Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dream Waves: Marvel Golden Age Legends

Happy Hump Day People.

As the title reads, today I'm talking about Marvel Comics' golden age characters, specifically about the one that haven't been made yet, or ever for that matter, in the Marvel Legends Toy-line.

Today I'm hoping to change that by presenting which Marvel golden age characters deserve their own ML figure.

And for this one, I'm leaving out The Twelve, JMS and Chris Weston's slightly revamped golden age characters that were created way, way back when Marvel started out as Timely Comics in the 1930's.

Nope, these are the ones that appeared in the main, official MU, and interacted with the main MU Marvel heroes and villains.

Here's my dream list....

MU Golden Age Characters Wave 1:

1). GA Human Torch

2). Toro

3). Baron Blood

4). GA Captain America

5). Bucky

6). GA Namor

 BAF:  Master Man

MU Golden Age Characters Wave 2:

1). GA Vision

2). Spitfire

3). Union Jack

4). The Destroyer

5). The Blazing Skull

6). U-Man

7).  GA Red Skull

BAF:  The Iron Cross

MU Golden Age Characters Wave 3:

1). The Fin

2). The Whizzer

3). Miss America

4). GA Angel

5). Red Raven

6). The Black Marvel

7). The Challenger

BAF: Warrior Woman

MU Golden Age Characters Wave 4:

1).  Thin Man

2). Jack Frost

3). Father Time

4). The Thunderer

5). The Silver Scorpion

6). Captain Terror

7). Blue Diamond 

Here's some various customs of these characters to give you an example of what they could look like:


So that's who I picked. Did I miss any? What would your list look like?
Let me know in the comments' section below.

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