being turned into a Black guy?.? this shit is funny, your greatest post to date.

Dale Bagwell said...

Awww! You shame with good sir with such compliments. But I'll take them all the same thank you very much.

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