Thursday, December 15, 2016

So, Who Would Win?: Parallax VS. Dark Phoenix


Welcome to another exciting edition of So, Who Would?, well it's exciting to me anyways.
Today, I'm pitting two god-like but very evil, dark personas of two well-known super-heroes, Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Jean Grey, against each other in mortal combat.

No not that mortal combat, but it'll escalate to a bloody fatality for one of these cosmic entities anyways.

If you didn't know already, Parallax was what happened when DC decided to  make changes to good ol' Hal Jordan seeing as how sales were really low back in '93. So they decided to make Hal evil, and thus Parallax was born when Hal, after defeating and killing most of the GLC due to suffering an understandable nervous mental breakdown after losing his beloved home of Coast City, stepped into the main GL power battery, and absorbed its powers, becoming the very powerful and evil Parallax.

And thus was the status of Hal. Eventually he was redeemed, and died after restarting the sun for the DCU in Final Night.

But his story doesn't end there,

Nope writer Geoff Johns wanted Hal back, and back he was after the events of GL: Rebirth, that ret -conned the whole Parallax thing into Hal being possessed by an evil cosmic entity calling itself Parallax. Yes, a cosmic fear entity, 'cause you know, comics.

Parallax has all of the powers of the Green Lantern ring, just amped to even more incredible levels.

Then we have his battle-buddy for this week, the Dark Phoenix.

The Dark Phoenix came about as a cosmic entity that secretly saved Jean Grey's live when she sacrificed herself to save her teammates from certain death. Phoenix took her place and placed her in a protective cocoon to heal form radiation poisoning. It was then that Phoenix convinced itself it really WAS Jean Grey, and acted as such. eventually, the Phoenix proved to be unhinged, and after being mentally manipulated by Mastermind, became evil and started referring to itself as the Dark Phoenix.

Eventually things when south for the X-Men quick, and despite their efforts and the Phoenix's the entity couldn't be controlled. After the Sh'iar abducted the X-Men in an attempt to deal with the whole killer entity bit, "Jean" decided to commit suicide in order to spare the lives of her teammates and the entire universe.

Thus the Phoenix was freed.....until it came back to posses other hosts over the years. Never permanently dying, but always returning like it's namesake.
As for her powers, she's a cosmic entity that can drain and destroy whole planets and galaxies. And that's just a portion of what she can do. Throw in the abilities of the original Jean Grey she can duplicate, and you can see where Dark Phoenix is an unstoppable opponent for anyone.

And now I'm forcing these two massively powerful entities to do battle against each other.
Why? Just 'cause....

We can say they became aware of each other's existence and thought maybe the other could be the only other entity to stop them from carrying out their personal desires, and also wanted to gain even more powerful by absorbing the others' powers and life energies.

Sounds as good a reason as any to me.




Dark Phoenix

Who wins and why?
Let me know who you think's the last evil persona standing  in the comments' section below.

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