Monday, December 05, 2016

Swag-A-Mania Is Running Wild!

Man what a weekend!

So I pretty much did my own Christmas shopping for myself, and made out like a friggin' bandito.

It started off last Friday with a visit to a good friend and former comic shop owner who was selling a decent amount of figures.

This is what I got.....and all for only 60$!

The Marvel Select Savage Hulk and Red Hulk, The ML Hulk series Mr. Fixit Hulk, The ML variant Abomination, The Avengers Disassembled -era Iron Man, The Punisher from the ML Marvel Knights Box-Set, and the DC Multiverse Death of the Family Joker....with his own peeled face as an accessory!

Then my good friend and fellow Blogger Googum, sent me a care package of more figures and comics!!!!! Merry Christmas to me indeed....

First the figures....
The Gotham TV series James Gordon and Catwoman, and the DC Multiverse Supergirl TV Show Supergirl. 
Got a nice, and very cool Hot Wheels Beatles' Yellow Submarine as well.

And a very cool as fuck DC cast shirt.
Now here's the comics' tally along with the whole amount of comics I bought last Saturday included:

-Moon Knight (Vol. 7 #'s 4,5,8)
- What If? (Vol.1 #35), (Vol.2 #'s 3, 5, 6, 12, 18, 20-21, 26, 33, 37, 47, 53, 55-56, 60, 63, 80, 89) What If?: Back in Black, What If?: Infinity-Dark Reign, What If?: What If Doom was the Thing?, and What If?:Siege (#200)
-Doom Patrol (New series 1-3)
-Foolkiller Now!#1
-Uncanny Avengers (Vol.1 #3)
-Thunderbolts (Vol.7 #7)
-Deathlok the Demolisher#7
-Fury#1 (50th Anniversary of Nick Fury)
-The Infinity Entity#'s 1-4
-Daredevil (Vol.1 #'s 269, 284)
-Silver Surfer (Vol.2 #'s 45, 64)
-The Monarchy #'s 9-10, 12)
-The Incredible Hulk (Vol.1 #'s 375, 386)
-Marvel Boy#'s 3,4
-Universe X#'s 4-5,9,12,X
-All-Star Section 8#'s 1-2
-Doomwar #5(of 6)
-Venom: Space Knight#3
-The Vision#3
-Giant-Sized Little A VS X
-Iron Man (Vol.1 258.3)
-Steve Rogers: Super-Soldier#1
-Mockingbird#'s 1-2
-Dynamite Comics Superpowers#0
-Howling Commandos#5
-Black Widow#007
-Karnak#'s 2-3
-James Bond 007#3
-Robocop: Live and Die in Detroit#1
-Batgirl (Vol.1 #50)

Damn, that's a lot right?
On the What If? front, that was all me. I've been on a big What If? kick as of late, so that explains why I bought up so many older issues, specifically the ones form volume 2. But hey, the first volume's worth are very worthwhile to get if you find some you like. Plus there's like 5 or 6 volumes worth of What If? trades from the original series,

And now that I hover near being broke again so soon, onto Christmas shopping for the family....

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