Friday, December 16, 2016

Fantasy Team-Up: Green Lantern and Phoenix


Yes I'm actually posting on a Friday. What can I say, I had some extra free time on my hands and I was creatively restless. Sue me.

Today, as a bit of a follow up to yesterday's post, I'm teaming Hal and the Phoenix together.

How and why you might?

My particular scenario involves going all the way back to the Dark Phoenix Saga, specifically that pivotal moment in time when the X-Men were forced to fight the Shi'ar Imperial Guard for the life of their teammate Jean Grey( who they didn't know at the time, really wasn't Jean at all but the Phoenix entity posing as her)

Let's say for the sake argument, all the X-Men have been downed and neutralized during the fight, even Cyclops himself being the last to fall. Jean, the Phoenix, knows she's next, or rather she'll be forced to tap into her Phoenix force powers and become the Dark Phoenix again. Knowing she doesn't want this to happen at all, she sends out a mental beacon for help that traverses through this universe, and many others....before finally reaching across the great multi-universal divide.....and finding a nearby space cop, the Green Lantern, Hal Jordan.

Hal just happens to be in the right place and the right time, seeing as how he just busted an attempted alien slave trade ring near Earth. Its in the midst of cleaning all that up, that the Phoenix' mental beacon hits both him and his power ring.

"Help Me! Please!'s too late....too late....Please! Arrgggh!"

"Whoa, what the hell was that? Felt like a pain...desperate for help. Someone, someones...are attacking her. Hurting her! I don't know who she is or why she's being attacked, but that's not going to stop me from finding out."

And off  Hal goes towards the source of the beacon.

Meanwhile, the remaining members of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard are circling Jean/Phoenix. They're just about to press their attack as Jean/Phoenix can fell herself slipping quickly into becoming the dreaded Dark Phoenix again.

But just as that's about to happen, in flies a very pissed, albeit confused, Hal on the way to save the girl and the day.

Hal doesn't know who and what he's protecting or what evil force could be unleashed if he's successful in his rescue mission.....

But fight on he does, with Jean/Phoenix by his side, as they make quick work of the already battle-fatigued but highly persistent Shi'ar Imperial Guard. It's at that moment that Jean/Phoenix looks around at the chaotic aftermath of the battle, as she sees the fallen (but not dead) forms of her teammates and those of her enemies laying out before her.

 She picks up Gladiator, and starts to mock him and how he ever though he and his Imperial Guard thought they could ever hope to be a match for the Phoenix.

It's at that moment that Hal goes from being excited and relieved, to feeling very quickly growing bad feeling gnawing at his heart and mind. His power ring confirms his fear by glowing and sending a huge warning to his brain that the shit's about to go down now.

It's then, after effortlessly vanquishing both Gladiator and his Imperial Guard permanently that Hal suddenly realizes he backed the wrong person in this fight. He unwittingly helped the Dark Phoenix.....and she's pissed and ready to consume the entire Shi'ar planet!!!!

Annnnnnnnnnnd it's here where we get the Parallax/Dark Phoenix fight from yesterday.

See? everything all wrapped up in a nice, tight bow.

Have a good weekend folks.....

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