Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Hey people.
For this skit, I figured I'd use the new ML Klaw figure I finally broke down and bought. And even though the Ed McGuinness art for the packaging is better looking than the figure itself(talk about false advertising) he at least looks pretty faithful to how Papa King Kirby made him. Then I figured "who else can I stick in this thing?" So I decide to finally use a cool figure I've had for awhile but never used in a skit, Marvel's Sandman. So congrates on Sandman breaking his cherry....skit cherry that is you sickos. Enjoy.

Sandman: "Hey, hey Klaw."
Klaw: "Yes?"
Sandman: "
Hey, you get Wi-Fi on that thing on your arm? You know with you being made out of sound an' all?"

Klaw: " 'Sigh'....Yes, and I get Digital and free Cable too."
Sandman: "Niceeeee!"
Klaw: "Exactly."

Sandman: "Hey, can you get Flo-Rida on that thing? I love Good Feeling'!"
Klaw: "Yes, but I hate that accursed song! That shit is everywhere!"

-Oh no I didn't!!!!!!

Sandman: "Ya' get Porn on there too?"
Klaw: "Yeah I'm not talking to you anymore. Pervert."

Yeah Klaw's get a point. Flo-Rida is indeed everywhere. And while "Good Feeling" is catchy(hell I've even downloaded it) it's gotten to the point where it's on almost every commercial now. Crazy.

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