Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Dream Waves: DC Showcase

Happy Hump Day!!!!

In an effort to be more diverse with this particular series, I figures I'd go and spotlight the very missed DC Universe Classics, or DCUC line of figures for a change.

Now the current DC Multiverse line has pretty much taken over for the former DCUC line, but there were so many characters, heroes, villains, and teams left unmade and uncompleted.

Today I'll be kinda' delving into some of the figures I believe were left unmade. In particular, I'm talking specifically about the non-superhero DC characters like Sgt. Rock and others like him, or those that do have super-powers like Captain Comet, that never really fit in with one super-team or another. who would've been great additions to the DCUC line at the time.
They could still be if Mattel decides to still make them.

So here's my three waves' worth of the normal, non-super-powered DC characters....

-DC Showcase wave 1:

1). Sgt.Rock

2). The Unknown Soldier

3). The Nightmaster

4). The Shining Knight

5). Classic Adam Strange

6). Classic Alanna Strange

...And this is how they could look as a pair:

7). G.I. Robot

BAF: The Shining Knight's Steed

-DC Showcase Wave 2:

1). The Vigilante (Greg Saunders)

2). Captain Comet

3). The Atomic Knight

4). Blackhawk

5). Lady Blackhawk

6). Golden Age Green Arrow

7). Rip Hunter

BAF: Frankenstein's Monster

-DC Showcase Wave 3:

1). Challenger of the Unknown: Kyle "Ace" Morgan
2). Challenger of the Unknown: Matthew "Red" Ryan
3). Challenger of the Unknown: Leslie "Rocky" Davis
4). Challenger of the Unknown: Walter Mark "Prof" Haley
5). Challenger of the Unknown: June Robbins

6). Enemy Ace

7). Cave Carson

BAF: Cave Carson's Mighty Mole

And that's just three waves' worth. I could see there being a fourth if I really though about it long enough.

So what'd you think? Any characters I missed? Don't care for the lack of villains in these waves?
Let me know what you think in the comments' section....

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