Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Dream Waves: Justice League Wave

Happy Hump Day People....

...And welcome to another edition of Dream Waves.
Today's all about the Justice League, specifically a good portion of the team that either hasn't been made yet, or just was hasn't been made into the current DC Multiverse line of DC figures that is itself, a continuation of the much-beloved and sorely missed DC Universe Classics line of figures.

My goal today is to present to you my loyal and faith readers/viewers what my ideal Justice League wave of figures would and could look like.

Let's get to it shall we?

-Justice League Wave 1:

1). Vixen

2). Dr. Destiny

3). Vibe

4). Fire (Flamed green plastic form)

5). Ice Maiden 

6). The Elongated Man (Purple/White/Black Outfit)

7). Chronos

C&C: Rocket Red(Original)

-Justice League Wave 2:

1). Crimson Fox

2). The Ray (90's)

3). Bloodwynd

4). Prometheus

5). Aztek

6). Dr. Polaris 

7). Gypsy

C&C:  The Shaggy Man

-Justice League Wave 3:

1).  General Glory

2). Hawkwoman (Kendra)

3). Dr. Diehard

4). Tracer

5). Dreamslayer

6).  Lord Havok

7). Zatanna (Satellite  Era look)

C&C:  Gorgon

-Justice League Wave 4:

1). Maxima

2). Dr. Light II (Hero)

3).  Classic Despero

4). The Key

5). Dr. Light (villain)

6). Felix Faust

7). Steel 

C&C: Starro

And that's all in just 4 waves' worth. I could maybe probably go to a fifth, but you get the idea.
My main goal, was to round out the team with members who haven't been made yet, as well as popular signature JL villains who also probably haven't been made yet.

Did I leave out anyone?
Let me know in the comments' section...

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