Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dream Waves: DC Golden Age Characters

Happy Hump Day!!!!

For last week's edition of Dream Waves, I laid out my plan for using Marvel's golden age characters in their Marvel Legends action figure line, finally giving those golden oldies their due as action figures.

Well today it's DC Comics' turn, as again I offer my plan for a couple waves' worth of Golden Age figures to be distributed in DC Multiverse line of figures, which is itself an unofficial continuation of the canceled and much-beloved by me DC Universe Classics or DCUC, line of DC action figures.

Even more so than Marvel, DC is a treasure trove of golden age heroes and villains, due to its long and very rich history that a big publisher like DC who has been in the business for over 80 years has amassed.

And yet so far very little of the golden age characters are finding representation as an action figure,
Well,hopefully someone in Mattel or someone influential sees this and decides to start letting characters like a Crimson Avenger or Liberty Belle.

So, here we go....

DC Golden Age Wave 1:

1). Johnny Quick

Here's some customs for an idea of what he could look like:

2). Liberty Belle

3). The Crimson Avenger

4). GA Robotman

5). Johnny Thunder and his pet Thunderbolt

6). GA Wonder Woman

7). Vandal Savage

DC Golden Age Wave 2:

1). Max Mercury 

2). Firebrand

3). Amazing Man

4). Per Degaton

5). The Tarantula

6). The Icicle

7). GA Hawkgirl

DC Golden Age Wave 3:

1). Phantom Lady

2). The GA Ray

3). GA Black Condor

4). The Human Bomb

5). GA Superman

6). Doll Man

7). The Shade

DC Golden Age Wave 4:

1). The Jester

2). The Red Bee

3). The Wizard

4). Dr. Sivana w/ Mr. Mind

5). The Star-Spangled Kid

6). The Manhunter

7). The Golden Age Huntress/Tigress

That's what I got. Who you would you pick if you had to make a similar list?

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