Thursday, December 01, 2016

Dream Waves: The Fantastic Four


Goddamn, is it really December already!? Jesus Christ....

Well tis' the season with an all-new edition of Dream Waves, where this week I'm spotlighting the Fantastic Four.

Now if you didn't already know, since Marvel/Disney doesn't own the exclusive movie rights to the FF, they've pretty much left them by the wayside, not killing them, just disbanding and shelving them for awhile. Sucks dick because you won't see them or the X-Men too much these days on other merchandise.

Now there is a rumor that they might appear in next year's Marvel VS. Capcom 4, due to some of the teaser images. But so far nothing's been confirmed yet. Hopefully they'll make a long-awaited appearance in the game series.

That being said, here's my ideas, free of charge, to Hasbro and Marvel/Disney about at least 3 waves' worth of a FF line of figures.

-Fantastic Four Wave 1:

1). Classic Crystal

2). The Wizard

3). The Trapster

4). The Molecule Man

5). Spikey Thing

6). Classic Medusa

7). El Diablo

BAF: Attuma

-Fantastic Four Wave 2:

1). The Red Ghost

2). She-Thing

3). Paibok, the Power Skrull

4). FF She-Hulk

Either this version or the older FF outfit she wore awhile ago.

5). The Puppet Master

5). Lyja Lazerfist

6). Karnak

7). Psycho-Man

BAF: Darla Daring Thing Suit

-Fantastic Four Wave 3:

1). Classic Green Trunks Namor

2). Hate-Monger

3). Gorgon

4). Black Bolt

5). Red-Suited Human Torch

6). Maximus the Mad

7). Triton

BAF: Doombot

Annnnd that's all I got. For now....
If any of you has any suggestions for characters I missed, lay it on me in the comments' section.

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