Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"Hair today, gone tomorrow"

Yeah, I know I technically already posted for today, but what the hell. I've got a backlog of skits finished, so enjoy a bonus post today. And with a fresh new skit too. See people, lots of love here.

Captain Atom: "Nice hair there Farrah Fawcett."

Captain Mar-vel: "Ha, that's rich coming from the man who's a walking, talking Duracel battery."
Captain Atom: "Touche' man, touche'."

                               Captain Atom: "Hey, you probably shouldn't stand so close to me then. What with you being so susceptible to Cancer and all. Don't want to end up like Farrah Fawcett for real right?"

                            Captain Mar-Vel: "OMG man! WWFFD? Not cool man, not cool at all!"

 -Hmm. What would Farrah Say?

Yes, I went there, and she did say that. I'm pretty sure she did.


googum said...

If Captain Mar-Vell comes back, he should be rockin' the full, lush head of hair he deserves.

And love the new banner!

Dale Bagwell said...

Aww, thanks Goo. I like the new banner too.

If you've read the previews over at CBR, Cap'n Mar-Vel's not coming back. Carol Danvers is the new Captain Marvel now. She's in a cool, but obviously modified version of tv's WW uniform. Go see and you'll understand. Damn fake out from Marvel!

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